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  1. Unruhe

    Lol, indeed it surprisingly is Though it's a little sad, then no mixes were comissioned for I Want You (that we know of at least)?
  2. Unruhe

    Oooh, so it wasn't comissioned?? I always thought even it was unreleased it was actually comissioned for some sort of release
  3. Unruhe

    Hey guys!! Sorry if this has been discussed already, but you think this has been made from the stems or from the orchestral?
  4. Unruhe

    How random, no?? YAY anyways!!
  5. Unruhe

    Sadly no, it was replaced along with autotune baby with two lfl remixes
  6. Unruhe

  7. Unruhe

    Am I really the first who's gonna say this?? Awright GREAT ASS!
  8. Unruhe

  9. Unruhe

    Done!! I did it and now my username is [Hidden Content] awaiting further instructions!!
  10. Unruhe

    I never used soulseek but I heard of it, I would love to join in
  11. Unruhe

    Evita (in a lush 4LP set), GHV2 and Holiday Collection would be A DREAM!
  12. OOOO would love to see her deliver the award to Childish Gambino, but probably Ariana is gonna win
  13. Unruhe

    Kylie Minogue

    [emoji33] Sacré Bleu!
  14. Unruhe

    Kylie Minogue

    Has Dancing leaked in full already??