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  1. The whole video could be just her dancing in the club like that and it would still be mesmerising.
  2. anaglyphx

    It's revealed she is trapped in her bathroom, in the mirror, in her own image. A prisoner of her own fame. She doesn't raise kids, her team of nanny's do that. She spends a lot of time on herself, her skin, her face and looking at the Madonna hashtag on Instagram. She travels a lot. The closest we got to an autobiography was the Howard Stern interview. He usually gets the most out of guests, but I think ALOT of questions were off limits as an agreement beforehand. Which disappointed me. He could've dug deeper, most interviews are just superficial things used to sell whatever product she is hocking. Her music is also autobiographical.
  3. anaglyphx

    Erm...have you seen her Instagrams?
  4. anaglyphx

    Die Another Day IS all about Can't You See My Mind. It's a song about consciousness, the war between the light and the dark within. As shown in the video. So could very well have been a working title in the same way Flirtation Dance became Skin, not two different songs.
  5. anaglyphx

    Animal. Could’ve been an instant classic. Radio friendly.
  6. anaglyphx

    Kabbalah ain't goin' anywhere! She still attends Torah readings every week. Mercy got a camera for Chanukah recently, hence her photography exhibit. Her last album and tour were riddled with references. It is deep in her, it will never go away. And rest assured her next album will be full of it too.
  7. anaglyphx

    My two favourites. Together would be amazing. Light and Dark. They are the flip-side of the same coin. I wrote about them both in college, and I predicted the rise of Gaga-a fusion of the light of Madonna and the dark of Marilyn Manson. And I was right. She was interesting for a hot minute. But yes, a bold collaboration would be interesting, not safe and commercial. Madonna can't make up her mind if she wants to be a performance artist or a corporate product. Can't be both...
  8. anaglyphx

  9. anaglyphx

    I like your art by the way. Some beautiful pastels there.
  10. anaglyphx

    That is the Madonna I fell in love with too. And the reason why I get confused by her recently because she doesn't seem to be embodying those 5 points you made. 1-I expected fearless in the face of ageing. 2-She is fiercely intelligent which makes me wonder who is making her choices lately. They ain't coming' from a smart place. 3-I always admired her embracing change, yet she has been following trends instead of setting them like she used to. 4-She does write great hooks, which she would do that without a ton of producers and collaborations. 5-She could challenge herself a bit more and hear what fans have to say, and maybe hear alternative opinions and not bury her head in the sand and pretend she is 25 forever. Somewhere in an alternate timeline there is a fierce Madonna who had aged gracefully, kept her mystique and her punk rock attitude and produced amazing music.
  11. anaglyphx

    At least he wrote an opinion in his own words and didn't need a reaction gif to express himself.
  12. Who are you and where did you come from? Your tone doesn't fit in here.
  13. He is all business and favours with celebrities. Just take a look at his wedding photos, the most obnoxious photograph I have ever seen. His instagram is all celebrity. He is lost in a world of wealth and power and favours and investments. No artistry whatsoever. Just take a look at the last 10 years of M's career... Friends and business don't mix.
  14. anaglyphx

    No he's not. Can you interview her and keep your cool. English is not his first language. I think he did fine. Wanna see bad interviews? See Cynthia McFadden and Matt Lauer...
  15. anaglyphx

    Why? So you can bad mouth him like the others in the comment section?