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  1. ITG

    Most likely fanmade. Someone made a boxset of the japanese 3'' snap pack cds with different singles also. Looks great, but not legit.
  2. ITG

    Plagiarism......that's a stretch!
  3. ITG

    People make stuff sound legit, so suckers buy it off them. That's how it works. That's why there is so much fake shit out there.
  4. ITG

    I don't think any are overrated......more underrated if anything.
  5. ITG

    Obviously she's joking...... ......whatever she's doing it's for MDNA SKIN.
  6. ITG

    Maybe she just has a life!
  7. There are 2 photos taken at the same day....the first one she posted with her head down and eyes up....her lips look fine in that one. It is purely the angle...well the grills don't help.
  8. So she doesn't give a fuck blah blah blah..... Isn't one of the reasons we are fans of Madonna is because she puts herself out there and doesn't care what people think? Her resilience in the line of fire is incredible. You think she doesn't know it's not a flattering pic? She at least has a sense of humour about herself and not posting constantly perfect photo shopped pictures. It certainly presents to me how uncomfortable people are about the photo, because who on their own social media would post an unflattering picture of themselves! All swimming in our own narcissism.... I think she is brave and funny. And it's Madonna we are talking about really think she'll stop getting her tits out? She'll be 90 and still be doing it.....and I'm looking forward to the next 30 years....
  9. ITG

    My first item was MADONNA on cassette 83. It went on a family trip around Australia. Still have it!