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  1. Mama’s thirsty for some more BAT soundboards this year. I’m thinkiiinnnnggg... Phili and Rome. Please lords.

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    2. Liam


      I think with the Rebel Heart leak, is when things changed regarding leakage from her.  It's going to be a good while before anyone leaks anything of Madonna.  Meanwhile, maybe this will give Madonna to get a collection of unreleased material of herself out there.  But I wouldn't hold my breath. 

      I rather get an official release of BA on DVD/Blu-Ray than soundboards anyway.   

    3. Andymad


      I agree. People are probably afraid to leak stuff now, which I get completely. But I’m not holding my breath for a professional proper release of BAT :( like if she just edited and released Express Yourself, gimme gimme gimme honey. I’d take just that.

    4. Liam


      I'm happy with what I see and hear in TOD regarding EY.  I also have the Laser Disc of the whole show from Nice.  It's all good to me.  Even if she released a DVD of the actual concert, it won't be any better than the Laser Disc.