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    @PaperFaces @BringUrLUV Her music videos in ProRes Master!
  2. Someone would be interested in this? Send me a PM! I have some news about them! HD and SD!!
  3. gb.bruck

    I'm using the best ones that are available for free, if you want, i can share my encode of them with all the problems fixed ;) And yeah, vevo on the left!
  4. So, people are uploading the vevo videos, but are they the best? So i decided to create this comparisson thread! So, here's a few facts before we start: x Vevo videos are all upscaled to 1080p (they're not real 1080p!) x Vevo videos are overcropped (so, you're not getting the full image) x Vevo videos are all in 25fps (a lot of her videos are 23,976fps, so there is a lot of duplicated frames) So, i'm not saying they'll always be worst, but we need to compare sources before deciding which ones to keep, since a lot of the DVDRetail's also have problems! x VOB's of Celebration have bad quality x Videos originally in PAL released only in NTSC x Color problems (in the Immaculate Collection vobs) [some of the problems quoted above about the vobs, are fixable! But not from vevo :/ ] So, let's start! (I didn't do them all at once, i'll be updtading this thread untill i compare all videos, and feel free to give your opinion) Luckystar: Borderline: Crazy For You: