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  1. rlittler81

    Official posters usually have '(c)Boy Toy, Inc.' on if it's official.
  2. rlittler81

    I'll probably get it, I've collected them all since 1993 (only missing the hard-to-get 1999 and 2000 calendars). Being a graphic designer myself, I have to say it's really frustrating when they do these some-what lazy calendars. I'm sure there are enough photos from 2018 that could have filled 12 months. Ah, well...
  3. rlittler81

    I remember the UK newspapers saying Madonna would either appear or do a via satellite thing but it never happened.
  4. rlittler81

    Love them both but chose "Erotica"... two of my favourite songs, in fact.
  5. rlittler81

    Dear Jessie 7" in late 1989 when I was 7 or 8.
  6. rlittler81

    I'm not bothered about sales or charts anymore, I just want amazing music.
  7. rlittler81

    I guess she'll be mentioned (along with MJ, Springsteen, etc) when they discuss 1984 but I doubt she'd interviewed or anything, it'll probably be focused more on those he worked directly with (Sheila E., The Time, The Revolution, etc.) Can't wait to see it though, should be great!
  8. rlittler81

    Hard to remember but it's probably the 12" Version of 'Vogue' and the 12" Remix of 'Keep It Together' from the Vogue 12" single. After that it was probably when I bought the 'Justify My Love', 'Rescue Me' and 'Erotica' USA CD Maxi-Singles. I think my love for remixes intensified when I started to collect the Japan EPs such as 'Remixed Prayers' and 'Rain EP'. Once I had all of the officially released remixes, I started to collect the rarer promo mixes. I find M's recent remixes disappointing in comparison to her earlier ones. The MDNA era remixes being my least favourite. Rebel Heart had a few decent mixes but mostly they're generic. I guess modern dance music isn't as appealing to me as it was in the 90s and 00s. I've compiled a Remix Anthology with my favourite remixes of each single along with the odd b-side or non-lp track.
  9. rlittler81

    Her 'Pippi Longstocking' phase!
  10. rlittler81

    Thanks for clarifying, I assumed it was because the 'official' video wasn't ready. I didn't have MTV at this time so a friend would tape the Madonna weekends for me, so that's how I first saw the official video.
  11. rlittler81

    I've always loved this video. It was a bit special to me after I first saw it on MTV during the 'Girlie Weekend' during September 1993, Top Of The Pops only showed a lazy compilation video. Never understood why they didn't show the official video.
  12. rlittler81

    OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. rlittler81

    I want to get the Erotica release as it's my favourite album, plus, the re-issue from a few years ago was poor, it even had a copyright of 1989 on the back cover!
  14. Probably Jonathon Ross and MTV Steve Blame are the main ones, most interviews from this era focused on the Sex book rather than the album. Does anyone know where the NME interview is online? I don't think I've read that one.
  15. rlittler81

    Fun fact: This song was covered by Marvin Gaye's daughter, Nona Gaye, on the album. Nona was dating/working with Prince around this time (she introduced his performance at the 1995 AMA's that M also appeared at). Her cover version features Maverick artist Me'shell N'degeocello on bass and former Prince & The Revolution members Lisa Coleman (keyboards) and Wendy Melvoin (guitar). Wendy later appeared on 'She's Not Me' on Hard Candy. It's a great cover, worth checking out.