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  1. mickeyderon

    An amazing album!
  2. mickeyderon

    Monday can't come quickly enough
  3. mickeyderon

    Yeah most people use splice - I'm sure they'll leak somewhere lol
  4. mickeyderon

    I'm so confused over when this album is coming out lol But I would like her to take her time if that's what she feels she needs to do. However, it should be one (maybe two producers) - not overkill with producers. But whatever she does and whenever she does it there will be someone/some people who won't be happy. She can't win !
  5. mickeyderon

    It sounds interesting but an EP :-( where's this information from ?
  6. mickeyderon

    Great track. So glad she's back. The video is cool too. The Eric Kupper remix is good too.
  7. mickeyderon

    Like I said you could get that chorus acapella by filtering the official album version and the official album instrumental - you would get a decent acapella
  8. mickeyderon

    That would be cool and I think when she's done something similar on tour the atmosphere has been electric !
  9. mickeyderon

    Still don't get why you need it ?
  10. mickeyderon

  11. mickeyderon

    It's out there but good luck getting it. What do you mean you need fit for the intro of the tour - I don't understand.
  12. mickeyderon

    What is it you want as the official Instrumental leaked and so you could filter an acapella? Or is it the instrumental Les foleis tour version you're after ? Someone did a fantastic version of it
  13. mickeyderon

    @kesiakThanks for the info. It's typical that the UK is the worst lol I'd just really like to see her this time round.
  14. mickeyderon

    Kylie Minogue

    Cool at least the label are going all out with single releases/remixes :-)
  15. mickeyderon

    Kylie Minogue

    When you say Golden remixes - do you mean remixes of the song or a remix album as @Icarus refers to ?