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  1. mickeyderon

    It sounds interesting but an EP :-( where's this information from ?
  2. mickeyderon

    Great track. So glad she's back. The video is cool too. The Eric Kupper remix is good too.
  3. mickeyderon

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11pPXAd9I1dK-KFR3n6mnLbPKQ_LRek7k Other free me remixes in WAV
  4. mickeyderon

    Thanks so much for the upload @Eternal2015
  5. Does anyone have any of these and willing to share? I know there's loads floating around.
  6. mickeyderon

    Here you go Holger. Sorry for the delay - Everything is in there except the Some KInd of Miracle. All tracks are 320kbps mp3 https://we.tl/4rITn4k6hy Link is valid for 7 days only :-) !
  7. mickeyderon

    Ok I'll post what I got Do you happen to have the alias megamix and something new remixes in WAV ?
  8. mickeyderon

    I think I have most of these as I have the singles boxset. I'll try and upload tomorrow. What format is preferred?
  9. mickeyderon

    I know it's better than the original but I've only ever heard that snippet @bubuchu
  10. mickeyderon

    Like I said you could get that chorus acapella by filtering the official album version and the official album instrumental - you would get a decent acapella
  11. That would be cool and I think when she's done something similar on tour the atmosphere has been electric !
  12. mickeyderon

    I'd love the Eternal mixes just to check if I have anything missing. I definitely don't have that Sweet Funky Thing promo. I've been looking for the Frankie Knuckles remix of I Feel The Earth Move for years - someone must have it.
  13. Can anyone re-upload this please :-) ?
  14. This looks epic so I'll give it a go :-) Thank you