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  1. norisk_noglory

    According to this guide you can use it on a Mac too: I'm not a mac-user so that's the only help I can provide
  2. norisk_noglory

    you can download them using youtube-dl Enter (copy&paste) the direct link -> click add -> click download (the cloud) Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
  3. norisk_noglory

    Nothing to do with Madonna. Youtube "mysteries"
  4. norisk_noglory

    Is this new? It's not on her stories nor on her insta feed.
  5. All those "collectors" trying to sell me ROL demos


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    2. emanon


      who are they?
















    3. madgefan


      Sooner or later they will leak so why bother? Spend those bucks on good Madonna seats for her next tour!!

    4. professormouse


      Maybe they think you have a big, BIG, B I G  YACHT ?  :lol::lol:

  6. norisk_noglory

    I would love to hear the snippets too
  7. norisk_noglory

    @@James19709 Madonna - Animal - 2010, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless 361MB torrent: 01 Triggering 02 Broken 03 Animal 04 History (Land Of The Free) 05 Superpop 06 It's So Cool 07 Latte 08 Infinity 09 See The Right 10 Across The Sky (ft. Justin Timberlake) 11 Keep The Trance 12 Superpop (Radio Edit) 13 History (Extended Version)
  8. norisk_noglory

  9. norisk_noglory

    @@Dazedmadonna thanks
  10. norisk_noglory

    Artwork authentically replicates the original Argentinian release. To be made available worldwide for the first time for Record Store Day 2017. Limited to 8000 copies TRACKLISTING Side A: 1. Into The Groove (4.40) 2. Angel (Extended Dance Mix) (6.15) Side B: 1. Chica Material (Material Girl) (Jellybean Dance Remix) (6:05) 2. Vacación (Holiday) (6:08) MADONNA DANCE MIX UPC: 0081227941000PPD: £7.99 / €10.00 FORMAT: 12″ 4 track EP – 33 ⅓ rpm WEIGHT: Standard COLOUR: Black Vinyl
  11. norisk_noglory

    The Lost Phoenix - Lisa Gerrard vocal - demo by Stathis Caucheteux MP3 128kbps (original streaming file) 7.16 MB enjoy
  12. you can use a chrome/firefox addon to hide your non US IP.