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  1. Andymad

    Maybe because deep inside she always was saying “Papa, don’t preach”. Like maybe it was connected to his actual feeling with her doing her own thing. I’m probably wrong, but I don’t doubt there was ever a time where she said dad, don’t worry, I’m good. And being the strong woman she has always been, no matter what she went through, I’m sure she said that to him through everything.
  2. Andymad

    I am veeeeeerry curious to see this
  3. Well... it sort of does have to do with the album. It features a new song that will be on the album. But in what form? Who knows. There are a few gorgeous shots, but the majority of it seems like everything we've seen on youtube. Chopped cell phone recordings spliced together.
  4. In the EY “multitracks mix” that was posted, do I hear a touch of auto tune in the choruses minus the beginning? It’s almost like they’re two separate tracks, only one is slightly auto tuned and one isn’t and they’re overlapping. 

  5. Andymad

    This is what I’d ask her. “Mamma, have you ever YouTube’d the BAT?”
  6. I love when people... Cher...
  7. All this teasing makes me cry. Like seriously.

  8. Andymad

    Brings me to my favourite moment in movie trailer history... ”what the heck are you talking about.... GET UP ON THE DANCEFLOOR!” hbd mister!
  9. Agreed. And I want a Madonna tour where she acknowledges the original version of Express Yourself and Like A Prayer...
  10. While I don’t hate it, I really agree with you on the vocals. Her voice is insanely prominent and she really should have incorporated the backing vocals to be stronger if not as strong as hers. I felt that way with Fernando in Mamma Mia. You KNOW the harmonies are great you just can’t hear much of them- making it sound a little flat and boring. I’m still very very excited to hear the rest of the album though!
  11. If that’s the case I’m counting on a bonus Christmas Album. Tracks include, Oh Holy Best Night I Saw Mommy Kissing Dita Get Up On The Dancefloor Rooftop Express This Christmas Little Jimmy Jimmy Drummer Boy Oh Father Christmas True Blue Christmas Jesus’ Birthday Song Silent Erotica Night Angel We Have Heard That’s High Bonus Tracks: Candy Cane Shop Candy Cane Shop (Shep Pettibone 7” Remix) Candy Cane Shop (Remix Instrumental)
  12. So if we are indeed to get the new stuff this fall, I’m just curious, when is appropriate to start “teasing”? Or is it better to just drop the single? Thoughts?
  13. Well yes but I was hoping for an Andy-less version. Looks like we’ll get it!
  15. Well that’s what I was getting at. Some tiny morsel of info possibly. Never know.