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  1. Andymad

    Why didn’t she just fucking buy the palace? I mean, that’s what I’d do. “Guy! Fetch me my chequebook! And while you’re at it, churn this butter!”
  2. Andymad

    Everyone, don’t forget to Love Hard.
  3. Andymad

    If there’s a fantasy theme, and she doesn’t perform Dear Jessie at any time, I’m finished.
  4. Andymad

    Oh god, I know. I’m praying LOL. I mean all these beautiful visuals can’t pair well with a shitty song bahahaha
  5. Andymad

    Girl has millions of dollars and she has a broken umbrella...
  6. Andymad

    if the new song is a Disney ballad, you can bury me alive
  7. Andymad

    It kind of reminds me of the whole Vixen shit. Cringe worthy to watch, can’t believe it’s real, can’t look away! Bahaha. I seriously feel they need to keep re-filming snatch game until they get it right. But definitely original snatch game please!!
  8. Andymad

    Child, why don’t you torrent it?? EZTV usually has it almost right after!
  9. Andymad

    Maybe a new song will be on the new upcoming Maleficent 2 movie...
  10. Andymad

    Oh my god I forgot how playful and funny she was during that Apple segment!
  11. Andymad

  12. Andymad

    Madonna cutting an apple. She must be vegan now.
  13. Andymad

    Oh honey, like I am VERY patient. I have been alway. I don’t know what came over me. Bahhhh
  14. Andymad

    I think I’ve finally cracked this evening. I don’t know why but I immediately got so impatient when I poured my 3rd wine. And really, hear me out, I’m pissed off. I’m mad at social media, I’m mad at internet, I’m mad that I rely on ‘ONLINE’ to get info. I swear I’m not drunk... yet. But I thought about the “wait”. Like, it drives us all crazy. It’s nearly impossible to be patient in this day and age. Like, what did fans do after Truth or Dare? That time gap between that and Erotica. There were no rumours, no leaks, nothing. And people were okay with it. And now look at us. We are all a hot fuckin mess taking ANY small bit of info and turning it into something bigger than nuclear codes. I’m rambling, but I had to vent. I’m patient, honestly. But I thought about it and it made me crazy. I don’t remember what it was like back then. I remember the day I say a poster in Music World for the new Madonna album, Music. SURPRISE! I miss that. This generation has ruined good art. But I will say, I feel like Madonna is on the same page. We know nothing. It drives us crazy. And it should. She doesn’t owe us info, or hashtag album titles, or hashtag song titles... maybe she really is old school, and I love that. but aside from my rambling, I can’t help but accept we’re in 2019. So in that respect, I say “ok girl it’s time for some info!!!” sorry guys. It’s my day off and my brain is going a mile a minute. Send help.