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  1. madgefan

    Page 300 and still nothing, nada!! Even the Rebel Heart thread which started in June 2014 did not reach more than 272 pages
  2. I fully agree with this. However, I do share the same joyous feeling when I buy something I didn't have before... even if this feeling lasts a couple of hours. Isn't it AMAZING when a new parcel arrives from your local post office?
  3. madgefan

    I don't see why 'Nicki unfollows Madonna on Instagram is such a big deal. Madonna follows and unfollows people all the time and see how diiiiiiifferent things have turned for her . Let's admit it, every single song Nicki provided vocals made Madonna's sound better. Even when I myself am tired of rappers in her records, Nicki's contributions elevated the power of Madonna's messages in both I Don't Give A and Bitch I'm Madonna which don't specifically sound very smart by just considering their names
  4. madgefan

    Oh no. Not the Can't You See My Mind drama topic again As long as no one dares to leak that damn song, I won't give a **** about it. Pinky promise.
  5. madgefan

    I've always loved Madonna because her work is so vast, so rich and diverse. You can never get enough of it! For starters, I'd suggest to play The Immaculate Collection first and discover how the first (and the best) decade in her career developed. Then listen to the album versions, recorded all the way from 1983 to 1989, of the songs included in the compilation and get startled by the way they originally sounded (instruments mostly). I say this because it reminds me of my childhood in the early 2000s when I used to compare the different versions of her classics and how timeless they had become by then. If you get the chance BUY the record on CD, do it and admire the beautiful shots made by talented Herb Ritts. Next, watch Truth or Dare or In Bed with Madonna as it was called out of the US. Be amazed by the wonderfully filmed footage from the Blond Ambition Tour! There's no better concert captured like that in her whole career, not even the equally great but overrated Confessions Tour. 1990 was the peak in Madonna's career and you will realise this because everything was perfectly executed. From her image to the music itself, photoshoots, magazine covers, interviews, etc. Then I'd delve into her Erotica years: watch the Justify My Love video and her marvelous response to all the censorship she had to face. There's a short interview on Nightline, I'm sure it's on Youtube and make your own conclusions about the topics she mentions and how hypocritical the conservative society still is. Having listened to the title track from Erotica, listen to key tracks from the album like Deeper and Deeper (but not the video because it's kind of boring), Fever (Edit One), and the gorgeous ballad Rain. Watch the video for Bad Girl which is probably a summary of her 2 erotic movies made at the time. If you feel like listening to something quieter, romantic or just sad and thoughtful, play the ballads compilation Something to Remember. It's basically a collection of songs recorded between 1984 and 1995, used mainly as a vehicle for her to sweetener her image at the time as she was preparing for Evita. Songs like You'll See and This Used to Be My Playground are not Céline Dion's or Whitney's standards but God, they sure are 90s treasures. In this same period she started to flirt with electronica and trip-hop. Hence the I Want You collaboration with Massive Attack. Ray of Light is a must for everybody who enjoys music. It's Madonna's more mature record to date, more spiritual and insightful than any other she's recorded. She had just given birth to her first child which changed her character in every thinkable sense. Watch the Drowned World Tour and observe how the ROL songs were performed live. Maybe this concert was purposely toned down because you can see she does not want to shock the audience just for the sake of it; in my opinion, from this concert onwards she shocks people with ideas that go further than the sexual innuendos from the early 90s. She became more politically aware since then. This is the time when Madonna started to play guitar on stage too so it's not strange to see a rocky section in every world tour that followed. That's it for now. Enjoy the Madonna experience and see why she's the best. And thank God she's still alive.
  6. madgefan

    I don't think it's necessary to treat people like this when WE KNOW many fans of Madonna are already past their 30s and probably older. I don't see the point in getting multiple releases over and over either but I do believe spending money on this stuff is just up to collectors. If it doesn't affect my pockets, then why bother?
  7. Why? I'm Breathless hasn't received updated vynil treatment recently. Remember there's an important percentage of vynil consumers nowadays who spend their money in items like these. I'm sure I'm Breathless will mean a nice addition in their collections.
  8. madgefan

    So, according to @bertrand we are still missing: Living for Love Demo—poppin fuck v 1 (4:31) Demo—poppin v 2 (4:55) Demo—poppin v 3 stripped (4:47) Bitch I'm Madonna trappy ruff 061314 (3:34) trappy v 3 instru (2:59) Veni Vidi Vici Demo—ACID TRAP v 4 no rap idea 1 (4:07) Demo—ACID TRAP v 4 no rap original yeezy drums 2 (4:07) Demo—ACID TRAP v 4 no rap (4:07) Demo—vvv 4 (4:07) Demo—vvv 5 more (0:32) Hold Tight Demo—v 1 fix (3:03)*MNEK vocals Demo—v 4 (3:32) Demo—v 4 newer (3:12) Demo—5 (3:42) Demo—5 newerr2 (3:22)
  9. I couldn't say there is really a follow up to Blond Ambition because all the tours that came after haven't changed the industry or made the same cultural impact. But, I would dare to say each one of them wins in the following categories: - Best live band: Girlie Show - Best costumes: Drowned World - Best set list: Re-invention - Best home video: Confessions - Best ticket sales, commercial gross and audience attendance: Sticky & Sweet - Best stage design: MDNA - Best tour itinerary: Rebel Heart (although she skipped Southamerica and the Middle East).
  10. madgefan

    or Southamerica!
  11. madgefan

    Giving it a second thought, I believe Girl Gone Wild could have been a great lead single for MDNA. The thing that bothers me is the dated production and those horrid vocals... was that take the best Madonna could do at the time? Which reminds me of the poor vocals in Superstar as well. Had she treated the 2012 project more carefully, it could have become something really timeless and iconic.
  12. madgefan