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  2. Google translate, sorry :( Too long article
  3. The pop star turns 60 on the 16th. This is her feminist side. But there is more to know in the notebook 1864, in the Sunday edition of DN. FROM: No woman pop star has reached 60 in the place where she is. Perhaps no one with her statute has fought so many battles at the same time, had so little interest in shocking and alienating. Few people with her iconic and popular relevance were so controversial, so loved and so hated. And few women have questioned the concept of feminism as such and have so inevitably divided feminists. Especially now, that confronts (and us) with the worst of enemies: time. And the decline of that was its main object, its main target, its main asset: power. There are many interviews of Madonna, but in fact there are not many interviews of Madonna. Of all the ones I read, the one that impressed me the most is Norman Mailer in 1994 in Esquire . It was the time of Sex , the book with photos of Steven Meisel published in 1992, the album Erotica , in the path of the forbidden video (by MTV in 1990 - yes, there was still internet) Justify My Love . It was Madonna's time of latex and whips and evocation of x-rated movies, from the BDSM imaginary brought to popular culture 20 years before The FiftyShades of Gray . It was the time when it seemed she could go no further, be more contested, more hated, more loved and celebrated, subvert more, challenge more, have more power. It was the time before the mystical twist of the album Ray of Light , before the revelations of motherhood (the first daughter, Lourdes Maria, was born in 1996) had re-sculpted her pose and voice in a new fluidity, in the intended pacification of those who embraced maturity, and discovered that it might not be the only center of his life (" Looking at my life / It's very clear tome / I lived so selfishly "). t was the time when I was 36 and it was already spoken - incredible, is not it? - to be getting "too old" for this and that. The time when she had not yet made a tearful speech - the first and only time we saw her cry was in November 2016, in the acceptance speech of the Billboard Woman of the Year Trophy of the Year - about feeling a a doormat, about being fed up with being hatred and attacked by everything and nothing, about discovering, exactly when from Erotica and Sex , that the rules for girls were not the same as for boys, and recently, that being a woman and pop star and aging is a seemingly impossible thing and that, shit, you never have enough power to not miss it . The first time we saw her vulnerable, the first time we heard her say, "I needed a lot of the women on my side." "A revolutionary feminist" It's 1994, so long before Trump's victory and all that that means. When it seemed that Madonna could do everything, and could always, that no one or anything could overthrow her, beat her, no matter how much they wrote and said horrors about her, no matter how much she explored and expounded interdicts and taboos, battled in cultural and identity wars, (as he did in Letterman's before the conversation with Mailer), advised to do a jerk in the shower, to simulate masturbations and orgasms on stage - to the point of almost being arrested for it ( in Toronto in 1990 ). The time when I told Mailer after the nickname " Sex Queen of America ": " I have been accused for years and years, especially at the beginning of my career, of harming the feminist movement by being sexually in a traditional way , with my bodices and bras that lift the breasts and garters belts and this and that, and feminists hit me immensely: "What do you do? You're sending the wrong messages to the girls. You should use your head, not your breasts and your ass . "My scene is that if you use everything you have, your sexuality, your femininity, yours - your testosterone, your intellect - use what you want that you have ... " "My scene is that if you use everything you have, your sexuality, your femininity, your intellect - use whatever you have ..." Mailer, who says Warhol's daughter, and as he, interpreter of the emptiness of the second half of the twentieth century, Marilyn's guerilla version, cerebral and survivor when the other was intuition and martyrdom, assures her that she is a very important artist and " a lady "-which, if it has any defects, is that of being so attuned-asks for what. "She's a revolutionary. What's her revolution for?" In the name of human beings relate to humans, she responds."And do you think the stereotypical notions of men about how to treat women have to be undone?" Yes. "Destroyed?" Yes. "What about women's attitudes toward men?" Also. (...) I do not know what the women's movement does. It is not my goal or my intention. This is not about me being a woman, but about being human. Yes, it's one of the phrases in her quotations: "I'm not a feminist, I'm a humanist." In the Billboard speech, 22 years later, she admits: "Up to a point I was not very interested in feminism." But feminism - or anyone who fears about it - has always been interested in it. In 1990, the infamous Camille Paglia, in an opinion piece in The New York Times , proclaimed: " Finally, a true feminist, " predicting "the future of feminism." For two years later, to improve one of the most glossed characterizations of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccione, born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, into a Catholic family of Italian ancestry (via the father) and French-Canadian maternal), third of six children: "It is the greatest contribution to the history of women, for having joined and healed the wound of the two halves of the woman: Mary, the Virgin and holy mother, and Mary Magdalene, the prostitute." Another black American feminist, the bell hooks feminist theorist (Gloria Jean Watkins' pseudonym, in the lower case anyway), said in 1993, "a revolutionary feminist, a symbol of unrepressed feminine creativity and power - sexy , seductive, serious, strong. " "Antifeminist, Trashy and Ordinary" Hooks and Paglia say the reverse today - Madonna is no longer the future of anything, no redemption, neither serious nor strong. On the contrary: treacherous, sold, deplorable, weak. Moreover, the discussion lasts for decades: does it deconstruct gender stereotypes or reinforce them? Is it "a glamorized sex doll or a queen of critical parody"? In Madonna and Gender Problems , 2013, Reena Mistry links her to the title (and concept) of one of the most important books in feminist theory, Gender Trouble , edited in the USA in 1990, edited here at Orfeu "The idea of this essay is to decide whether we should see Madonna as a political icon, a queer ambassador [on queer theory, who argues that sexual and gender roles are social constructs, biological predetermination] or dismiss it as a failed and episodic example of the variable construction of identity . " "I do not know what the women's movement does, it's not my purpose or my intention, it's not about being a woman but about being human." Almost 20 years earlier, a paper entitled Madonna's "Feminist Assumptions of Emancipatory Potential and Contradictory Gender Practices," by Lynn OBrien Hallstein, looks at Madonna as " a place of genuine contradiction ," seeking, through the psychoanalytic analysis of her videos and songs, to determine whether she frees or reinforces the gender roles. And in 2000, "Madonna, a pop icon of feminism and counter-hegemony: blurring the boundaries of race, gender and sexuality" by Audra Gaugler, summarizes dissent , deciding on heroism."Because it occupies such a large slice of media attention, Madonna works like what environmentalists call a charismatic megafauna: a very visible and appreciated species, such as a whale or painted owl, in the name and attention of which whole ecosystems can be protected and safeguarded because of the public's interest.He is now playing this role, as she herself assumes, bringing "subversive sexuality to the mainstream, " and accepted that challenge, including delighting in the risk of her potential martyrdom as a celebrity. " Generosity and sacrificial and revolutionary spirit, savior who makes himself crucified for us or "only" marketing ? Intellectual gift, carefully calibrated in its terrorist intent, or just a commercial product that goes from "shock" to "shock" and turnaround twist to sell more and better? "While some celebrate it as a subversive cultural revolutionist, others attack it as antifeminist, or hopelessly trashy , ordinary," says American post-modern theorist Douglas Kellner. In Guilty Pleasures: Feminist Camp from Mae West to Madonna , Pamela Robertson compares her to Barbie: "She sells like Mattel's doll because she's always changing the model, making her past sis obsolete." And the latest bell hooks stresses that the same behavior that led many to praise Madonna as revolutionary leads them to criticize her for degrading one of the sectors of society - women - that she intended to elevate .Case of the hooks itself: "The image of an adult Madonna, past her 30s, posing as tiny girl and sexual doll, presumably to keep for as long as possible under the pornographic and patriarchal male look and thus keep attention of the public, exposes how the aging of women in a sexist society can undermine anyone's adherence to radical political action, to feminism . " She continues: "Although she wants to make the public believe that she is a cultural visionary who introduces subversive themes to the masses, the reality is that the ads, the movies, the videos and the TV have already explored these images. marketingchain that explores representations of sexuality and the body for profit, a chain that chooses images that were once considered taboo. " Audra Gaugler does not think so. He sees in these criticisms the endless sexism: "If a man is extroverted, aggressive, and designing power, he is considered assertive; if a woman does the same, she is a whore or a goat." "The power and unique character of Madonna comes from the fact that she tries to crush patriarchy by raising and empowering all the groups that have been ostracized by the power of the white man. It assaults the territory of mainstreamculture, knocking down boundaries and commanding their army out of the patriarchal regime, to a place where they can feel protected in safety .... It transforms the world in which it lives and works a more comfortable place for the people considered the other, and then grabs in this image and design in the rest of the world. " What does it feel like for a girl? "If you're a girl, you have to play the game, you can be beautiful and sexy and spin it, but do not get too smart." Do not have an opinion that is out of alignment with the status quo.Youcan be objectified by men and dress like a whore but do not assume that, do not use that as power, and I never, ever again, share your sexual fantasies with the world. Be what men want you to be and, more importantly, what makes women comfortable when you're at it. and finally, do not grow old, because age is a sin.You're going to be criticized, vilified.And they definitely will not get you on the radio. " We return to the Billboard speech, the bitter speech of someone who acknowledges that he was wrong. But how much? Paglia, who in response wrote a very crude article in the Daily Mail describing it as "a horrible combination of a desmond Norman and vampiric norm and a bitter and drunken Joan Crawford ... prisoner of his wealth and fame ..." a chilling pastiche of ragged blonde extensions and bloated cheeks ... incapable of coping with aging, "on the pathway more than one of the international papists of feminism, Germaine Greer, had hissed in a 2006 text (" Her features have become and gradually become so immobile that Dietrich is the only remaining option "), says that she should do self-criticism instead of whining. Realize what failed and why. Undoubtedly, Madonna is often caricaturedly contradictory. In an interview with Vanity Fair , more than ten years ago, he criticized anyone who looks obscure. How is it that someone who lives so much in his image, someone who is above all else and who improves in this, as he tells us in the documentary Truth or Dare ( In Bed with Madonna , 1991) only eats vegetable soup to keep the line, who spends his life exercising, now on a ride of plastic, says something like that? The contradiction in respect to feminism, however, is much deeper, much more serious, tragic, and painful. Madonna is the evidence of the essential crossroads in which the movement finds itself, kind of body of crime. "For women, the situation has evolved very little since 1983. We are practically in the same place, it is the last great frontier." The woman who wanted to believe in her and those who see her as an avatar of a cultural revolution, to dynamite the gender roles and to contribute to the liberation of all, that's right - a woman. And as such he discovered the place that these terribly resilient roles attach to women of his age: irrelevant, invisible, asexual and asexual . For someone who has built his whole career and all his liberating and subversive deliberation from image and sexuality, which now, when even who should be his ally - above all ally - is pleased to certify that it is ridiculous, pathetic , "not knowing how to get old", "being a lady", "putting yourself in your place", "giving up"? Does anyone say that to Iggy Pop, who is over 11 years old, and does bare-leg concerts and leather pants? Does anyone think Jagger, at 14, is ridiculous when he dances in a bad boy ? And Chico Buarque, 75, does not remain a sex symbol ?Why can not she be? Who has decreed that women from "a certain age" are repulsive? Yes, we are still here, in these questions. Little thing moved from Sunset Boulevard and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane . She, a gay icon, was very early in the frontlines of the fight against discrimination of homosexuals, transgenders, said in 2015 : " Gay rights have advanced much more than women's. People have a much more open mind in relation to the gay community than in relation to women, a final paragraph. "For women, the situation has evolved very little since 1983. We are practically in the same place, it is the last great frontier." The border where she is, now and as always alone, exposed, martyred but standing (" I'm still standing ", said in the speech of 2016). "People say that I am very controversial, but I think the most controversial thing what I did was put up with it "). Because it is what it does: go forward, forward. And withstand .
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    To Madonna with love Her friends talks about the artist News / Vogue arts / To Madonna with love AUGUST 1, 2018 6:30 AM by REDAZIONE FOLLOW REDAZIONE Jonas Åkerlund “I’ve known Madonna for 20 years now, and it has been a long continuous journey of learning and understanding. Hard work, good taste, a strong sense of humour, 100% integrity and not giving a fuck about what people think have become my signature, thanks to her. She is my art mother and I would take a bullet for her any day.” Mert Alas “Madonna is an amazing thinker! An analyser. Her point of view on life reminds me of a philosopher. She is intrigued by art, politics and love. Madonna is the kind of woman who, when everyone is running for shelter during a downpour, comes out in the rain to get wet! What could be more unique than this? She is an unstoppable artist in every way without fear, doing what excites her. Somehow she enjoys pushing buttons, making us think, making us smile, making us criticise. This fearless, incredible mother never stops amazing me!” Giovanni Bianco “The purest form of love is the unconditional love of a mother. Thank you, Madonna, for always insisting that all of us have the capacity to become better human beings. M, you are an enlightened soul and a gifted mother. Minha eterna Gostosa, Te amo.” Sofia Boutella “When I first started working with Madonna, I was a tomboy. One day, she asked if I had ever danced in heels, which I had not. She handed me hers and said, “There is a beginning for everything.” For the first time, someone didn’t confine me to the state of my appearance or style of dance – she took a chance on me and believed in me. She does that with everyone and everything. She cares and loves deeply, takes chances in areas that are truly unique and unusual, and is genuinely curious about the world, arts, and culture. She has a deep and profound desire to translate these feelings to the world in the most artistic ways: I always learn something when I am with her – everyone does. Just being around her is deeply inspiring. It’s magical.” Dean & Dan Caten “Madonna is unique, period. We had the honour of working with Madonna on her music video for ‘Don’t Tell Me’, and subsequently on her ‘Drowned World Tour 2001’. Both were exceptional experiences, as well as a springboard and source of inspiration for our first womenswear collection in the F/W 2003-04 season. Madonna’s uniqueness as an artist and woman lies in her inexhaustible strength and energy, and in the fact that she’s timeless. There’s no particular anecdote that can express her essence and distinctiveness, but we believe it’s a question of her attitude in general. Her inimitable, hypnotic and overwhelming personality is defined by the path she has followed, her music, her performances, her life, and just the way she is. For us, Madonna has represented the drive and crucial inspiration for our creative work with women’s collections, and at the same time she has always been an undisputed pop icon who has accompanied us since we were young.” Jimmy Fallon “Madonna has what many major pop stars work their entire career to have – mystique. I’ve interviewed her many times, she has performed on my show many times, and she still keeps me guessing. The last time I ran into her was at this year’s Met Gala. She blessed me and then asked, ‘Do you have any sins to confess?’ Before I could think of a funny answer, she had walked away. The next time I saw her was a couple of hours later on the steps of the Met, crushing a version of ‘Like a Prayer’ with 20 monks as her backup singers.” Jean-Paul Gaultier “There’s nobody like Madonna – no one works as hard as she does. Even before I met her I was always a fan of hers, and I still am. I’ll never forget her performance of ‘Like a Virgin’ at the MTV Music Awards in the early ’80s. It really struck me, and it’s still impressed in my mind today. We worked together recently and she hasn’t changed one bit. She still works harder than anyone and she doesn’t stop until everything is perfect. And, most of all, anything that is done today, Madonna did it first!” Jon Kortajarena “Everything with Madonna is unpredictable and exciting. I went to see her concert in Barcelona and suddenly, there I was on stage in front of ten thousand people who watched her slap me on the butt. But what I like most is to see her with her family, as a mother. She is in charge and is the boss, but she adores her kids so much that you see her vulnerable and sensitive side. Madonna is an intelligent and intuitive woman, full of magic. I consider her to be an important guide in my life.” Debi Mazar “Thirty years ago a girl dragged me out of an elevator at a nightclub called Danceteria (W 37th St.) to dance with her. We have been friends ever since that moment. Madonna has a mischievous smile, a wicked sense of humour, and a curiosity that makes her who she is. She has always been maternal, which is the quality I love most about her. When I was sick, back in the day with bronchitis, she’d rub my back through my coughing spasms until I was able to fall asleep. I am proud of what an amazing mamma she is today. When we were younger, in the 80s, we had no money and we used to run through the streets of NYC, making noise, dating boys, finding ourselves, and creating our careers. Perhaps the most important thing we’ve done together has been to be a part of and stand up for the LGBTQ+ community during the AIDS crisis and still today. We have been through death, birth, boyfriends, careers, husbands, and gossip. We have saved each other in one way or another over the years. Once, from the corner of my eye, I saw her hair catch on fire at an event in an L.A. restaurant. I quickly dumped a pitcher of water over her head before she even realized what was happening. It was scary, but I had a good laugh when I saw the look of shock on her face, wondering why I did that! We sometimes fight: we are both Leo’s and dramatic. However, when we are angry at each other, we always manage to make up and have each other’s backs. We are both vibrant, exhausting people full of life who never stop working and dreaming. Madonna is my most narcissistic friend, I say this in a loving way. She gets away with it because …well… she IS Madonna, she’s brilliant, I love her, and because we are sisters until the end!” Stella McCartney “Madonna knows what she wants. The brief is always clear, so that is always a good start. She takes risks. She is fit as hell. She is foxy. She knows her body.” Alessandro Michele “I grew up with Madonna. For her, I gave up all my devotion to the post-punk movement, to Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees. I think Madonna has been able to bring together even the biggest snobs in terms of music. When Madonna and Arianne asked me to design the costumes for a scene of the concert, I was overjoyed and it was a magical moment. Three things struck me the first time we met. I was literally captured by the incredibly magnetic look in her eyes. I thought those eyes could have seduced anyone. She has the beautiful eyes of a teenager. When I saw her, I felt like I was before a young girl. She has the eyes, movements, and that indefinable something of a 20-year-old. Then I was struck by her intensity. Madonna is one of the most seductive people I’ve ever met. Her seductiveness stems from her aura, which has something magical that you notice immediately, even if she’s sitting and doing nothing. The first time we met was like a karmic experience – beautiful but demanding – because Madonna has a tremendous physical presence. Lastly, there’s her energy. Nobody has her energy on stage during rehearsals for a show. She rehearsed the whole show for me without stopping. In the end I was tired, but she wasn’t. Madonna could only have become what she is today. She’s the mother and high priestess of all female pop stars of our age. She’s the pinnacle, the end point, a kind of Mozart.” Marilyn Minter “She has the nicest, most polite and talented kids. I’m amazed at how unspoiled they are. I chalk that up to Madonna!” Kate Moss “Madonna always stays true to herself, no matter what.” Luigi Murenu “She never forgot my birthday in the twenty-five years we have known each other. She never complains when she is sick. She knows how to be a perfect friend without pretending. She answers my messages after one minute. She hates laziness, like me. She is incredibly intuitive and the most professional artist I ever worked with that has taken and still takes risks. Her uniqueness? Did I already say that she is Madonna, the greatest queen of all?” Lorcan O’Neill “I’ve known Madonna for twenty-five years and here are some reflections: – Madonna is shy. That is unexpected, but sometimes she really is like a bashful teenager when she meets new people or people she respects – musicians, artists, politicians, attractive men, strong women. The impression passes quickly, but it’s very sweet to see. – When Madonna was once asked what was the sexiest thing a man could do, she said, “To try to understand!” She knows she is a complex woman, and I think one of the things she appreciates most is feeling that her search for her truth is acknowledged and respected by her friends and family. She is toughest on herself and she is happiest when she knows that people understand that. – Madonna doesn’t cook, but she is what Italians call a buona forchetta – she likes food, she has an appetite, she eats pretty much everything, and she drinks red wine and cocktails. She doesn’t approve of smoking, but has always had friends who do. About the only thing I’ve never seen her do is sit in the sun. She is totally covered in black long-sleeved shirts and pants, wearing a hat and sun block, when she’s at the beach. – My favourite Madonna look is her after-dinner-back-to-work look, sitting barefoot in front of the computer, spectacles on her nose, her fingers flying over the keyboard banging out emails. Dinner is actually the moment when she relaxes and eats with her family and friends, so I don’t think it’s easy, even for her, to get the kids off to bed and to go back to the computer. But she often does go back to work – she sleeps very little anyway – and that’s when you realize that she really gets stuff done because of her focus and endless energy. – Madonna always replies. She responds to every message and email — immediately. She is busy, but never too busy to reply. If she doesn’t reply — which is rare — then you know whatever it was simply didn’t interest her! – Madonna has a true feeling for art and artists. She is always looking at art, photographs, paintings and films. Her response is very intuitive, but she also wants to know all the background information. Her admiration of Frida Kahlo and her friendship with Basquiat are well known, but I’ve been with her to Tracey Emin’s studio a number of times, and to Gilbert and George’s (she asked to see where they slept.) She met Rachel Whiteread at my flat in London, and Lisa Yuskavage at the gallery in Rome. We once had a special late-night tour of the Arte Povera retrospective at the Tate (to which she brought a very young Rocco) and we went to the opening of the Turner Prize show. She is excited by young artists and what they do. When she buys a work of art, it really is because she loves it, and she’s very reluctant to ever let a work go or to lend it. – Madonna is fearless, both physically and emotionally. She is not afraid of pain or of feeling. She’s had broken bones, torn ligaments, sprained muscles, bruises, and hernias — but you never heard her complain. She completely accepts those pains as part of the cost of doing what she does. She is bored when people complain about physical pain. She is also fearless of emotional pain, and she asks the awkward questions that most of us avoid. She wants to hear the truth and what is going on. “Spit it out, Lorcan!” she once told me while I dithered over what I was trying to say on her doorstep, “Spit it out!” – Madonna’s songs are real expressions of her emotions and state of mind. They are not simple pop songs. They are a literal autobiography and a record of her emotions at a particular time: the love, frustration, joy, heartache, dismay, the gathering of strength, the wonder. You can chart her love life, family life, and work life. It is all there, very frank and very vulnerable.” Guy Oseary “I met Madonna when I was a teen and she was already the biggest artist in the world. I remember being at a Tower Records around that time (yes, big record shops really existed back then!). This store had small TVs all around that played Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love” video. No one shopped. No one moved. Everyone just stood where they were and stared in awe. MTV banning her video at that time was a major blow back then, but she’s Madonna. When MTV wouldn’t show the video, she released it for sale and the video became a massive hit. Video singles didn’t sell much of anything back then, but this video broke new ground. I remember my first night out with Madonna. We were out watching a show and a woman grabbed the straw out of Madonna’s drink and ran out of the theatre. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is crazy!’ I had no idea at that very moment that I would be fortunate enough to be invited to join her on an incredible journey over the next 3 decades. Her numerous achievements as an artist have been highly publicized, like her many high grossing tours. She set record after record with her tours, album sales and chart positions. She sold over 300 million albums and has won countless awards. She’s been on the cover of literally every magazine on be planet. And the list goes on. What isn’t publicized is the Madonna behind all these awards and success: the amazing mother to her six children, the philanthropist, the mentor pushing all those around her to learn more, the activist, the freedom fighter, the hard worker who suffers for her art, and the artist who continues to push boundaries regardless of criticism or ageism or any ‘ism’. Her achievements are taken for granted. So much of what she fought for is now a given for so many. When so many others were silent, she was a powerful voice in support of people with HIV/AIDS who needed assistance and a cure. She was continuously criticized for the overtly sexual nature of her music, videos and live performances, but today that is the norm. Many punches came her way for not being age-appropriate musically in her 40’s and 50’s, yet she never bowed down to any of it and she achieved major success through it all. She had to suffer through a lot so others don’t have to. I’ve seen this woman, my friend, cry when faced with some of these obstacles, as ignorant hatred was being thrown her way, but like a ray of light, she stood tall, shining brightly with that beautiful smile of hers, steadfast and seated on her throne. She parted the sea so others can walk safely across it. There will never be another like her.” Arianne Phillips “I can think of countless attributes and qualities of Madonna that stand out most as unique and very special. Very early on, watching and listening to her, I learned not to invest in what others think about you, to stay true to your vision and to trust the creative process. I also learned from her to keep moving forward, to not get stuck in the past or caught up in nostalgia. She taught me to stay hungry, to learn new things, to be daring, to push yourself, to not get comfortable, and to be forward-thinking. I also learned what it means to be a humble philanthropist, to be consistent, to do good and to give back. She taught me the importance of mentorship and the power of her platform to shed light on other artists as well as on important social or political issues. She taught me to have a rebel heart, to think BIG and to keep thinking out of the box.” Cristiano Ronaldo “Madonna is a genius, I am a fan of her music but I am an even bigger fan of her business savvy. I don’t think there is any other female pop artist in the world who could do what Madonna has done, reinventing her image and music and selling it to the masses of fans accumulated over the span of her career. She is a master at manipulating the media and she has been performing to sold-out crowds in every country for years. She is a true artist, an icon and she has a great heart. You cannot find those qualities in music artists today. She is the best!” Jeremy Scott “There are so many anecdotes I can think of over the past 16 years of knowing and working with my queen – the one and only Madonna. From the first time we met when I was designing the costumes she wore for ‘Die Another Day’ to dancing with her at the Met Gala in what would be my all-time dream come true! And there are so many beautiful private moments away from the red carpets, the parties and the public that I’d never betray her openness and friendship by sharing. What I can share with you is this: her ambition to always do better and to always push it further always ignites in me the drive to go beyond what I imagine and to leave my comfort zone, entering a new place that is at first unfamiliar but instantly rewarding. There is no one I love to dress more than her – Madonna – forever my lucky star.” Riccardo Tisci “I have had the incredible fortune to have shared so many special moments with Madonna, all of which I will carry in my heart forever. I don’t think there is enough space in the magazine for me to say as many words as I would like! I suppose a defining moment for me, both personally and professionally, has to be when we collaborated on her costumes for her ‘Sticky & Sweet Tour’. It was early on in my career, and never in my wildest dreams growing up listening to her music would I have imagined that this could ever happen to me. She is demanding – challenging herself and her collaborators to achieve the very best. It is this — her consistent drive and passion to entertain and create amazing work, from her music to her shows and to her wardrobe — that makes her unique. She is also a very dear friend to me, protective and there whenever I need her. A true friend. She really is an icon and one of a kind. May she continue to reign for another 60 years – long live the queen!” Silvia Venturini Fendi “One of my first memories of Madonna is linked to the Baguette. It was an unprecedented success, and I had the confirmation when they called me to say that Madonna had entered one of our boutiques to buy one. It was such a surprise, and it was only then that I realised the bag had become a social phenomenon, what we’d now call an “it-bag”. She was the first to ordain its success, and I like the fact that she came to our boutique as an ordinary woman to buy one!” Donatella Versace “When you speak about Madonna, it’s difficult not to be repetitive, especially because we’ve been friends for so many years, and people have said everything and the opposite of everything about her. She has marked three decades with her talent. She has challenged conventions, overcome rules and taboos, revolutionised the music world, influenced the world of fashion and society, and she has shown everyone what it means to be a complete artist. She’s a feminist who has never shied away from fighting and committing herself politically. She’s a manager and a mother. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid of her femininity, and she has turned it into a weapon. She has fallen down, but she has always gotten back up, stronger than before. You can love her or not, and you might judge her, but you can’t deny that Madonna is a part of modern history and culture like no other artist. That’s why I love her.” Alexander Wang “Bitch, she’s Madonna!” Fabio Zambernardi “After many years, when Madonna calls, it’s impossible to say no; it’s as though I were bewitched by the Moon! It is her uniqueness, her magic…” Vogue Italia, August 2018, n.816, pag.130
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    I think WE GUYS should create an Mad Infinity channel with ALL THE rare materials we share here
  8. Luiz Ribeiro

    I think what he think about this interview..... she dindt mention him as a safe place.... and at this point they are very close.
  9. Im searching for these mixes in YEARS (I've lost my mp3 files). Nobody have them. I ask Pablo Flores on his facebook and nothing...and don't have ONE online store to sell.
  10. Luiz Ribeiro

    Now seriously, my only current question is: did she have a taste for dressing up before, or were the stylists making her a fashion icon?
  11. Luiz Ribeiro

    Like something bitch I'm something you'll something I'm something
  12. Luiz Ribeiro Madonna sent 7 takes to Ariana <3