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  1. rlittler81

    OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. rlittler81

    I want to get the Erotica release as it's my favourite album, plus, the re-issue from a few years ago was poor, it even had a copyright of 1989 on the back cover!
  3. Probably Jonathon Ross and MTV Steve Blame are the main ones, most interviews from this era focused on the Sex book rather than the album. Does anyone know where the NME interview is online? I don't think I've read that one.
  4. rlittler81

    Fun fact: This song was covered by Marvin Gaye's daughter, Nona Gaye, on the album. Nona was dating/working with Prince around this time (she introduced his performance at the 1995 AMA's that M also appeared at). Her cover version features Maverick artist Me'shell N'degeocello on bass and former Prince & The Revolution members Lisa Coleman (keyboards) and Wendy Melvoin (guitar). Wendy later appeared on 'She's Not Me' on Hard Candy. It's a great cover, worth checking out.
  5. rlittler81

    Love Massive Attack. This was kind of the beginning of her more experimental music of the 90's following 'Bedtime Story'. She was definitely inspired by the electronic music coming out of the UK at that time (Bjork, MA, EBTG, Prodigy, etc) I love her vocal on this. So simple and beautiful.
  6. rlittler81

    I've got all of the 1995 CD single releases but never listen to them to be honest, I always favour the us maxi-singles or Japanese EPs over these. Is the 'Everybody' CD single also mislabelled?
  7. rlittler81

    Debi Mazar posted this shot of herself with Boy George at said party maybe a year or so ago.
  8. I think the album was in the planning before the tour ended, according to Ingrid Chavez (possibly in Lucy O'Brien's 'Like An Icon' book), Madonna spent her birthday in a recording studio recording 'Justify My Love' (apparently she didn't give Ingrid any cake, only selected people! in the studio) which is a couple of weeks after the Nice show. 'Rescue Me' also has her post-tour voice so will probably have been recorded around the same time?
  9. Hopefully in the future we'll get some comprehensive box set with single edits, remixes, etc.
  10. It's kind of interesting that so much effort was put into a greatest hits compilation. I can't really think any others that have every song remixed like this. Most have the album or edit/radio versions of the hits with the occasional remix, but TIC is almost a complete re-work.
  11. 'Vogue' omits the echo of 'Do it!' at the end of the 3rd chorus (pity!), the second chorus has an extra b/v 'Vogue!" after 'come on, vogue" plus the ending vocals use an alternate vocal: "oooh, you've got to just..." before the repeated beats and 'vogue' echo ending. Also, the backing vocals sound different (thinner?) and the production sounds like it has more reverb making it a bit muddier sounding. Also,I don't think anyone has mentioned the echo/repeat during the end of 'Papa Don't Preach' when she sings keeping my baby, baby, baby..." which isn't on the original. I also think 'Borderline' has some echo on some of the lines that wasn't on the original version. The 'smack' during the middle of 'Material Girl' is also gone. In reverse, the Single Mix of 'Rescue Me' features an extra 'I believe!" during the end of the song which I always found strange as it's not on the album version. And finally, on the album 'Justify My Love' isn't a 'Q-Sound' mix, but it is on the USA max-single and sounds quite good in comparison. This was the first Madonna album I bought so it has a special place in my heart. In fact, I bought the cassette in August 1991 and by the following Summer I'd worn the tape out! We should have a thread that lists the variations/differences of her songs. I always found the alternate 'and wait for you to bring your rain'/call my name' ending variation of 'Rain' interesting, same with 'Fever', a different vocal take is used at the end of the Radio Edit.
  12. rlittler81

    Her Instagram post from yesterday with the performing horse caused a backlash judging by the comments. Sometimes I wonder how in touch with reality she is anymore.
  13. rlittler81

    Anyone know where Olga and Gypsy are these days???
  14. She's just posted the full Met Gala performance!
  15. rlittler81

    Tony Ward. Total babe! Was a bit kinky too... those chaps in JML...