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  1. bstranger

    This and Dress you up from the Virgin Tour are the best opening acts for me. Iconic performances and looks
  2. bstranger

    I rarely listen this album and I enjoy only five songs: Masterpiece, Love Spent (Acoutic), Falling Free, Beautiful Killer and Gang Bang.
  3. bstranger

    My most wanted Madonna song EVER!!
  4. bstranger

    Crucifixes are sexy because there's a naked man on them.
  5. bstranger

    My dream is to watch The Virgin Tour full concert!
  6. This Shep Pettibone interview is very interesting:
  7. bstranger

    Hope someone who bought the box, later uploads the full promo video.
  8. Crazy for you. A classic
  9. bstranger

  10. bstranger

    I think it's an interesting cover, but the release one is far better.
  11. bstranger

    #soon? like madonna's new album? lol
  12. bstranger

    I hope someone puts her vocals on the new versions
  13. bstranger

    Old mp3 songs from Doxy Records. Not physical CD release. You can find them on amazon
  14. bstranger

    My favorite era.