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  1. Hey, guys! I've been trying to find a download link for a rip of the "Utterly Utterly Live at the Shaftesbury Theatre - Comic Relief" album of the 1986 show, so I could get a decent version of Kate Bush's Breathing performance. I've looked it up and couldn't find anything! It was only released on vinyl and cassette... Does anyone, by any chance, have a rip of it, or the record, and could help me, please?! Here are more infos about it: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Comic-Relief-Presents-Utterly-Utterly-Live/release/2057500 Thank you so much!
  2. I remember seeing a website a few years ago, that was a gallery of high quality albums and single covers.
    It included not only Madge's releases, but a lot of others pop artists' as well, and I cannot recall the name of this site... Does anyone know what I'm talking about and could help me, pleeease?!

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      @thegr8forever that's exactly the site that I was looking for, thank you so so much! <3

      and @madgefanthanks for the tip, too! couldnt get access it with my ip, put I saved it, so I can visit with a proxy later haha!


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  4. great vocals editing... finally!!!
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    can someone pleeeeease reupload this?? :/