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  1. RebelHeart92

    Does anyone have a clue as to what the vocals that are vocoded/synthesized at the start of and in the bridge of "How High" are on COADF Non-Stop CD mix? It's been bugging me since 2005! Haha! It almost sounds like "It still burns..."(?)
  2. RebelHeart92

    Hey everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to share my podcast on here...It's called #GayLife and I talk about everything from Madonna to politics. Subscribe and let me know what you think.
  3. RebelHeart92

    I’m returning my 2-CD set to Amazon. The 1st CD didn’t play in multiple CD players. Only tracks 1 through 5 worked. CD 2 played just fine. Luckily, I have Apple Music and will just stream it...It is the 21st century after all...Not a total loss. The Blu-Ray looks GREAT!
  4. RebelHeart92

    Amazon seems to have corrected the region issue.
  5. RebelHeart92

    Amazon got back to me.
  6. RebelHeart92

    I emailed about the Blu-Ray INSANITY. To Whom It May Concern, I am interested in pre-ordering Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour on Blu-Ray. What I do not understand is why you are selling USA residents a version of the Blu-Ray that is not formatted to play in a USA Blu-Ray player? Is this a mistake? Can you please clarify as I want to order this Blu-Ray? When will a USA compatible disk become available?
  7. RebelHeart92

    Forgive me if this specific question was asked already but...Why in the world is the non-USA Blu-Ray being sold on AMAZON USA?! Do we have a reason or understanding? Is it simply a mistake on the pre-order page? I am so confused.
  8. RebelHeart92

    Can someone reference the Confessions Tour CD track listing and build a Rebel Heart style 13 track CD...? I'm curious what everyone comes up with... On a random note, has anyone else noticed the poor audio editing during Like A Virgin. It is SO OBVIOUS as a man with a trained audio production/music composition/sound design ear THEY DUBBED THE ACAPELLA FROM STICKY AND SWEET TOUR. DID THEY THINK THAT NO ONE WOULD NOTICE?! AH. SO FRUSTRATING.
  9. RebelHeart92

    If it were only a 13 song CD offering - like Confessions Tour, what would your track listing be...It's tough because I am not sure if she would cur Burning Up in favor of Devil Pray for example... 1. Iconic 2. Bitch I'm Madonna 3. Burning Up 4. Holy Water/Vogue 5. True Blue 6. Deeper and Deeper 7. HeartbreakCity 8. Living For Love 9. La Isla Bonita 10. Rebel Heart 11. La Vie En Rose 12. Unapologetic Bitch 13. Holiday 14. If I Had A Hammer (Bonus Track)
  10. RebelHeart92

  11. Does anyone else here vocals from the "Sticky and Sweet Tour" acapella version of Like A Virgin cut into this one or is it only me? There are parts where if you listen closely you can hear that they used portions of the Sticky and Sweet Tour sing-a-long...
  12. RebelHeart92

    She didn't play Frozen but we got "Who's That Girl" and "Ghosttown" the show was INCREDIBLE. I will post my pictures soon
  13. RebelHeart92

    The weather is forecasted to be okay on Saturday. I don't see this being an issue.
  14. RebelHeart92

    Um. No. It's just wind and rain. The show will happen.
  15. RebelHeart92

    Just called Boardwalk Hall. The show is still on.