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  1. MiB

    thank you guys
  2. Thank God you're back! ;)
  3. no raul i am talking about this one https://www.discogs.com/de/Luther-Vandross-Janet-Jackson-The-Best-Things-In-Life-Are-Free/release/92977
  4. Thanx so much for all you shared so far, but i don't understand why you edit out all the album versions, as her single album version are always different to her Album "Album" Versions! as she uses fade ins and outs on the singles so would be great to get the complete cd releases incl the album versions! and for The Best Things In Life Are Free '96 (CD2) the last track is the wrong one as it should be 9:55 so i amssume this is not a direct cd rip from this release!
  5. @Steffmadcan you please upload the love will never do promo as well? i realised i miss that as well! thanx in advance
  6. Thanx so much Steff that's a lot of help in sorting my Janet Mixes ;)
  7. @raulrecacan you please reup that one again? thanx ;)