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  1. Dunk96

    There's a link from Vimeo on his page pumpingvelvet.com but the documentary is password protected. Not sure what the password is,but I've been wanting to watch this for ages.
  2. Dunk96

    A new ballads compilation would be a fantastic concept to cover her career up to the new album (adding from Evita,ROL,Music,American Life,Hard Candy,MDNA,and Rebel Heart as well as other ballads that didn't make it on to Something To Remember which if I'm not mistaken was just Promise To Try and Pray For Spanish Eyes; I left Confessions out because there were no ballads on that album unless you turned Forbidden Love on that album into a stripped version of it but IMO it'd take the magic of the sounds out of the song) it'd be a great way for Madonna to cash in on promo for the new album and the anticipation for it. Plus she doesn't have to do any work (unless she decided to record a new ballad for this album) except choosing songs and a photoshoot for the album cover/booklet.
  3. Dunk96

    Ghosttown,Messiah and Heartbreak City are my personal favorite ballads off of Rebel Heart. I think Madonna should do an album of half dance songs and half ballads because her newer ballads are simply haunting in composition (Falling Free is an excellent example).
  4. Dunk96

    We do not need any more shitty rap collaborations on this project. We already have three albums full of them,let's not make it a fourth.
  5. I want to tack on another request to this thread lol. I'm also looking to see if anyone has a mirror of the intro Dan-O-Rama edited for the Colosseum show. Not the 2008 version that was the Ellen interview intro,but it was an updated version of the Farewell Tour intro used in the later iterations of the show (I want to say the latter half of the 2010 leg until the show's ending) combining the Farewell Tour intro with the 2008 intro. It used to be on his YouTube channel but has since been deleted. Did anyone happen to save it? I'd love to have a copy again.
  6. Several years ago there was a clip of the outro to Cher's Colosseum at Caesar's Palace show on YouTube. It was a clip from the Sonny & Cher show with a galaxy background over it. There's a super quick shot of that outro in the professional footage that leaked from the show (which is just a static one-angle tower clip of the whole show where the soundboard leaked from) but it cuts off before it plays. Does a full version of this clip exist anywhere,even just that snippet that was on YouTube? This is a picture of the outro being played after Believe finishes and the screen lowers for the last time in that show.
  7. Dunk96

    God forbid this is not the case.
  8. Dunk96

    He's literally the least credible biographer on the face of this planet. Guess having a life based around being a "celebrity biographer" you'd think he'd change his tune about getting to know these celebrities better instead of reporting like a 16-year old intern at the National Inquirer.
  9. Dunk96

    She looks stunning. I can't wait to see what the photos will look like from this shoot. Mert & Marcus are photo geniuses.
  10. Does anyone have a complete comprehensive copy of Kylie Minogue's videography from The Locomotion to the present? It's really hard for a US fan such as myself trying to find her videography in HQ. I've found some videos in HQ/HD on VK but her complete videography is not on there,just a select handful of videos. If anyone can post these I'd be forever indebted to you. Thanks.
  11. Just saw a user named "Fighter Is A Biased Douche" and I'm in literal tears lmfao.

    1. RUADJAI


      That's @Fighter's  inner saboteur. 

    2. Dunk96


      @RUADJAI LMFAO I'm dying.

  12. Dunk96

    Yeah she was on the MDNA Tour when TUTR was filmed.
  13. I read an article on a Madonna fan site last week and there was apparently a rumored shelved music video for Miles Away that was cancelled and replaced with the Sticky & Sweet Tour montage version that appeared on the Celebration DVD set. What was this alternate video supposed to feature if it was actually happening?
  14. I'm taking it that Don't Tell Me's B-roll must be making the rounds somewhere.

    1. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      Around possibly,  doing the rounds no :(

    2. club78boy


      not around or doing the rounds...

  15. Oh okay. I just needed No Scrubs audio from the Atlanta show.