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  1. Rebel

    I never liked those remixes by Forest & Heller they sound too messy imo.
  2. Rebel

    1. Angel 2. Dress you up 3. Into the groove 4. Over and Over 5. Pretender 6. Material Girl 7. Stay 8. Shoo-Bee-Doo 9. Like a Virgin 10. Love don't live here anymore
  3. Rebel

  4. Rebel

    Everyone can cleary see, this is NOT a wig!
  5. @wtg1987 thanks for the confirm :-)
  6. Does anyone have Dangerous Game blu ray? released in nov 2015 in USA is this play also on region B players?
  7. I hate the fact they can not release the Blu Rays in Region Free! Body of Evidence is only region A, so i can play it on my region B only player :-( Vision Quest Region Free released May 2017 USA Desperately Seeking Susan Region B released in Spain in 2015 Shanghai Surprise Region B released in Spain in 2015 In Bed with Madonna Region B released in 2013 (in Tsjechie) i hope for a blu ray realese for: Body of Evidence Region B Who's That Girl Region B The Next Best Thing Region B
  8. Rebel

    they are all horrible sound and picture quality! burning up is stretched out to 16:9 my god!!
  9. Amazing! Everybody should post their 80's / 90's room full of Madonna!
  10. hi frank 

    can you re-upload the original broadcast of the 1992 steve blame interview? thanks

    1. Rebel


      wow great thanx so much, i've always wanted this

      you made my day!

    2. Rebel


      Can you please send me the mp3 of the remix/edit? thanx

    3. Rebel


      and can you please do the same with la isla bonita video with the 7" remix/edit as the audio

      i've always wanted that too please...

  11. Rebel

    i have this one with trailer included