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    I don't think the whole album will look or sound like this. I am sure we will rejoice with the Madonna Sound as we've always done.
  2. madgefan

    Holy Water
  3. madgefan

    Dude, there are already several topics to discuss the same thing:
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  5. madgefan

    #disnigga #madonnation #flush Guys, what else have I missed since I purposely decided to lose track of what is posted in this thread?
  6. Would you give up dick to get Madonna's new album in your hands before than anyone else?

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    2. professormouse


      What the hell did Richard DO ?  :laughing: :laughing:

    3. KaitoXD


      I'm a virgin and I am still waiting for the damn album. XD

    4. blondebombshell


       no i wouldn't give up the v word. either

  7. madgefan

    Bitch I'm Madonna is up there next to Like a Prayer, Vogue, and the Blond Ambition Tour
  8. madgefan

    Did her records following B7 aka Femme Fatale prove to be any good?
  9. I haven't seen any new official listings apart from these sites Are there any updates?
  10. madgefan

    I think she's still in Europe.
  11. madgefan

    Any news on Maluma's collaboration? I just heard he's got a few shows in May
  12. madgefan

    I believe Erotica at the Confessions Tour is the only time she's performed an original evolved demo onstage. I remember the acapella track containing the chorus only being leaked way before the Confessions era. Love Don't Live Here Anymore was considered for the Virgin Tour True Blue and Live to Tell were both considered for the Girlie Show
  13. My mom bought me the Music cassette when I was 10 on Christmas Day 2000. I was merely interested in getting a decent recording of her song American Pie because I couldn't record it from the radio in its entirety I haven't been able to stop the MADNESS after that and mama still regrets it
  14. madgefan

    Wish Spotify contained all her discography perfectly sorted out. I can't stand listening to the wrong versions included in Like a Virgin, True Blue, and The Immaculate Collection
  15. madgefan

    I want to believe they're fake.
  16. madgefan

    Vogue at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards.
  17. madgefan

    I use Spotify a lot, especially when I go for a walk. At home there's my CD collection and audio rips stored in my computer
  18. madgefan

    The meltdown will be SO HARD when we discover the album will get just 2 videos of her filmed in front of a wall...
  19. madgefan

    Stop speculating it's going to be a viiiiiiiiiiisual album...
  20. madgefan

    You can always save some money and travel to see her in the nearest state. Come on, Madonna always visits at least 15 cities across the US whenever she's on tour!
  21. madgefan =
  22. madgefan

    I am surprised she, apparently, doesn't even have her own recording studio!
  23. madgefan

    That's right. The last 2 records contain songs that still sound Madonna with the melodies and production we all know. Even the use of self-references in some of her recent lyrics makes us know she's still "in charge". However, I do blame her incapacity when it comes to updated promotion and appropiate use of social media as a via to the rediscovery of her new music and classic catalogue. I wish there was a proper label which could manage her releases successfully right now.
  24. madgefan

    I get what you're saying. MDNA (2012) and Rebel Heart (2015) were the only studio albums she released this decade and so far none of their singles have reached the same status of her previous works. I want to remain positive regarding the upcoming "Magic" era but I can't help thinking that if Madonna doesn't get what she deserves with this record, then she might reconsider the focus of her musical career. I mean, she could have just delved into more experimental and independent sounds YEARS AGO but time has proven she still cares about commercial success, otherwise she wouldn't be working with well-known producers.