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  1. Paulo MDNA Tour

    Thank you baby!
  2. ...Ready for It? I Did Something Bad Gorgeous Style Love Story / You Belong With Me Look What You Made Me Do intro Look What You Made Me Do End Game King of My Heart Delicate Shake It Off Dancing With Our Hands Tied Red Blank Space Dress Bad Blood / Should've Said No There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back Don't Blame Me Long Live / New Year's Day Why She Disappeared Getaway Car Call It What You Want We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things AUDIO ADJUSTED LISTEN ORIGINAL/ADJUSTED MP3 320kbps PREVIEW 01 PREVIEW 02
  3. áudio terrível, uma pena
  4.   soooo.... RHT Studio Versions will never leak?

    1. BloodRayne


      It took at least three years to get the MDNA Tour official studio versions in full. So patience is quite the virtue.

    2. Dazedmadonna


      Honestly? Nope.

    3. nkt


      What's the difference between the Tour version and the Tour official studio version? 

  5. Paulo MDNA Tour

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  6. Paulo MDNA Tour
  7. Witness Roulette Dark Horse Chained To The Rhythm Act My Age - Teenage Dream Hot N Cold - Last Friday Night California Gurls I Kissed A Girl Deja Vu - Roses Interlude Tsunami E.T. Bon Appetit - What Have You Done For Me Lately Mind Maze (Interlude) Thinking Of You Save As Draft Power Hey Hey Hey Part Of Me Swish Swish Roar Firework Wide Awake(Bonus Track) MADE BY KP TELEVISION - MP3 320 KBPS [Hidden Content]
  8. Madonna recording a new album, ladygaga filmed Joanne World Tour, katyperry filiming Witness Tour. This year started shaken.

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    2. BloodRayne


      artRAVE was never supposed to be released. It was only supposed to stay as the Yahoo! livestream since no professional recordings came out of the Born This Way Ball tour. And the Yahoo! livestream was not fit to be released for DVD,even though she could have gone back and fixed things she didn't think were right and suitable for release.

    3. BringUrLUV


      exactly. she hasn't released the last 2 tours on DVD, so why think JWT will be different?

    4. Paulo MDNA Tour

      Paulo MDNA Tour

      Maybe it will only broadcast on some TV channel


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    2. Andymad


      Who even is that girl? Major body transformation. Hunny chyle got herself some healthy curves now

    3. madgefan


      She's so bad live.

    4. madgefan


      But I have to admit that Love on the Brain at Billboard was pretty good.

  10. Casanova fucked me over Left me dying for your love Casanova, Casanova Now you're all I'm thinking of

    1. Andymad


      I have friends who had performed with her. She’s great!

  11. Mad House Russian Roulette Hard Shut Up And Drive Fire Bomb Disturbia ROCKSTAR 101 Rude Boy Hate That I Love You Rehab Unfaithful Stupid In Love Te Amo Photographs Don't Stop The Music Breakin' Dishes The Glamorous Life Let Me SOS Take A Bow Wait Your Turn Live Your Life Run This Town Umbrella 128 ~ 192 kbps >>>>> LISTEN <<<<< [Hidden Content]
  12. Paulo MDNA Tour

    gore :lol: