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  1. sidney78a

  2. sidney78a

    if you guys are still looking for a remastered version the links are dead, but I guess someone here still has these - they did a nice job tho - I hope they re-upload if they get a good amount of requests
  3. sidney78a

    lets focus on this: at least we got something we all know how she avoids to look back on the good times we shared(which means)...
  4. sidney78a

    indeed definitely
  5. hello @brazilfan thank you very very much for your support :rose:

    1. brazilfan


      My pleasure Dear my friend! :heart::hearteyes:

  6. sidney78a

    Daft Punk (!!!!!!) The Young Professionals Iamamiwhoami Craig Armstrong Fischerspooner Swizz Beatz LSD (Sia+Labrint+Diplo) Cedric Gervais Boy 8-Bit Junior Vazquez (guess at this point the feud is over) Towa Tei Scissor Sisters CSS (cansei de ser sexy) Joao Brasil Bonde do Role Ladytron Dj White Shadow yeah I do dream a lot
  7. thank you very much for following, my dude :)

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      ur welcome, likewise :smile:

  8. sidney78a

    dearest boys/gurls lets try to be positive. theres enough negative(ness) in this world. this forum is made to celebrate (come join the party) If the eurovision does good to her, more we do have to be happy about it. If not, at least, we get a thing to talk about, most probably good - arent we fans after all? using the cliche: theres nothing impossible to him/her who will try.
  9. sidney78a

    hable con ella - or talk to her reason: changed the way I cope with life
  10. sidney78a

    its my nickname to 'never love a stranger'
  11. sidney78a

    though one - but take a bow 2.0 deserves that
  12. sidney78a

    hahah that album changed the way I see life/world ... btw we could get the (magic) album name - at least - I mean oficially - since its not magic.
  13. sidney78a

    if its for the greater good yes