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  1. evrybdygegegt

    I respect her wishes I am just very surprised at how ignorant or in denial some fans are to it.
  2. evrybdygegegt

    Btw, I'm not judging her. Surgery-wise, she had a face lift in 2005, followed by cheek implants, a neck-lift and blepharoplasty. It takes a trained eye and a bit of common sense to recognize this.
  3. evrybdygegegt

    Madonna has absolutely, without a doubt, altered her face through multiple plastic surgeries. Please tell me that you realise this and can see past angles, make-up and computer imaging?
  4. evrybdygegegt

    I'm trying to find a circa 2005/COADF interview where Madonna said that, at the time, she was listening to an iPod full of Depeche Mode remixes that Stuart Price had given her. Does anyone here have it or know which publication it was for please? Cheers, big ears.
  5. evrybdygegegt

    (See comments here for full track-listing) There is surely a chamber in my heart wallpapered with posters of Depeche Mode. The arresting combination of Dave's raw delivery and Martin's penetrating lyrics creates a kind of soothing accompaniment to the deepest of human conditions. Simply put, Depeche Mode is a musical therapy unlike any other. From being shackled and bound in chains to a state of peace, let me take you on a trip and show you the world in my eyes. All Rights Reserved by Depeche Mode.
  6. evrybdygegegt

    Say what?
  7. evrybdygegegt

    See comments here for full track-listing. I still recall the store I bought my copy of Kaleidoscope from, back in 2000. I was transfixed by its cover art and wondered what musical delicacies lay inside. I admired the way Kelis played with her voice and marveled at the creative synergy between her and The Neptunes. Never boring, Kelis continues to show immense musical bravery and would go on to defy classification by collaborating with artists across a multitude of genres. All Rights Reserved by Kelis.
  8. exaggerate: represent (something) as being larger, better, or worse than it really is. misrepresentation: the action or offence of giving a false or misleading account...
  9. evrybdygegegt

    See comments here for full track-listing. Ever since 1998's seminal 1982, the unique Miss Kittin has been 'taking us out for the night of our lives'. The fusion of 1982's ironic lyrics, impassive vocals and The Hacker's production would go on to influence a sound that Larry Tee would later coin 'electroclash'. Through considered collaborations, Miss Kittin has since managed to break out of any such stifling categories to become a truly versatile and key electronic artiste. All Rights Reserved by Miss Kittin.
  10. evrybdygegegt

    See comments here for full track-listing. In 2004, with her broken wrist in a cast, Róisín Murphy crowd-surfed over me at a Moloko gig while I held her up by her fishnet thighs and fell in love. My adoration for the Irish chanteuse has only increased with each of her remarkable solo releases and collaborations. Her incredible ability to poeticize almost anything into a song and an unwavering musical integrity make her a true artist and the thinking man's 'pop' singer. All Rights Reserved by Róisín Murphy.
  11. evrybdygegegt

    I haven't heard her new album yet but find that I can't get into her. She comes across as overly sanctimonious in interviews. Sorry, but she's not my queen.
  12. evrybdygegegt

    It’s pretty irksome how defensive and deluded some Madonna fans are. There’s a way to achieve a natural look even with heavy makeup; see Cate Blanchet for SK-II.
  13. evrybdygegegt

    I didn't say she doesn't look great, but from a marketing perspective, does a face full of heavy makeup convey skin care to you? It's misguided, imo. I think in another campaign image she was even wearing lingerie. Show us those pores and that amazing skin shining through, not heavy foundation and dark eyes and lips.
  14. evrybdygegegt

    This campaign sucks. That image screams 'makeup', not 'skin care'.