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  1. She's just posted the full Met Gala performance!
  2. rlittler81

    Tony Ward. Total babe! Was a bit kinky too... those chaps in JML...
  3. Looking for HIStory era remixes too!
  4. rlittler81

    My two favourite songs, but Vogue will always be my theme song... never get tired of it!
  5. rlittler81

    Mine arrived ok but the sleeve isn't sealed properly, keeps coming away and splitting.
  6. I got my copy last week. Great to finally have a reference book for her releases similar to the Pet Shop Boys book 'Catalogue' or the Depeche Mode 'Monument' book. A bit more detail/images of some of the releases would have been nice but I understand the limitations. I'm looking forward to the singles book as there is a lot more variety and rarities there. Expensive but worth it.
  7. Amazing. My bedroom looked very similar in the early 90s!
  8. Does anyone have: Remember The Time (Maurice's Underground)?