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  1. madgefan

    At the beginning of Ray of Light she says "Give it up Detroit, Michigan!" compared to the "Give it up Detroit!" from the second show. I also think the audio from the Holiday Promo Video was just altered so the footage from the 2nd night plays fine. Nicki's rap is almost identical to the first show anyway. @club78boy
  2. madgefan

  3. madgefan

    If you say so I kind of 'see' where the video reference comes from However, I also read Hollywood might have originated during the Music sessions.
  4. madgefan

    As far as I remember only an instrumental version made from the leaked stems has been shared. No mastered or unmastered official file has leaked.
  5. Something to Remember Love Tried to Welcome Me Drowned World (Substitute for Love) Mer Girl Amazing X-Static Process I don't know, I feel like Madonna made some real and intimate effort when recording those lyrics.
  6. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Lana but honestly she's got no stage presence or self-confidence at all. She sure offers something 'different' and 'interesting' compared to the other pop acts out there (I'd say right now but she's also veeeeery 2012 and hasn't envolved a lot). Madonna's in a whole different league. Regarding Ariana, I understand why a lot fans here seem to despite her because she's probably more successful than, let's say anything Madonna's put out since MDNA or even before lol, but she really is something else compared to Selena and the 100% boring Demi Lovato. Additionally, Ariana has shown some CONSISTENT respect towards Madonna and has even collaborated in other ventures like the 2016 Benefit Auction in Miami. I feel like Madonna's giving a little something back and there's no problem with it. Is Ariana taking advantage of Madonna's name? SURE! Hasn't Madonna done it before with other artists?
  7. Lana's records are ok. I love the first 3 and the last has some nice tunes as well. However SHE'S CRAP LIVE.
  8. This is interesting. Imagine them performing the song together
  9. madgefan

    I can't wait for another performance of Human Nature
  10. madgefan

    It still amazes me to think that September 2019 will be 10 years since the release of Celebration. Gosh.
  11. madgefan

    This was so embarrassing
  12. madgefan

    These records you all mention cannot possibly be gaier