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  1. scamper

    Exclusive interview to Alek Keshisian in Cannes 1991. I can't remember the exact magazine but I'm sure that it was Fotogramas or FilmAffinity. I've been collecting articles and magazines about Madonna since 1984 but I know I have them somewhere. I'll try to look for them and take a picture of the article. I remember they asked him about the live show and he said that they recorded "The three nights" in Paris and that it was a shame that people couldn't see the whole show because the movie was too long and they even had to edit the songs used on the movie and that it was a shame people couldn't see the full show in that quality in the movie finishing it with a "Maybe someday...". Once again, when Madonna was asked about releasing the "Blond Ambition Tour" she said that first she had to find the masters. I think what really happens is that they don't care about it at all or maybe that she doesn't know that the show wasn't recorded completly... About the cost of recording it... Well, we have all the special cameras there. Everything prepared. The crew working on that... Where's the difference about recording 10 songs or 18? They could even record 2 nights instead of the three if they wanted to cut costs.
  2. scamper

    Yes, the same director that years ago, when he was asked for it told that they didn't have the original masters. That were on a warehouse of the company who made the film. And the same director that in 1991 told that the 3 concerts were recorded completly. Why didn't he say that it wasn't recorded then??? I think they are tired of answering the same question over and over again and depending of the moment or the person we have different answers. I think the answers or "They are lost" or "It was no recorded" are something like "That's all, don't keep asking for it, we're tired of the same old question".
  3. scamper

    Well, I think the show is completly recorded. Even Alek said once that it was recorded but the nobody knew where the tapes were. Madonna talked about the lost recordings too. People working there said that the show was recorded completly too... They recorded the Tokyo shows (for what some people say), Yokohama, Barcelona, New Jersey, Houston, Boston, Nice and they decided to record just some songs from Paris??? I can understand the part of "When we recorded the shows we knew more or less what we wanted to add to the documentary" but I think it would be easier to film everything at least one of the shows than "Come on, record "Express yourself" but no "Open your heart" but hey "Causing a commotion" must be recorded but not "Where's the party"... I think it's a little strange. Maybe they didn't use all the 22 cameras for the whole show but I'm sure that those songs were recorded too.
  4. scamper

    I think more or less like Frank. "Give me all your luvin" as a superbowl single and add it in the album as bonus track on the second disc. About the rest of the singles I'd would say "Gang Bang", "I'm addicted", "Beautiful killer" and for the last one a ballad.
  5. scamper

    I don't really like the questions and answers thing for Madonna. She usually say something funny but she doesn't answer the questions... is like "Orange or lemon?" "Apple"... Always things like that but she doesn't usually say something that we can see as interesting about her career. She always uses jokes and things like that before answering a serious question. But anyway, my questions would be: Which one of your "scandals" took you by surprise? I mean, I'm sure she knew "Like a prayer" or "Erotica"/"Sex" would made people angry but I'm sure that some of her scandals were not planned and were just a scandal because it was made by Madonna. I would love to know a moment of her life where she felt complitly stupid with someone... We've heard lots of stories of Madonna famous fans that do something stupid in front of her when they met them, so I would love to know in which moment did something like that with someone. Another question would be... Why didn't she work with other people and when they die is like "It's a shame, I'd would had love to make something with them". When Frank Sinatra made a duets album and asked her to do it she said "No" but when he died it was "It's so sad... I'd had love to sing with him". Pavarotti ask her to be on her Pavarotti and friends concerts and she always said no. When he died "Oh, I'd had love to be on a concert with him"... So, why did she said no to that kind of things? I think it would have been great to have a song with Sinatra, Pavarotti or Michael Jackson instead of all those "young stars" who sing with her now.
  6. scamper

    About what you say, here's what the album notes say about the song: Madonna - Ain't no big deal. Maybe so, but Madonna's career has become one. She formerly cut the rug for the Alvin Ailey dance troupe but now is shaking things up vocally at the top of the charts. This hot number has never been previously released. It was recorded during the sessions for her first album. Produced by Reggie Lucas for Kalisa Inc.
  7. scamper

    Years ago, there was a site (I can't remember the name) where they had all the released dates of Madonna albums, singles, collaborations and compilations and the date for "Revenge of the Killer B's" was October 29th 1984. I have the original vinyl and cassette and the copyrights of the songs are from 1977 to 1983. The final copyright it's from 1984. I've always heard that this album was released a few days before the "Like a virgin" single, so I think that the date I've wrote is the right one.
  8. scamper

    Well, I always thought that the lead single should be a Madonna solo song and the collaborations for second and third singles... I hear people talking about Nicki Minaj, Drake and all those rappers but I don't know how important are them for the sales. I mean, in my country rap doesn't sell much. Of course People know who they are but they haven't got enough power to make people buy a Madonna song just because they are on it. I even think that it's the opposite. When I talk with people about Madonna they always say "Yes, she's the queen", "She's incredible" and things like that and when you talk about her last singles and albums is like "Well, too much rappers on her albums... We understand she has to work with them to sell but we don't like them so...". On the other hand, when they hear songs like "Beautiful Killer" they usually love it because is "So Madonna". Maybe I'm completly wrong, but I understand that they are very important artists in the USA and other countries but are them so important all over the world??? I think it could be interested to see how a lead single with just Madonna on it go today on the charts... Maybe they get a surprise... Who knows???
  9. I remember in 1995 there was a magazine here in Spain (I can't remember the name) that wrote about something similar to what Cher did. All the news were inventions, so don't take this seriously. It was the kind of magazine with ridiculous things like "We've been in New York and we interviewed Madonna to know which product uses to dye her hair" and stupid things like that. It was very funny and they used beautiful pictures but of course there was no truths on it. I remember an article saying that Madonna wanted to go on tour but she was too lazy to record and album and that she was going to make a greatest hits tour called "Time Machine Tour". They even talked about the set list and was something like this: First Section: Dress you up Into the groove Material girl Like a virgin This one full of globes and ties, and things like that. Not exactly the same dresses from "The virgin tour" but inspired on it. Second Section: Open your heart Papa don't preach La isla bonita Who's that girl Live to talk (I remember they used this title hahahaha) This one with the black corset of the "Who's that girl tour" and a short blond wig. Third Section: Like a prayer Express yourself Cherish Vogue Using a new design of Jean Paul Gaultier corsets. Fourth Section: Erotica Deeper and deeper Rain Take a bow (this one to promote the Bedtime Stories album). I have to look for the article. Was very funny and they even had interviews of fans (possibly made up) and sketches and things like that. If I find it I will scan it for you, But as I said it was everything fake. Nothing official. They even said that she wanted to make more than 10 concerts in Spain...+ About the original post... I think it would be funny to see something inspired on her old eras but of course completly re-invented more that watching a recreation of her old tours. Maybe someday she does something but I'm sure that it would be completly new.
  10. scamper

    I remember people went crazy about him for the things he had said about Madonna on that book, Well, I think it could have been much worse and think that has very interesting stories too. I love when he talks about the "Holiday" promo tour and the tours. I think I'd love to know more about that on a book written by Madonna. I'm not very interested in her life, lovers and things like that. Would be great to read her own point of view about her work, how she felt at that time, funny stories we don't know and things like that. About Christopher's opinion... well, I think he was bitter toward her and you can see that but I understand that it has to be really difficult to be part of Madonna's life. And they were very close for years and suddenly... nothing... I guess I can understand his point of view. I'm not saying he's right but I can see why he did this and what he's trying to say and well, if you don't use the exact words and press say what they want it can be very misunderstood... I think it was much ado about nothing.
  11. scamper

    I think most people doesn't remember that "Crazy for you" and "Gambler" were not released buy Warner. In fact, I remember reading on magazines that Warner went crazy when "Crazy for you" was released because they didn't know about that. Geffen had the rights of those songs and when they saw the success Madonna had tried to make money with what they have. They even tried to promote other artists adding them as B-sides. "Crazy for you" was a surprise for everybody but when "Gambler" was going to be released Warner tried cancel it and finally they got an agreemento to release "Gambler" but just outside the USA. I'm sure that if "Crazy for you", "Gambler" or "Into the groove" were not recorded or not released the promotion of "Like a virgin" had been different. Probably "Over and over" was planned as a single too but with this three "surprise hits" they thought it was too much.
  12. scamper

    I think it's good to have all of them on a site. The thing I don't like much is that they use files with logos and things like that. Don't they have access to the original masters? I'm sure they are uploading the files from different sites and upscaling them and that's all. The "This used to be my playground" video is a rip from "A league of their own" DVD, the "Don't cry for me, Argentina" is the movie scene. You can hear the last "AAAAAAAA" of the crowd when they say "Evitaaaaaa" that wasn't on the original video. I'm sure that if they upload "Another suitcase in another hall" they will do the same... Those are the things I don't like much. But well, I think the most important thing now is that the general public has access to her songs and her videos. It could have been better but I understand that youtube is for free and they won't go looking for HD rips of the original masters and things like that. The only thing I hope is that, if someday they make an ultimate videos compilation they don't use youtube rips for that... :P
  13. scamper

    When I discovered that Pet Shop Boys wrote "Heart" for Madonna but they never send it to her I was like "Wow!!!!" I always loved that song. I would love to hear it sang by her but with her "virgin voice"... A shame it didn't happen....
  14. scamper

    Yes, dazedmadonna is right... Or at least is the story I alway read about that cover. The MLVC is clear and the "P" story has sense. I remember when the maxi came out... I have to say that I was 13 years but I was very happy with the MLVC thing because my name would be "JMLC" and I was like "Wow!!! We almost have the same first letters in our names!!!!!" It's crazy what things make us happy when we are so young hahaha...
  15. I'm trying to see "La isla bonita" but it says that is blocked for copyright by Warner Chappell!!!!!! That's so stupid...