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  1. CYSMM

    my list based mainly on previous DJs: Bojan (BIM) Flechette (BIM) Armand Van Helden (Ghosttown) Thrill (Living For Love) Offer Nissim (GGW/TUTR) Laid Back Luke (GMAYL/TUTR) Sultan+Ned Shepard (GMAYL) Nicky Romero (GMAYL) Oliver Twizt (GMAYL) Benny Benassi Bimbo Jones Eddie Amador Paul Oakenfold Victor Caledrone Thunderpuss Johnny Rocks Stuart Price Green Velvet Axwell New Boral Kibil Moby Daft Punk Calvin Harris Armin Van Burren Steve Angello Dimitri Vegas Parov Stellar
  2. There are really nice. Hopefully the new album will go in the same way in the creative process
  3. I think so... but the mixing is nice. Will try to check on YouTube if there is a mix close to this
  4. Share 3 years ago. Is this a real demo or mixed with Stems? Not sure it's real but it sounds cool...
  5. Come on bro, everybody knows that you have B-rolls. You've teasing for 1 month... Recognition and sharing are two different things. I'm sorry but if someone tells me that these few seconds are even more interesting than TUTR then OK.. If people want to share then they share, but sharing snippets or few seconds were nothing happens it is called just teasing people and showing off... If you wanna share then do it! No you don't want... We got it you have them Good evening to you. Not gonna reply back.
  6. Boring as fuck. Sorry@club78boybut thx anyway. Hopefully better will come...
  7. Yes, I had few seconds but i can't find then anymore
  8. Would it be possible to send all snippets by PM please? Thx in advance :-)
  9. when are the 30 years of DAD? 2042 :-/
  10. CYSMM

    I personally think the visual will be black, maybe the videoclip as well but she'll stay blond. Hopefully she won't continue with the braids...
  11. What about the DAD you had? :-D
  12. Can anyone send via MP Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol 1 please

  13. CYSMM

    I agree... But MDNA skin projects are more important ;-)
  14. CYSMM

    I think by listening other M's records :-P