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    I'm attending the last concert in London on Tuesday 11 February, Stalls Row L seat 24. If any of you are attending the concert that night, you will see me carrying the Chilean flag like I did for Miami in 2016.
  2. madgefan

    People say there should be another text with the code
  3. madgefan

    I received the link too but where's the code?
  4. madgefan

    Thanks @Monsieur Hugo Xfor keeping your links alive after so long! I lost EEEEEEEVERYTHING regarding Madonna audios so I'm building up my collection AGAAAAAAAIN
  5. Did anyone try to compile all the Rebel Heart Tour audios shared over the years? We still haven't got a topic for it!

  6. Hi, thanks for the flac file of When You Walk Away from Cher's Living Proof album. Do you happen to have The Look in lossless from the Japanese edition of the album? I'd love to have it!



  7. madgefan

    His later productions are weird and far from the wonderful songs he produced for Madonna anyway. I don't think Madonna is feeling it either; otherwise she would have called him to work together again.
  8. Madonna is an Italian name so we Spanish speaking people say it almost identical No offense inteded but I don't like how the French call her [Madoná]
  9. madgefan

    Hum I've got them all and it's true they're kind of rare to find and extremely expensive for what they are. I also got the Japanese EPs and thank God they weren't overpriced. If you're a completist, you should go and track them down, one by one. It's worth it.
  10. madgefan

    So the Japanese just changed the cover of the Regular edition and added those awful remixes as bonus!
  11. madgefan

    What is an ICON?
  12. madgefan

  13. I like it too. I'm not crazy about it but it's definitely a grower. Again, these songs remind me of Devil Wouldn't Recognize You but in a good way I'm still waiting for the instant loving one like it happened with Rebel Heart Avicii demo
  14. madgefan

    OMG I AM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. madgefan

    So far, they've promoted the Album Version only in the 3 events we already know. Maybe they still don't want people to focus on other versions until the original one loses interest.
  16. madgefan

    They exist but probably cannot support the HUGE stage she has. I NEED TO SEE HER IN SANTIAGO AGAIN! BITCH SKIPPED 8 SONGS DURING MDNA
  17. madgefan

    I am thinking the same!! I was watching the performance that aired and compared it to the one recorded by a member in the audience and then uploaded on Youtube. Aside from the holograms, there are several things Madonna and Maluma said that couldn't be heard in the TV version!! WE HAVE BEEN TROLLED OMFG
  18. madgefan

    I Rise is definitely Devil Wouldn't Recognize You and Hold Tight's lovechild
  19. madgefan

    I LOVED IT!!! Now stream the damn song before it gets lost!
  20. madgefan

    So this is a new giveaway contest? I'm in!!! LOL
  21. madgefan

    I think there's a lot of info, mainly assumptions, which are confusing people. This friday we're getting I Rise as a preorder track (there's a whole thread to discuss about it But some people are saying it could be a ballad because it's the closing track on the record, and as per usual Madonna closes her albums with a reflective ballad/mid-tempo track. Others are saying it will be the so rumoured 2nd single off the album which happens to be disco and that the video was shot in Los Angeles with Monet X Change whoever that is...
  22. madgefan

    Mm it's Region B
  23. madgefan

    Though not perfect, I think Taraborrelli's is pretty much well written. It covers all her discography, tours, and movies as well as private aspects of her life.