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  1. Steffmad

    I still think she needs a "Magic" Hair Cut Black, Shorter, no curls
  2. Steffmad

    Yazoo by Peter...
  3. Steffmad

    80 ties in a new Mix
  4. Steffmad

    Some People just to focused on that Ft. Madonna Song from Quavo imo. She isn't finished with her Album yet and i don't think it will sound like that in any way. So don't destroy an Album you don't even know!!!!
  5. Steffmad

    the last i like is...and there is less i like from Ghosttown Mixes :/ Ghosttown (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix) the best Mixes are from the Hard Candy Album....Give it 2 Me , 4 Minutes , Miles away have real awesome Mixes...better then the Album Cuts
  6. Steffmad

    so now what..
  7. Steffmad

    I'm Burning up....
  8. Steffmad

    This is just another ft. Madonna has nothing to do with her New Album. It's from Quavo Album! I hope she stops that ft. Artist soon and comes back to "Awesome" Work. I DONT NEED SONGS LIKE THIS..MY TOILET DOES BETTER SOUNDS!
  9. Steffmad

    The Video Album of Annie and then this
  10. Steffmad

    I only have trust in Madonna not her Producers or who she work with. Give her a bit more time...the Album comes soon... in 2025!!!
  11. Steffmad

    Ladies & Gentleman Miss Grace Jones!!!
  12. Steffmad

    funny Dance Choreography
  13. Steffmad

    again 80ties
  14. Steffmad

    Maybe the Album Title needs a change now in ....Coming Soon
  15. Steffmad

    after 4 houres of sleep i didn't look myself either
  16. Steffmad

    Listen to the 3 CD Expanded of Exposé
  17. Steffmad

    Movie: Die Mitte der Welt
  18. Steffmad

    and now Cyn Time---after Madonna and Annie another great Artist...God i missed those times and those great Songs.
  19. Steffmad

    Annie again...hey and the right Topic