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  1. MisterMistere

    In early 2000s I remember reading on wikipedia's Madonna Unreleased Catalogue of a song from the Bedtime Stories sessions called "Honesty", produced by Dallas Austin, with Ascap registration code. I think "Your" has been added to the title for the 'Remixed & Revisited' occasion, if I'm not wrong.
  2. Seemed to me more an ironic comment than an attack? We are here to discuss too, but sometimes we also need a smile and a joke, let's not take things too seriously guys ;)
  3. Congratulations guys!!!!! :)
  4. Are the winning names supposed to be relvealed through this thread?
  5. I wonder how much time is still left for the final verdict ...........
  6. MisterMistere

    ...and seems that Lady Seller hasn't a good reputation...
  7. MisterMistere

    Hmmm... so weird the minimum bid is that low...
  8. MisterMistere

    Why would not share the full instrumental since the music is his full property? I can't stand just clips. I prefer NOTHING.
  9. MisterMistere

    Could it be those are the contents of the DVD version while the BD (with way more space capability) could have more contents? At least 1/2 more performances? Wasn't the BD supposed to have exclusive stuff?