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  1. A seed is concealed in an apple. When you cut an apple in half you can see a star shape. The word star comes from the root Esther meaning concealment. Purim is a holiday where the concealed is revealed. Just FYI. And she has a possible collaboration with Apple, smart business and art as usual.
  2. Andrew Bird steered her toward the UK and UK production. The Prodigy almost made Ray of Light if they didn’t have their own record to promote. These demos are post-Evita and Bedtime Stories with a little thread from Erotica. Nothing to do with what Ray of Light became. Because she took her time it allowed the album to evolve into something amazing. I just wish she would take her time on ALL her records to allow them to breathe. Often the tour versions are better than album versions because she has time to play with them.
  3. In these new demos you can hear the direct line from I'm Breathless through Erotica and Bedtime Story to Ray of Light.

  4. anaglyphx

    Because in a forum some people might have information I don’t. Wanted someone to confirm or deny. You know, a place to talk about Madonna related news.
  5. anaglyphx

    I wonder if Monet's Hebrew tattoo will get a feature in the video...I guess that makes her somewhat interesting. Would love to know the story behind it.
  6. anaglyphx

    I know. I'm not an idiot. And her use of drag for the VMAs back in 99 was genius. I am talking about using Drag Race girls. THAT is not edgy or cool, just commercial and safe. Milk was already used for MDNA Skin. I know her make-up artist is friends with some of them. They even got to go backstage on the Rebel Heart tour in Australia. I don't find anything edgy or political about using performers from a popular and safe commercial TV show just because it gets the most hashtags and likes on social media. When drag is mainstream, there is no need to fight for "rights" anymore. Mission accomplished. Interesting that in Kabbalah men wearing women's clothes is an abomination, as is homosexuality which some members have claimed to overcome. I am finding it hard to reconcile both of these things with Madonna. Didn't she want drag queens to do She's Not Me for Sticky&Sweet Tour? Just seems to me her new PR team are really trying to win back the gays and to leech off of whatever is popular that would ensure the most sales of her new record.
  7. anaglyphx

    Felt undeserved and shoe-horned in. If Trinity was the only winner they’d complain black queens never win. She won because she’s black not because she has talent. Which she doesn’t. Pussycat wigs and flat shoes? Ok. I like drag in my queens. Gia Gunn is right about Monet. Check her Twitter feed. Now Madonna’s PR people are bringing the drag race girls to snatch that young gay market. Miley and Gaga already used them, Madonna gets sloppy seconds. Drag Race stopped being cool a long time ago.
  8. Bland drag queen Monet X Change in new Madonna video? Please don’t be true! Drag Race has declined to ridiculousness and a bland queen like Monet (who didn’t deserve to win) will feature in a new video. Why? Her makeup artist’s influence?
  9. Madonna is missing from her current music videos. It used to be the prime vehicle to showcase a song but now millions can stream instantly and watch on YouTube. Videos don't mean what they used to. Plus, having many kids means she doesn't have the time or energy like she used to. The last true Madonna video? American Life... Living For Love should have been so much bigger, the last video I thought had some artistry in it.
  10. anaglyphx

    "Like A Ray of Light" would have completed the trilogy perfectly. Maybe "Like A Flower" was also optioned for that album title?
  11. anaglyphx

    Doesn't exist in Japan.
  12. anaglyphx

    Actually since Papa Don’t Preach on Who’s That Girl Tour she’s been making these video statements.
  13. anaglyphx

    Not far off 40 so not so young...