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  1. xtysc

    Check this out!! https://www.vogue.it/moda/cover-fashion-stories/2018/07/31/vogue-italia-agosto-2018-just-one-day-out-of-life/
  2. xtysc

    wow! the issue must be at the printer now. so much anticipation, we're almost there!
  3. xtysc

    Apart from Vogue that'll certainly be amazing, I really hope the coverage will be better than that. I was hoping Vanity Fair France would come with her in August but nope.
  4. Maybe the start of some more covers as the 60th is approaching?
  5. xtysc

    yep, can't wait! One month of patience!
  6. xtysc

    Wonderful Sometimes you only have to ask to get answers :))
  7. xtysc

    Glad to see Allegra Versace looks fine, she went through a lot
  8. xtysc

    She really was amazing, JPG, there couldn't be a better choice, he's so kind to her and really treats her like a queen, she was so classy and meaningful. I get goosebumps when I see Jeremy Scott and Cardi B, could have been her!!! thank God!! This year could mean she will finally work with the RIGHT people: Mirwais, JPG, Orbit? maybe Patrick Leonard ? (he worked with Leonard Cohen...) Maybe Lisbon helped her took some distance and see things more clearly. Most of the crowd at the Met last night looked horrendous, she definitely stood out and reigned!
  9. xtysc

    He's Ralph Lauren's son, married to George Bush's daughter, Lauren :)) definitely NY high society so he had a good view