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    I agree.... and guys... look at that: These vocal are EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And M is knowing for her rare low-pitched tones.....
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    To me, ROLs Era is the best of remixes..... Rol had so many different mixes and its hard to remix a eletronic song like rol..... frozen amazing mixes..... NRM EP, amazing again...... Music Era was good too, WIFLFAG EP have so many good mixes... MUSIC EP too.....
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    Its official
  4. I do not know what happened, not just in Madonna's case, but in general pop .... in my opinion the last really good official remix was Give It 2 Me
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    Great infos
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    Honestly, I do not care so much about the delay of the album, but about the possibility of it leaking again.
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    I'm absolutely in love with this song, but I always notice that at 01:57s she has a diction in the word "skin" as if she were using a "grillz"..... "And soaked my shoes and skin" Whys that?
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    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool sense of humor id EVERYTHING!
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    I do have.... but im at work right now
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    Source: DEVELOPMENT UK Release: 7th November 1995(Something To Remember) UK Re-Release: 27th March 2006 (Collected) Track Duration: 06:23 Formats: CD, Vinyl, U-Matic Tape. View Discography Entry. Written By: Leon Ware and T-Boy Ross Produced By: Andrew Vowles, Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall and Nellee Hooper Promo Video Directed By: Earle Sebastian Cinematographer: Joel Hinman Editor: Bruce Ashley Production Designer: Robin Standefer Filming Location: Empire Stages Studio, New York, USA Date Of Filming: 5th - 6th August 1995 Video Duration: 06:23 I Want You was made for a tribute album to the late, great soul singer Marvin Gaye. The tribute album called Inner City Blues, would feature Marvin Gaye’s songs re-interpreted by various artists specifically for the project. Over a year before the release of the album ‘Motown’, the record label in charge of assembling the artists for the album approached Massive Attack and asked them to pick a song from Marvin Gaye’s back catalogue to re-imagined and suggested they do a collaboration with Chaka Khan, an well-known American R&B singer. A backing track was made to accommodate her vocals, but due to Chaka Khan flaking on the recoding sessions, she was dropped. The possibility came up briefly then of procuring Aaron Neville, another well-known American R&B singer but that fell through as well because of legality issues. At this point, in steped Massive Attack’s old Wild Bunch cohort, Nellee Hooper who made the suggestion of Madonna as vocalist. Hooper who had just recently finished producing Madonna’s Bedtime Stories album was able to setup a meeting between Massive Attack and Madonna and from there surprisingly getting Madonna’s vocal contribution involved less red tape and less prima donna behaviour than either previous option, Chaka Khan or Aaron Neville. ADDITIONAL INFO Daddy G and Mushroom never got the opportunity to meet Madonna during the recording sessions for I Want You. Only 3D along with Nelle Hooper would meet with Madonna over in New York for a period of two days, record the vocals with her and then bring them back to Bristol to be worked on. Madonna was so impressed by the finished product that she choose to include I Want You as the first track on her next album, Something to Remember. The original plans for “I Want You” included a full-scale single release. Premier Madonna remixer of the time, Junior Vasquez did some remixes of the track and a promo video was even shot, but in the end legality problems between the Motown label and Madonna’s record label prevented this from happening. I Want You has never been played live, neither by Massive Attack or Madonna. VARIATIONS/REMIXES Orchestral – This version strips the song back to just vocals and strings. Included only on the Madonna’s Something To Remember album and the 12″ promo release. Junior Vasquez Mixes -There were three mixes intended for clubs made by Junior Vasquez, a longtime remixer and personal friend of Madonna’s for I Want You. These are among the last mixes he would ever do for Madonna as they had a public falling out soon afterwards. Included only on the 12″ vinyl promo release. NOTABLE QUOTES 3D on usng Madonna as vocalist – “She sang it really well, she had it sorted out, you could tell she knew the song, she’d really worked fucking hard on it. Fucking good” [The Face – November 1995] 3D on the recording sessions with Madonna – It was quite freaky for me because I’m just a Bristol boy. She was singing in my ear as we were playing the music down, giving me her version of it. I wasn’t taking any notice at all really. I was just thinking about how mad it is. She is such an icon it takes you a while to adjust. When she was in the vocal room, it was amazing. We did a few takes just to cover it, but she sung it so well we could have done it in one take. It was that beautiful” [ChannelV TV – June 1998] 3D looking back on I Want You for Collected – SEXY NOSTALGIA FROM 97[sic] MADONNA GETTING DOWN WITH US IN A PRE ANGELO D’ANGELO STYLE FOR THE MARVIN TRIBUTE ALBUM” [Collected PR – January 2006] PROMO VIDEO This would be the first and only Massive attack promo video directed by Earle Sebastian, even though he has directed several Madonna videos. The video was inspired by and pays homage to “A Telephone Call”, a short story written by American writer, Dorothy Parker. This video and the promo video for Just A Matter Of Time are the only two full-length promo videos produced by Massive Attack to never be included on any DVD compilation. This video was produced at the behest of Madonna and her management to promote the single release of I Want You in the USA. However, due to legality problems between the Motown label and Madonna’s record label prevented this from happening coupled with a lukewarm reception to the song on American radio meant that even though this video still got produced the single release to accompany it never materialized. For Madonna fans, this last fact makes the I Want You video the only case in Madonna’s history where an eventual non-single was given the full video treatment.
  12. Luiz Ribeiro

    What I remember reading in the magazines back that time is that in some countries the booklet left people confused, and Warner then decided to turn the position of the picture for a better understanding of the consumables.
  13. These two stars of the 1980s were visionaries. Fate has never yet united. In addition, Boy George, flamboyant leader of Culture Club, has never been tender with the powerful Madonna ... He returns in a radio interview on their long trouble. The rivalry between Madonna and Elton John is well known. That of the star with Boy George is not new either. Invited in a radio program, the leader of Culture Club returns on this enmity of more than thirty years. Boy George, 57, remembers having met Madonna only " twice maybe " during her career. When a radio host asks her how it went, the answer is straightforward: " Oh, she hates me ," Karma Chameleon's interpreter laughs.He should not know too much if it's still the case but admit it's deserved: " There are so many reasons for it. " And to recognize: " I've always been secretly a fan of Madonna I really have some of his records, but we've never had a chance to really get to know each other, it's very strange. " Boy George and Madonna both marked the 1980s with their music, their freedom and their look. In the press, the British singer has never spared his colleague, playing very much on the assumptions that can be had on a woman as independent as the American. The Daily Mail remembers, for example, a rather severe tackle by Boy George in a 2006 documentary: " I just think it's an execrable, horrible and horrible human being with no quality to catch up with. nothing nice about her, I've never heard anyone say anything nice about her. " In 1986, he was already criticizing the fact that she plays on her likeness to her idol: " Comparing Madonna to Marilyn Monroe is like comparing Raquel Welch to the back of a bus. " The sentence remained but she it is no less unfair. As the New York Times recently wrote on the occasion of Madonna's 60th birthday , she is responsible for Marilyn Monroe's reinstatement in pop culture: after the Material Girl clip (in 1984), Monroe no longer conveys this image victim victim rinsed by the Hollywood system but becomes the embodiment of desire: his and of course the one it arouses. In recent weeks, Madonna's Moroccan look at the MTV Video Music Awards , which includes beautiful Amazigh (Berber) jewels, has been pretty much compared to Boy George's in the 1980s. Some netizens have fun posting photos of both. stars regretting, in legend, not to have been warned that the singer had done a garage sale. Google translate, sorry boys Source: