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  1. judas2015

    New photo shoot or video??? Yay I love this hair
  2. judas2015

    Plus Nicki unfollowed Madonna on instagram. I wonder why?
  3. E4A0759C-268A-4106-8E6E-E2E30E706BD2.MOV Perfect
  4. judas2015

    Exacly 🙌🏻
  5. Oh and please next time take Monte with you on guitar.
  6. It was really really fine 4 me :(
  7. Very happy for the event BUT that ass has to be fixed! cos its really funny! It makes her a cartoon character! Come on girl!
  8. judas2015

    Exacly. Its not about her age , her naked body etc etc. Those hips :( definetly surgery. And I prefer her natural beauty.
  9. judas2015

  10. judas2015

    Exacly she look really good. And yes those hips just because of fillers.
  11. judas2015

    She’s so cute
  12. judas2015

  13. judas2015

    Just look at her! She looks perfect! For album photoshoot or what?