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  1. Steffmad

    Excited about the new Song...sounds awesome.
  2. Steffmad

    Now at 2
  3. Steffmad

    ordered the Madame X Fnac Special Edition the Madame X (Ltd. Deluxe Box Set) excited about the 7 Vinyl of I Rise and the Clear Vinyls ---- Thats all for know --- Medellin is now #9 at I-Tunes Germany
  4. Steffmad

    LUV IT ....Catchy, Dancy,... Cha Cha Cha 1, 2! and again on Rotation here!!!!!
  5. Steffmad

    I slightly gonna love it..Cha Cha such a grower on me. Sorry for all the ones who didn't get it. But i love that Sound makes me Dance!!! Slow down Papi
  6. Steffmad

    I like has a great dance Vibe. It's a fun Summer Song. Happy it doesn't sound like all other boring new sounds.
  7. Steffmad

    also Orders the Vinyls now
  8. Steffmad but i think all others Stores have it too now!!!
  9. Steffmad

    Pre-odered the Box already...Excited... 25 Minutes to gooooooooooooooooo
  10. Steffmad

    sounds like Album Version to me too
  11. Steffmad

    nothing more than HOTTTTTT. You are a great Pair @anjoel Think i have to go to the gym again
  12. Steffmad

    hoping this Movie sees the light of Day...maybe 2020...
  13. Steffmad

    Music makes the People come together...yeahhhhhhh
  14. Steffmad

    for me (Pray for) Spanish Eyes Till death do us part Words Thief of Hearts Inside of me Sky fits Heaven Amazing X-static Process Mother & Father How High Let it will be Devil wouldn't recognize you Broken Falling Free Love spent Joan Of Arc Hold tight HeartBreak City
  15. Steffmad

    What a mess for a Fan We didn't even get a Deluxe or Expanded of it.
  16. Steffmad

    Maybe the next Pic of him will be more Controversy...."Big D***"
  17. Steffmad

    I thought it is something like Arielle season 1
  18. Steffmad

    When the Song is great it could be a great Seller. But there is still no "official" announcement if she is there! I bet the Managment of her didn't even get it ready for "Buy and Download" the same Day!
  19. Steffmad

    When they "smoke" all the way we didn't see the Album in 2019. maybe the Album "Magic Marihuna" or "soon we are stoned"
  20. Steffmad

    First i wish for an Extended, DuB or Instrumental Version. I wish a Combi from new and old Mixers Jodey den Broder/ Tony Moran/ Shep Pettibone/ Axwell/ Fred Falke/ Ralphi Rosario/ Bimbo Jones/ Joe Gauthreaux / Ryan Skyy / Eric Kupper / StoneBrigde/
  21. Steffmad

    Now you know where she hide the Demos for the new Album
  22. Steffmad

    RIP Mark Hollis
  23. Steffmad

    some Whitney