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  1. Andymad

    You have a point, but time. However, touring is her money maker nowadays. She can’t get that kind of money from album sales, streams, or digital anymore. Now that ain’t to say this album won’t do that. If it’s fucking killer, it’ll sell. But I think at this point in her career she needs to promote the album and then start thinking about touring. Mama’s gotta pay the bills
  2. Rest peacefully you funny, Iconic nutbar, Carol Channing.  I lived for this woman. #raspberries

    1. blondebombshell


      this is so sad. I just remember her way back in the days but still thought she was wonderful. R.I.P Carol Channing. 

      I'm still hoping 2019 isn't as bad as 2018 about us loosing so many celebs 


    2. BringUrLUV


      Always remember...



      What a gift to the world that woman was with her energy alone.

  3. Andymad

    April 26 2023. Or in other words, #soon.
  4. Would be so cool for another BAT leak...  I’m looking at you Pilli, Jersey and Dallas...

    1. Kosmmik


      I'd love to get my hands on the full Munich footage!!!


    2. Andymad


      Oh totally. But my god her poor voice. While her energy is fucking top notch, obviously she struggled with vocals. It must have been so painful. One of her best though I’d love that footage as well.

    3. Andymad


      Look at her smiling during the first chorus omg. Luckiest girl in the world.

  5. I always thought Madonna had a special innate way of digging with bitchiness, sassiness and shade. She could literally shatter your soul with her eyes and mannerisms if she don’t like you. Or she could use the work c*nt lol. That’s effective as well I guess lol.
  6. Andymad

    I. Couldn’t. Breathe. WHERE IS BIANCA DEL RIO WHEN YOU NEED HER. Monet was most definitely the funniest, she turned it out big time. “Look at that big bloated bitch in that box” I spit my wine everywhere LOL.
  7. What in the hell rolled into the forum earlier today??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BringUrLUV
    3. Enrico


      A lot of spam. Just to reassure everyone, the album hasn't leaked!

      The thread M14 leak only contained a fake link to the Infinity homepage.

    4. Ryder


      15 hours ago, Enrico said:

      A lot of spam. Just to reassure everyone, the album hasn't leaked!

      The thread M14 leak only contained a fake link to the Infinity homepage.

      Let alone the use of M's adopted children picture as profile's photo? Creepy! 

  8. Andymad

    I thought M was notorious for changing her stories lol or mixing up how things went at the beginning of her career.
  9. Andymad

    I just wanna dance. I’m ready for some summer jams at my fav gay campground in the sun. Bring on the disco god please and thank you. Confessions 2.0 holla hollaaaaaaaaa
  10. Andymad

    You’re insane. I love this.
  11. Andymad

    I was gonna actually say the OPPOSITE! Maybe I’m different, but I think hearing and getting into songs on an album, and then watching it live is a whole other ballgame. On the other hand, there are many songs I didn’t really pay attention to album wise, but then fell completely for it once I heard it live and performed. It’s a toss up. I say start with the tours and work your way up. Who’s That Girl tour. Then watch the Who’s That Girl film! Watch Blond Ambition Tour, then Dick Tracy THEN Truth or Dare lol. yayy this is fun!!!
  12. Andymad

    All this disco god hash tagging has me READY. FOR. SUMMER. VIBES.
  13. Andymad

    I don’t know if it’s my internet connection but the video seems fuzzy and not great. The sound, though slightly mono is pretty good!
  14. Andymad

    Eye. Roll.