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  1. bstranger

    Yes, probably in another life we'll get this release, lol Only 22 years now.
  2. bstranger

    Anitta is actually the most important pop act from Brazil and she has a solid career since 2013. Like her or not, and that's a option for anyone, she's still on the top. She doesn't need to be linked to Madonna to be famous or to get likes about this reason. I'm not a fan of hers, but decreasing the success of other artists is very unpleasant, imo.
  3. Exactly like me! Rolling Stone 1989 is by far my favorite magazine cover and that Out magazine is horrible, although the original photo is not that bad.
  4. bstranger

    The young Sean Penn
  5. bstranger

    I wish she uses Rain song in a future setlist. It's a classic.
  6. bstranger

    I'm just bit tired of her MDNA skin care line. Anyway, I just loved Rebel Heart era and tour. On the other hand, I didn't enjoyed MDNA album.
  7. I don't like Fever video and Bedtime Story is one for her best. Mark Romanek made a great work.
  8. bstranger

    There are 5 unreleased songs from this era: Possessive Love, Just a Dream, Angels with Dirty Faces, Love Attack and First is a kiss.
  9. bstranger

    I think Each time you break my heart would be a better album choice than Jimmy Jimmy. If so, the album would be 100% in my opinion.
  10. bstranger

    I had this amazing poster on my wall in the 80s
  11. bstranger

    Dress you up was the first. It was often played on the radio here. I love it until today.
  12. bstranger

    There are many photos on trunk archive page. Hope the HQ files leaks. I love this photoshoot.