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  1. Looks like such a spectacular birthday party! I'm happy to see Debi Mazar there, yes they all look very stunning. I wonder if some of this footage will end up in a video or documentary? The makeup and dress in that setting is very picturesque.
  2. Thanks 'diesel6888' for your reply. I know you collect so I appreciate your insights. I did get the Open Your Heart picture disc, but was not sure about the interviews so I left those behind. I also got some early Samantha Fox 12" picture discs. I might get interviews next time if I see more, especially the Erotica-era interview picture discs.
  3. I've been on road trips this summer and spotted a few Madonna Interview Picture Discs at used record shops (example: HERE), price range between $20-$40 dollaz. I was wondering if they are worth collecting? Are they interesting to listen to or a poorly sounding gimmick? The disc sleeve/picture does not list details like duration or specific interview. What about Music Picture Discs too (example: HERE)? Is the sound quality good? Are these unique finds?
  4. ... In the meantime, that could be fun too! "I do carry on so, for I'm going bananas ... Someone book me a room in the hot haciendo with all my mananas! All day long there's a man in my brain incessently playing "Booga wooga ... " !!
  5. Oh if those beat clips are real, it makes me very excited! Sounds dark, mysterious and a hint of/nod to Pet Shop Boys.
  6. The tracks list is lacking in my opinion. I do like her version of Fernando , and I do like that she chose to cover One of Us, Gimme Gimme, Name of the Game. However, I wish she should have considered other ABBA tracks that were more obscure, not singles or hits for them and could have been wonderful for her style/voice. It seems gimmicky to me to do those ten tracks. I loved how Madonna was drawn to Like an Angel Passing Through My Room; even if unreleased it shows her creative process and how she would approach a project like this. Here are some songs I wish Cher would have done instead: The Visitors, Slipping Through My Fingers, The Day Before You Came, Kisses of Fire, I Have A Dream, Knowing Me Knowing You, The King Has Lost His Crown, Take A Chance On Me, Dance (While the Music Still Goes On), Ring Ring, If It Wasn't For The Nights, Summer Night City, On and On and On Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Waterloo, Mamma Mia are such big hits for ABBA and known by so many I wish she would have not chosen those. IF looking at big ABBA hits, I think Take A Chance On Me would have been a better song choice for Cher. I am looking forward to her version of One of Us and Winner Takes It All, so I am excited about those. Hearing the Gimme Gimme clip takes me right back to Hung Up ... could be fun especially for drag queens!
  7. While waiting for M./new album info ... did you hear Robyn's new single Missing U? What do you think? I didn't even know it dropped. Did anybody know it was coming? I really love the lush beats in Robyn's music and they always remind me of Into the Groove/You Can Dance. Apparently Robyn is going to be presenting her new album with a documentary of her music process and her travels. I wonder if M. is doing something similar in relation to her new music and living in Lisbon?
  8. Damn that rosé and instagram sound! She's having way too much fun trolling her fans! I'm really digging her new attitude. She seems very happy.
  9. I'm digging that beat. Is she teasing us?
  10. Rory

    Well I would say Frankie Knuckles definitely influenced Pettibone and Jellybean. It would have been grand to have him work directly with her but I'm sure his sound can be mapped to Madonna in many ways.
  11. Rory

    Great list ohhh maybe for new songs!?
  12. Rory

    I really love the early Jellybean/Shep Pettibone remixes. I wish Like A Virgin would have been given full remix treatment with dubs and special 12" mixes other than the one Extended Dance Mix. I would have loved if songs from True Blue had been remixed by Stock Aitken Waterman/Pete Hammond, especially Open Your Heart, Papa Don't Preach or even Causing A Commotion. Also would have liked La Isla Bonita or Who's That Girl be remixed by Lewis Martineé (producer of girl group Exposé and Pet Shop Boys' Domino Dancing), as he had that unique Latin flavour sound. Would have loved songs from Erotica album be remixed by Full Force, DJ Pierre or C+C Music Factory. I know David Cole of C+C did some piano work for the You Can Dance project. Pretender should have been remixed for You Can Dance. I'm still surprised Vogue was never fully remixed by several remixers of that time. Justify My Love/Rescue Me/Like A Prayer mixes were all very well done. Like A Prayer could have been given the Prince remix treatment. It could have been mashed up with Love Song too. Actually I would die if Madonna ever did a new studio cover of a Prince written song--especially Vanity 6's Nasty Girl. I really loved the Calderone mixes from the Ray of Light/Music era. Junior remixes of Secret are epic. I remember wishing American Life songs be remixed by The Postal Service/Jimmy Tamborello/Rilo Kiley. I think it would have been fun to hear an Indie sound to that album. I hope with the new album she introduces new DJ remixes especially from Portugal or young, fresh, off the tip of the new artsy underground, LOL. I'd love remixes by Penguin Prison, Tensnake, Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, Chromeo, Miss Honey Dijon and/or some hot queer DJ.
  13. Rory

    The new Orbit songs are ok. The beats in Testament in Motion are very Gameboy/packman peeps and pews. I like it but its not his best work. I think "After All" is the new single. Maybe Orbit will do a 12" remix? I don't really like the spoken word intro of Who Do You Love. I wish it was separated from the song. Best tracks in my opinion are: Love Last Forever, After All, Testament in Motion, Glorious
  14. I agree 100%, especially with the last sentence of your commentary. What I was trying to discuss is challenging to convey in a forum. I don't want Madonna's views to be overshadowed by talk show hosts seeking to piggyback on Madonna's artistic statement or personal opinion or fame with their own rhetoric to gain attention or to lead a discussion in an awkward discourse. I know Madonna can defend or express on her own. I know saying "Trump propaganda" ... YES, the irony! But that's why I hope she seeks other venues to have these discussions with people equally engaged in having a thought provoking discussion (like maybe Sandra Bernhard's radio talk show or a special interview discussion with a contemporary). It would be fascinating, and I realize it may never happen with Sandra but a fan can dream. Also, she did all those talk show venues with the last album promo and included a standup comedy routine. Is it wrong to want something new?