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  1. I really love how raw Some Of Us feels. It’s VERY... Cher with her Cher-isms and Cher-things. I only wish in the second verse she incorporated harmonies. She sounds great but what I’m getting from what’s been released so far is TOO much Cher vocals. Wish she’d let those harmonies shine through with her. Otherwise it feels somewhat empty.
  2. She’s a busy girl. I wonder if she sits back and ever says “Damn, I’m busy”. I complain at work when I have an 8 table section....
  3. Andymad

    The MDNA skin look is giving me VERY hard 90s Madonna. Seriously, the side part is my everything. It frames her face so well. And the middle part should be put to rest, girl. She looks so in charge, so macho-fem, SO Madonna. This for me, is back to her roots. So I’m really hoping she incorporates this look into the new era. But alas, who knows the type of music she’s been creating. So it might not work. Lord have mercy on us all and beam a light down on Madonna to make this fucking era ROCK. amen. Sister.
  4. Andymad

    Someone isn’t getting hired. Or laid.
  5. Andymad

    I sort of smell a digital release before a physical release.
  6. Just realized Rumer Willis is in this video. Upon a second viewing, child this is VERY ABBA. Those turns. This glances like “hi there, oh wait, you’re now to the left of me no wait, to the front, hey whoever is behind me”. It’s very ABBA. I like. But Cher wasn’t in it that lazy bitch. ❤️
  7. Andymad

    I much prefer glasses over grillz
  8. Andymad

    I have never used a VPN for this site, even downloading from YouTube. However, downloading movies/tv/pornography from torrent sites, I use Unblock Us. It’s really fantastic, $5 per month and is very secure. I’d recommend this one 100%
  9. What in the world. Where is Cher? It’s like Where’s Waldo but... not... she always does campy videos of her in front of a green screen dancing the two step, why not this video??? Could have been real good.
  10. Andymad

    YAAAAAS CONGRATULATIONS TO RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE BIG EMMY WIN!!! Child I believe this show is mmmmmmoving on to a bigger network now LOLP
  11. Andymad

    Right from the horse’s mouth... be patient 👑’s!!!