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  1. bstranger

    I love both, but Vogue is her peak.
  2. bstranger

    Are they (Madonna & chris) in touch again?
  3. bstranger

    Is there any unreleased song from the Immaculate Collection besides Get over?
  4. bstranger

    I don't like the song very much. Your honesty would be a better choice, imo
  5. 1 Warning Signs 2 Love Attack 3 First is a Kiss 4 Just a Dream 5 Possessive Love 6 Angels with Dirty Faces 7 Tell Me 8 Pipeline 9 Working my fingers to the bone 10 Get Over
  6. bstranger

    Vogue America 2005 vibes
  7. bstranger

    His name is Michael Perea. I found an article on yahoo and someone said he died in late 80's. Don't know if it's true.
  8. bstranger

    Wow, I didn't notice it before. Was he offering to fans hearing some demos in a very private session, including Angels with Dirty Faces?? I wish I could go. I would love to hear Angels, Possessive Love and Just a Dream.
  9. bstranger

    Never found anything about them nowadays online, but I never noticed before, until some time ago, one of them was a dancer in Material Girl Video.
  10. bstranger

    By far, Papa don't Preach. On the other hand, I would love to see the b-roll for Live to tell and the whole performance without At Close Range movie scenes. About True Blue, I hate the video, silly and she looks ugly in my opinion.
  11. bstranger

    It's so hard to choose one and sometimes I change my mind. But today, my favorite video is Like a Prayer. And very close to it, Bad Girl, Papa don't preach, Oh Father and The Power of Goodbye.
  12. And Freddy DeMann, Caresse Henry and Robert & Marcia Del Vecchio. Good times!