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  1. sidney78a

    Y(our) patience definitions have been updated
  2. sidney78a

    this is just soooo good - just so f(beep)g good
  3. sidney78a

    I second that
  4. sidney78a

    with some resemblance of American Life?
  5. sidney78a

    express yourself
  6. sidney78a

  7. sidney78a

    I wish we had the ROL assembly demos hacked *before* the upcoming stuff
  8. sidney78a

    guys you are def inspired these days
  9. sidney78a

    the young professionals lol
  10. sidney78a

    now that would be a GARGATUAN club hit
  11. sidney78a

    Id love Daft Punk
  12. sidney78a

    as long as we get good music, I don't feel threatened by her ass. Let her shine with all the ass, all that ass inside her jeans. Shes gonna make you (make you screeaamm)
  13. Madonna has had only one manager - and her name is Madonna - other/s are were ghostwriters.