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  1. rlittler81

    The first Madonna album I ever bought... will always have a special place in my heart. The perfect pop album.
  2. rlittler81

    It was remixed by Daniel Abraham so they will be an original demo/mix by Dallas Austin somewhere.
  3. rlittler81

    Amazing, watched this on repeat when I was young.
  4. rlittler81

    I feel Hard Candy is the most cohesive out of the 3, no endless track list variations or rather pointless bonus tracks and limited to 2 or 3 producers but the songs sound like someone else's to me.Chasing trends for the first time rather than creating them. The beginning of the end? 'Candy Shop' has become a favourite song of mine though... please don't hate me! MDNA I loved when I first heard it but now I struggle to listen to it all the way through... songs like Gimme All Your Luvin and Superstar... just too silly. I was disappointed in William Orbit's production, too poppy and generic EDM. I really do love the MDNA tour though. I voted Rebel Heart as I feel the songs were stronger and M focused more on the songwriting this time. I'm not massively impressed with the production of the album but I feel it has the most songs that I like. I love the album cover too.
  5. rlittler81

    I listened to LAP (for the first time in quite a while tbh) on my flight home from Paris last night, when I heard the opening piano cords of 'Oh Father' I got goose bumps! Made me realise how powerful this album is.
  6. Just listening to it now... wow! The piano demo of 'Has To Be' is stunning! I think these demos really show M's talent as a vocalist and song writer.
  7. rlittler81

    I think the yellow disc design was meant to replicate the original yellow Sire vinyl design.
  8. My signed copy of Nobody Knows Me from ICON. More special because I can see the indent where the post-it note was on it, where someone (Caresse?) wrote "For ICON. Just sign". Sentimental? Probably The Immaculate Collection on cassette as it's the first M album I bought and it started my fandom.
  9. She looks amazing. As for the Gaga thing, let's leave that in the past and move on. More important things to worry about. If they can move on, so can everyone else.
  10. rlittler81

    I see her career in stages also: 1982-88: Making her mark: brash pop star, simple, fun pop songs, lots of image changes, amazing videos and performances. Successful in every way. 1989-96: Groundbreaking: More edgy songs/videos and more controversy, less commercial than the 80s songs but more 'artistic' and interesting. Less popular but still successful and ahead of the game in terms of live performance, trends and videos. 1997-04: Songwriter: Mature artist, less 'showy' performances, more focus on the songwriting, singing and musicality. Taken seriously as a musical artist. 2004-06: Back to basics: Re-connection to her pop roots, less serious but still mature. 2008- Wilderness?: Back to simple pop songs, no real clear messages, less songwriting, few image changes, voice reverts back to pre-LAP 'pop' voice, struggle to find her place in the current music landscape, viewed as a trend-chaser...?
  11. rlittler81

    Erotica / I'm Breathless / The Immaculate Collection
  12. The first 7" single I bought was 'Dear Jessie' in December 1989 The first cassette album was The Immaculate collection, Summer 1991 The first 12" single was 'Vogue' in 1991 The first cassette single was 'Rescue Me', late 1991 The first CD single was: 'Fever' in 1993 The first CD album was Bedtime Stories in 1994.
  13. rlittler81

    What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & beyond 12" Club Mix) is also gone from the Ajunabeats comp.
  14. rlittler81

    I use Spotify, although I find M's catalogue frustrating as they haven't made any pre-Confessions era singles available and also the versions on some of the albums are not the originals, they are the 12" versions, which I think should be separate from the original albums. I'm sure if they included earlier material her numbers would be higher.