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  1. What about "Rebellion" and "The Remembrance Of Who I Am" aka "All That She Wants"? Weren't they recorded for "Original Doll"?
  2. OMG, thanks, "The Universe Alone" is one of thier best!
  3. I think that album version sucks. The first demo that leaked was everything! It was so simple, just Madonna and orchestra, beautiful melody - this was it. Then she added all those drums, filters etc. and from my favourite became (almost) the only one that I don't like to listen to from the whole album... Also, I think that "Unapologetic Bitch" should have been a single - but I can't imagine a promo performance with this song, like she did in various TV shows. The other ones I would choose as a single are: "Iconic", "Devil Pray", "Illuminati". But, let's be honest, if "Ghosttown" failed - and it was Madonna's best single since "Hung Up" - was there any other song from "Rebel Heart" that would make it better?
  4. Wow, I love your collection! There's a lot of great stuff, those picturediscs are beautiful <3
  5. can you guys reccomend some artists who sing in german? I just started to learn (again) this language and it would be much easier for me to listen to some fine music with german lyrics.

  6. slave

    OMG, choosing three songs from one era is hard to do, so choosing three song from the whole career is so damn hard. 1. "Live To Tell" - my fave of AAAALLL time. nothing nothing nothing 2. "Music" - after 17 years it still sounds suprisingly fresh, modern and catchy! 3. "Nothing Fails" - no song after 2003 gave me so much emotions as this one (well, maybe the demo of "Messiah", because the album version is... meh)
  7. slave

    I really don't like this song, but I just watched the video - and it's amazing. Who directed it? It looks like Joseph Khan's work. Extacly, doesn't matter what will she release it will be a hit...
  8. slave

    OK, my list is not in order, but: - "Intro + Iconic" - it's obvious, the 'are you with me?' moment, M. in a cage, for me one of her best tour opener - "Dress You Up Medley" - I wasn't a fan of this version watching it on youtube before seeing the show, but when I was standing in front of Madonna herself having fun, those amazing smiling dancers, loud music - I loved it. - "Unapologetic Bitch" - was I the only one practicing dance routine before the show dreaming that "tonight I'll be an unapologetic bitch of the evening!"...? - "Candy Shop" - I'm surpised that almost everyone in this thread mentions this song, when everyone was like "God, please no Candy Shop this time!" before the tour started. Comparing three tour versions (S&ST, MDNA, RHT) this is me favourite and one of the highlights of the show. - "Holy Water" - remember when I was watching live stream of the opening night from Montreal, I couldn't believe what I saw - it's crazy, but it is pure Madonna: religious, scandalous, sexy.
  9. All of the singles released in the 80's was OK, none of the others songs from those albums would sell better. In the 90's I think that it would be great if "Skin" would be a single, but I wouldn't change it for any other instead, so releasing the sixth single is pointless. 00's - definately "Impressive Instant"! This song is craaazyyy! It fits perfectly after "Music", would be massive hit! Also, as many of you, I think that "Nothing Fails" DESERVES a proper music video, but for me singles from "American Life" were chosen rightly. The same situation is with "COADF", I like the singles, but let's be honest - every song is as goog as it could be a single. The problem starts with "Hard Candy" and continues to "Rebel Heart". So here are my top songs that I'd put as a singles: - "4 Minutes" (OK, I don't like it, but it's pretty catchy) - "Miles Away" (maybe would be a hit as a second single with a proper video) - "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" (a modern pop ballad - why not?) - "Masterpiece" (this song won a Golden Globe, even had a chart performance with a lack of promotion - what's wrong with you, Madonna?!) - "I'm Addicted" (I just love this song, OMG, can you imagine it with a strange, dark, odd video?) - "Love Spent" (a radio hit, but more ambitious than "GMAYL", or "TUTR") - "Gang Bang" (Tarantino video, wild Madonna with a gun, we all dream about it...) - "Beautiful Killer" (there's no chance for the fifth single, but it such a shame this song almost dissapeared on the second disc...) - "Living For Love" (it was perfect) - "Ghosttown" (again, the song was on point, not fair it didn't succeed) - "Unapologetic Bitch" (instead of contoversial "BIM", a great song with a summer vibe) - "Iconic" (those lyrics <3 even with a video from RHT backdrop) But that's only my opinion
  10. So true. Especially nowadays, when the success of next album is not so obvious. I wish she would stop working with Diplos, Timbalands, Benassis etc., and take somebody out from 'the underground', as she did with, for example, Mirwais. I think that see needs to think about fans. Of course, she'll have new ones when she'll be collaborating with top producers, so maybe I can understand those decissions, but I'd be so proud of her supporting talented, yet unknown artists. Comparing "MDNA" and "Rebel Heart" I think that it's going in the right direction, both lyrically and musically, but it's a looooong way from the last album to "American Life".
  11. slave

    Wow, guys, why are worried about the regions, are you really buying those BR / DVDs to watch them? Mine are just standing on a shelf and just looking good Anyway, IDK if the other collectors know it, but Universal Music Poland just annouced that there will be also released polish CD-version of "Rebel Heart Tour"... Gosh, all I need is just to rob a bank...
  12. this is me when I even think of "American Life" album. Every single song is brilliant. I love the way acoustic guitar meets electro sound. There are a few Madonna's songs that literally makes me cry, and most of them are from this album. "Intervention", "X-Static Process", "Easy Ride", but the the one that's the most emotional for me is "Nothing Fails". I have read somewhere that there was a plan of making the video for it in Israel, such a shame it didn't happen... Speaking of the album, I'm in love with the unreleased songs that leaked. My favourite one is "Miss You". I love it so much that it's one of my fave song of all time, not even the AL era. I really love when M is doing spectacular show with lots of crazy things happen on stage, but I adore her little acoustic concerts like Cantine de Faubourg, HMV performance etc... Madonna and a guitar is all I need - that's why this era is so special for me.