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  1. Luiz Ribeiro

    How much information is incorrect. Sometimes I think the North Americans live in a bubble and are unaware of the potential sales giant out there. 1. Anitta is "so irrelevant" that her numbers of views on Youtube are scary (nor do all of Madonna's videos come together). She is closing another partner with Clean Bandit. He has participated in partnerships with Iggy Azealia (You know), J. Balvin (Greatest Latin name at the moment), Alesso (Big name in electronic music), Poo Bear and several partnerships with South American artists, part of his initial strategy, as well as it was with Shakira. 2. Alok has been voted several times as the best DJ and producer in Brazil (for those who do not know, Brazil is a reference in EDM). Check out more about the guy here: Some ALOK videos:
  2. Luiz Ribeiro

  3. Luiz Ribeiro

    It does not exclude you from being prejudiced. but ultimately, each person deals with your conscience.
  4. Luiz Ribeiro

    Why not? Again.... because she is .... what? Sad to see xenophobia here
  5. Luiz Ribeiro

    Yes, like Mirwaiis was a unknown producer when Madonna hired him, and he makes great songs.... She inst good because she is latina? Because shes isnt white? Beacuse she dance funk? Sad to read that
  6. Luiz Ribeiro

    According to Yahoo's reporter, Madonna invited the Brazilian to record a funk with her, right? And guess who Anitta was in the studio in New York this week too? The DJs André Laudz and Zé Gonzales, who form the duo Tropkillaz, responsible for the production of "Vai Malandra" along with DJ Yuri Martins. FROM Tropkillaz:
  7. Luiz Ribeiro

    Madonna confirms!
  8. Luiz Ribeiro

    "One day singer".... "crap music"..... This xenophobia in the form of "opinion" or "freedom of expression" is so sad and deplorable. Disappointing to see fans of a woman who has fought a lifetime against these prejudices distill that toxic poison here.
  9. Luiz Ribeiro

    423.675.331 views With a DRAG QUEEN in the music video
  10. Luiz Ribeiro

    Again.... check it out
  11. Luiz Ribeiro

    Well, let's break it down ... 1. Anitta is a phenomenon in Youtube and in Spotify, the numbers are incredible, and their biggest numbers, guess what? Collaborations. 2. Latin songs like reggaeton and funk are on the rise in the international industry and soon will explode like other waves have done previously in the United States. 3. Anitta did not stand in the elections for any candidate, since she did not think she should mix things up, after being pressured to say her vote she said: "Do you guys really think I would support a homophobic, macho, conservative guy? my clips? " 4. Madonna is investing again in genres that are still coming while everyone is making another kind of sound, and that's good, see "Confessions" where nothing in the scenario of that time pointed to the disc music. With "ROL" was the same thing, those who dominated the charts were the eurodance and the boyband and Madonna went there and put in an experimental album. 5. As Frank said, let's try to be more positive, Madonna bestowed on us the "Rebel" and we know she has not made good music for a while.
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    Me 2 <3
  13. Luiz Ribeiro