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  1. The Video Collection 93:99 was supposedly going to be released in LaserDisc!

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    2. Luiz Ribeiro

      Luiz Ribeiro

      Yeap, they have an Karaoke version with some weird remixes instead of original songs.... but its nice towatch

    3. Luiz Ribeiro

      Luiz Ribeiro

      Tracklist Hide Credits

      1 Bad Girl (Karaoke Version)
      2 Fever (Karaoke Version - Edit One Mix)
      Remix – Daniel Abraham
      3 Rain (Karaoke Mix - Radio Remix)
      Remix – Daniel Abraham
      4 Secret (Karaoke Version)
      5 Take A Bow (Karaoke Version)
      6 Bedtime Story (Karaoke Version)
      7 Human Nature (Karaoke Version)
      8 Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Karaoke Version)
      9 Frozen (Karaoke Mix - Stereo MC's Mix)
      Remix – Stereo MC's
      10 Ray Of Light (Karaoke Version)
      11 Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Karaoke Version)
      12 The Power Of Good-bye (Karaoke Mix - Dallas Low End Mix)
      Remix – Dallas Austin
      13 Nothing Really Matters (Karaoke Version)
      14 Beautiful Stranger (Karaoke Version)
    4. poserdemadonna


      Like, who would buy LDs in 1999? DVDs had taken the market by storm