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  1. anaglyphx

    Die Another Day. The ultimate motivational song.
  2. I'll take all of that as a no then...
  3. Does anyone remember a competition for one of Gaga's video backdrops to one of her early tours. I think Nick Knight was behind it. Does anyone know if the fan videos were used and if so which ones, anyone have the backdrop to it? Sorry I don't have more info.
  4. anaglyphx

    'Shanti/Ashtangi'. Shanti means "peace" and Ashtangi is someone who practices Ashthanga. So I always assumed it was peace be to those who practice the 8 limbs of yoga. Perfect title to me. She also uses the refrain "in the form of a man up to the shoulders" in 'To Have and Not to Hold' which I suspect makes 'Shanti/Ashtangi' about checking out the hot guys sweating in her yoga class. Lol. "checkin' out the hotties" later in 'American Life'. 'Cyber-Raga': Raga is an Indian melody, it also means a desire or to be saturated in something. So Cyber refers to the turn of the new millennium obsession with tech and her interest in electronica which fits with the Cyber Cowboy theme of Music to me. And yes it is the closing chant to Ashtanga which book ends with Shanti. 'X-Static Process': (One of her greatest songs of all time) The process, the way to ecstasy, finding your true self and letting go of your ego. 'Isaac': Isaac Sinwani is the singer on it, he appeared on Confessions Tour, he is one of the head teachers at the Kabbalah Centre Moscow. Isaac is also the son of Biblical patriarch Abraham who is to be bound and sacrificed. It's a reference to the negative selfish side of a person that must be bound and sacrificed. 'Auto-Tune Baby': Awful title, awful song.
  5. anaglyphx

    Also why I love tour versions of songs as she gives the song more room to breathe and be it's own thing. Feels like she rushes her albums to get out on time, but with the tour she has lots of time to experiement and let the song find its fullest expression.
  6. anaglyphx

    Great topic. I agree with everything. I haven't listened to it since it came out. I just can't bring myself to try. It sounds all wrong. Like a cake still in the oven, it ain't ready yet. Also, what really drives me nuts is I am pretty sure someone was taking the piss in Iconic with "Say I have to fart and I can't wait." It absolutely does not sound like "fight". Surely I am not the only one that thinks this, right? I think the young producers on that record were taking the piss, namely Diplo. He did badger her to do a Major Lazer thing to La Isla Bonita.
  7. anaglyphx

    Nice to meet you too.
  8. anaglyphx

    2008. Turned 50. Got divorced. Plastic surgery. Adopted kids. The cultural and business landscape of music completely changed, something she wasn't prepared for. She was stuck in analog while the digital marched on. She left a huge vacuum into which Gaga swooped and stole an entire generation that should have been Madonna's. She's managed to grab every generation since she began until this one which left her feeling insecure to the point where she has to remind everyone "Bitch I'm Madonna" well as desperately needing the street cred of the latest rappers. All to be expected for a midlife crisis. You can't maintain 3 decades of continual success and not be tired. She's exhausted. Hoping her time out in Portugal and Malawi have reminded her of who she is and what she is here for. Her team of nannys do the hardworking of raising kids, she can't use that as an excuse. And she should just let the business things go, forget the gyms and shoes and face the music. "Je suis l'art"
  9. anaglyphx

    When has she ever done that? There have ALWAYS been meddlers in her work, namely Oseary and record execs. She is far more experimental than people realise but still has to succumb to commercial pressure. You can't be an artist and a business woman at the same time. Hopefully she can find the courage to TRULY make the record she wants to make and not actually care about the public, which is something almost impossible for her to do.
  10. anaglyphx

    Because that is his sister...
  11. anaglyphx

    Good book written by someone who has every right. It is about him, not her. Is he not allowed tell his story? He even admits in the book he was born his mother' son but will die his sister's brother. We messaged a bit over MySpace when it first came out, he was very reasonable and funny. Never understood the criticism of the book. He deserves his fair share of the accolades for having helped form the idol you all love.
  12. anaglyphx

    Going to her private house IS stalking, especially if she is inside. What is the intention behind going to take a picture at someone's house? Imagine you look out the window and someone is taking a selfie in front of your house, is that not creepy and bizarre? Worship of a celebrity can take some people into very dark and strange territory. There should be very strict boundaries between art and artist. Some people can't separate the two.
  13. anaglyphx

    Didn't you make a video using her private family pictures from her childhood. Private things that were not meant for the public or her fans...
  14. anaglyphx

    I would hardly call the Fat Jew and the Kardashian a part of her art. Of all the people to use for MDNA Skin...she could have turned it into something edgy and interesting but again she is surrounded by yes-men and there is no critical input or dissent allowed whatsoever. Nobody is allowed to be critical. It is like a totalitarian dictator. Everything she does is so perfect and good people couldn't possibly understand her, they must be negative. I see this guy's comment as a paying customer wondering about the quality of the product he is so invested in. Yes she is human and can do what she likes, but she IS a performing monkey because that is what she signed up for. Give back the millions and mansions and divided them among the people who made you what you are if you don't like it. I've run in to her make up artist Aaron a few times, his job is to hold a light to her face when he takes her picture. He is incapable of any critical thought and just calls people with critical opinions "haters", anyone that tries soon disappears from her circle. What a bubble to live in. I thought she was cooler than that. But she is still a Leo with a massive egomaniacal narcissism. But of course about .1% of the fans would agree with me.
  15. anaglyphx

    1: Why do you think the grills look good? 2: Why is Guy Oseary still your manager? 3: Why did you pull the American Life video? 4: Why do you perform outdoor shows when you hate the rain? 5: Why the plastic surgery? 6: Why censor your show in Singapore? 7: Why do you waste time with extra-curricular activities instead of promoting your music and art which is what you are famous for in the first place? 8: Why won't you loan your Frida Kahlo and Tamara de Lempicka paintings to galleries so the rest of us can see them? 9: Of all people, why associate with the Fat Jew? 10: Can I have some money?