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  1. What were those extras on American Life enhanced  cd? I'm really curious, as now I can only open the "title screen" from it 😕

    1. Enrico
    2. Andymad


      Wasn’t it the music video or behind the scenes? I also want to say there were wallpapers you could download.

    3. Primul5


      Oh ok! Thank you!

  2. I just loooooove Gypsy Woman and now with Christina's voice it sounds so fresh
  3. Wow! something new for my collection <3 Thanx!
  4. OMG!! Impossible... I love it. One of the best christmas presents I've ever got (I was singing this song on a school concert just yesterday :D) thank you <3
  5. Primul5

    Thank you soooo much
  6. That's what I've been looking for since a really looooong time. I LOVE IT - thank you <3
  7. Primul5

    I really can't stand Body Shop on Rebel Heart - they could have put something better instead imho (some demos were actually very nice for me).
  8. Primul5

    thank you