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  1. Is there someone nice to send me in pm I Love New-York (IGTTYAS version) [MP3 320 or WAV]. I lost my file :/

  2. CYSMM

    I agree... But MDNA skin projects are more important ;-)
  3. CYSMM

    I think by listening other M's records :-P
  4. CYSMM

    I don't mind if she decides to sing Spanish Lesson, it was one of the only song I used to like from Hard Candy.... With time I started appreciating other songs ;-)
  5. CYSMM

    Autotune Baby by far
  6. CYSMM

    It's getting boring. Instead of wasting time with her f*cking MDNA skin she should've worked...
  7. CYSMM

    Full Hollywood B-Rolls
  8. CYSMM

    1- McDean 2- Rheims 3- Maser 4- Earl 5- Demarchelier 6- Ritts 7- Meisel 8- Testino 9- Mert/Marcus 10- Klein
  9. CYSMM

    How many photos are we gonna get for this album? 4 or 5?? I want a COAD/HARD CANDY promo in terms of photoshoots and an AL/COAD promo in terms of showcases
  10. CYSMM

    Bad Girl Take A Bow Nothing Really Matters Love Profusion Not only Ghosttown...