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  1. Dunk96

    It's always a dream to be able to see if one more B-roll will leak. I would kill to at least see Secret or Take A Bow's B-roll.
  2. Dunk96

    I'm a dumbass and just realized I had already made a thread about my channel. @FighterCan you merge the two threads I made together? Lol thank you.
  3. My new video from my YouTube channel showcasing my Michael Jackson collection,with a little bit of Janet stuff scattered throughout. I'm trying my absolute hardest to make YouTube a thing in my life and so far I think I'm making it work since I've been the most consistent with this channel over every other channel I've made. This channel truly showcases the content I want to talk about on YouTube,which is pop culture and my faves. If you have 25 minutes to piss away watching my scatterbrained ass rambling about my Michael stuff go ahead and watch. I'd also appreciate a subscribe too,it'd mean the world to me. Share it with your friends and family and see if they like my sailor mouth talking about legends like Michael and Janet and Prince lmao. I plan on doing Madonna content soon so don't think I left her out in the dust too.
  4. Dunk96

    Made For Now's official release is Friday,August 17th! Pre-order and pre-save on iTunes and Spotify. I already pre-ordered for myself.
  5. What's the difference between the Channel 4 broadcast and the DVD version?
  6. I'm not entirely sure. Each version should be indicated at the end. One will say "ETV Network" and two others will have "version" at the end and one will have "remix" at the end of the other.
  7. This is a response to a request thread for the 8mm version of the Blood On The Dance Floor music video. This is all four versions of the music video, which is the original music video (as featured on the Number Ones DVD),the alternate version of the original music video (aired in certain territories where the original needed to be censored,my particular version is from the ETV Network),the Refugee Camp remix video (as featured on HIStory On Film Vol 2 and Vision box set),and the 8mm version (leaked in 2011). All versions are in their best qualities and rips that I've seen since I'm a massive media collector of MJ stuff (no I don't have anything rare so don't ask kthxbye) Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  8. Dunk96

    It's a matter of taste really. This version is a lot grittier than the original,but all three are amazing (original,8mm,and the Refugee Camp remix).
  9. Thank you for posting all of these Janet gems! Some of these I've never even seen before.
  10. Does anyone have the six channel tracks of the Kiss Me Once Tour DVD? Was there anything like this for the DVD? Can anyone post it? Thanks.
  11. Dunk96

    Buy the DVD. It's still available on Amazon and eBay. I'm pretty sure you can even watch it on Netflix.
  12. Do you have the Rhythm Nation Compilation DVD from Janet? If so can you post it? Thanks for this btw.
  13. It pops up in some places,but for the most part it's not an issue. They never really dragged out showing their logos,but they do pop up periodically.
  14. You're clearly not THAT big of a fan of Madonna if you think it's okay to take digs at her weight yet beg people to not talk shit about you because of your wrong opinion. Obviously Madonna is an ever-evolving person. She doesn't stay the same for long and the Madonna of 2006 during the Confessions Tour is not the same as the Madonna of 2018. People always change and evolve and grow up. To even imply that your opinion is even remotely relevant then you have another thing coming. It's absolutely disgusting you took the time out to write something so daft and despicable.
  15. Thank you! I wonder if the quality is a jump from the version janetmedia.com shared?