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  1. M-Dollar

    Who knows, but she didn't use the vocoder when she talked in the intro of Revolver during the first shows. She started with that later if I remember it right.
  2. M-Dollar

    I'm not sure she did lip synched in Revolver. What about the show in Rome when the vocoder didn't start in the begining of the song?
  3. M-Dollar

    Sounds... reductive.
  4. Is there any good audio recordings/bootlegs from her Formation Tour in high quality? Just looking for audio
  5. M-Dollar

    Let's hope we get some good audio recordings from the shows in New York!
  6. Sorry if this have been shared before... I just found it. It's professional live footage: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1212925/Madonna-kicks-Rebel-Heart-tour-wild-Montreal-show.html
  7. M-Dollar

    I always loved Madonna with acoustic guitars, so I guess this might will be my best tour ever... Her vocals
  8. M-Dollar

    Everything I've seen so far is just amazing! Really love the show and can't wait for good audio/video!! Who's That Girl
  9. M-Dollar

    I really hope someone does
  10. M-Dollar

    I think the photo on the tour book is new, from the Iconic video
  11. M-Dollar

    I'm going! Early Entry for me
  12. I will go as well. Early Entry
  13. I really want to go as I live in Spain now, but I don't have anyone to go with and I'm not sure what kind of ticket I should try to buy... Maybe someone have one ticket left or something? Feel free to write me back if you have
  14. M-Dollar

    I don't like everything Madonna does or create. I don't like every song on her tours either, but I'm sure this tour like all her others just will be amazing to see and experience live! I'm super excited and will see a few shows in Europe I can understand that some of you might got disappointed when you read the rehearsed setlist, but let's wait until you hear the versions of the songs live, don't be negative yet! Anyway, thanks for all the information shared here so far! I will check the forum for news all night long
  15. M-Dollar

    "Don't Tell Me" would be amazing! One of her best songs! Would be amazing with an acoustic version of "Power Of Good-Bye" as well...