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  1. florian

    love the part of: "that culera" jajjajajajjajajajaja could be: "that puta" too jajjajajajajja
  2. I love that picture. no more hate.....
  3. florian

    Q no mame con q esta en el estudio... y me vale madres ariana. sorry
  4. florian

    some people have so many free time......
  5. florian

    like her voice
  6. florian

    OMG no other drama tread
  7. florian

    Love finally she get another look. stunning in dark hair.
  8. florian

    Hi. Here's my new Madonna tattoos (hope you like it): 1. ROL logo (arm) 2. Sex Logo (on my back) 3. Living for Love Logo (Chest) 4. Rebel Heart (Inspired by) I want a tattoo on my shoulder. Any GOOD idea? Thanks
  9. florian

    someone knows what kind of shoes are this? or the brand?
  10. florian

    fuck aldo diaz
  11. florian

    jejeje ok thanks for answer