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  1. Beautiful_Scars

    If we have any doubt that Maluma is shooting something with Madonna now here is the proof, she give Maluma a couple of mdna eye masks 🤣🤣
  2. Beautiful_Scars

    that set pics give me Michael Jackson look vibes
  3. Beautiful_Scars

    Pretender Jimmy Jimmy Think of me The look of love Can’t stop Crazy for you (i can’t stand it) Love song Did you do it? This used to be my playground Mer girl Shanti Candy perfume girl (yes, 3 from Rol) Cyberrraga X static process Falling Free
  4. Beautiful_Scars

    Maluma just posted on ig stories that he stays in Lisbon 2 more days, and that he is working hard in a project that is in “another level”
  5. Beautiful_Scars

    An apple... what a tease! Woowwww, Madonna I hate you so much, over a year sharing senseless pics like this is too much, I honestly rather that she don’t share anything till the day of release, i can’t anymore
  6. Beautiful_Scars

    Ok, somebody say yesterday that Madonna will shoot a video for the song with Maluma in Portugal next week and!! Maluma is in his way to portugal:
  7. Beautiful_Scars

    Omg... sometimes Madonna can be soooo annoying!! It’s really necessary to make like 287 almost exactly Instagram stories about the twinks and a fuck*ng BSO vinyl? Gosh... nobody cares girl! Give us news about music!
  8. Beautiful_Scars

    Ok, a reliable member on madonnanation just post that Madonna will pass on pride, so, she lost the Grammys, Brits, iHeart radio, Pride, glastonsbury, probably billboard music awards too, if she really wants to release the album in june there’s no other big plataform to perform ... 0 exposure, Good Madonna, Good.... Another hard candy/ mdna era is coming...
  9. Beautiful_Scars

    Love hard are the letters of the Andy’s tattoo, he is joking with us...
  10. Beautiful_Scars

    March 15, 2019, we have: NOTHING
  11. Beautiful_Scars

    Maybe this is an old video of the January video in Lisboa? The wig is the same
  12. Beautiful_Scars

    December: -expect official news the first weeks or January january comes and nothing happens -expect tour announcement in February february comes and nothing happens
  13. Beautiful_Scars

    I suspect that Madonna will NOT do Eurovision, if they are fucking with her and let not be free to express herself maybe is better that she pass, plus, it’s not confirmed yet and it’s only 2 months left, and she need at least 1 month to rehearsals, so
  14. Beautiful_Scars

    I don’t want to hear anything if something leaks, I can perfectly wait till April, the only thing i’m asking for dear Madge is for DATES, official press release, name of the album, something to make the wait more easy!!. I think Madonna is too old school for this type of things, nobody release just one single just one month before the album come out, that’s so 1989. If the album will come in June she perfectly drop 1 single right now and another in May. More time to promote, more time to build hype. Come on...
  15. Beautiful_Scars

    This have no sense, M is not bjork, Madonna is a major artist/seller, even Nelly Furtado or Dido that are pretty dead they’ve released her latest album physically, i have no doubt that album/digital will come the same day, otherwise will be stupid