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  1. The link is dead or do I need a key to open it? Please share again!
  2. M-Dollar

    Who knows, but she didn't use the vocoder when she talked in the intro of Revolver during the first shows. She started with that later if I remember it right.
  3. M-Dollar

    I'm not sure she did lip synched in Revolver. What about the show in Rome when the vocoder didn't start in the begining of the song?
  4. M-Dollar

    Sounds... reductive.
  5. Is there any good audio recordings/bootlegs from her Formation Tour in high quality? Just looking for audio
  6. M-Dollar

    Let's hope we get some good audio recordings from the shows in New York!
  7. Sorry if this have been shared before... I just found it. It's professional live footage: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1212925/Madonna-kicks-Rebel-Heart-tour-wild-Montreal-show.html
  8. M-Dollar

    I always loved Madonna with acoustic guitars, so I guess this might will be my best tour ever... Her vocals
  9. M-Dollar

    Everything I've seen so far is just amazing! Really love the show and can't wait for good audio/video!! Who's That Girl
  10. M-Dollar

    I really hope someone does
  11. M-Dollar

    I think the photo on the tour book is new, from the Iconic video