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  1. Breathless

    JFK Jr. without a doubt!!
  2. Breathless

    Thank you so much!!
  3. Exactly! She did it right this time - we have no idea at all about what the album will sound like. It's like in the early days when the only thing we heard was when she released something new on the radio and then album! I love it! I'm happy to get the demos and all that later when we know what the album sounds like.
  4. I was actually hoping she would do something completely different. It's going to be amazing to listen to the album for the first time, I'm so curious!
  5. Breathless

    She looks stunning!! I would have loved the b/w cover with her in the hat in colour though....!! Gorgeous!!
  6. The background is gorgeous!

    1. Fighter



    2. Breathless


      I miss you! :cry::heart:

    3. stefo


      agree, thank you @Fighter

  7. Breathless

    What a joke that list is!
  8. Love the True Blue background!! :hearteyes:

  9. Breathless

    Thanks Groovy for posting all this - I'm copying and saving! 😍
  10. Breathless

    I remember when they started selling those hats and belt buckles and the tin thingy on eBay in 2000! People went nuts!
  11. I always thought it was some type of sex toy that mouth thing.
  12. When I read her Instagram post about "disco god" I was so relieved. I believe this will be an amazing album. Hopefully her best in years. I also have a feeling it will be a mix of different styles. I¨m so curious!
  13. Breathless

    One of my favourite movies is Halloween, I'm sooo looking forward to this!! The trailer looks great!
  14. Breathless

    True Blue by Herb Ritts!