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  1. Breathless

    I forgot about that photo. I'm just so grateful that nothing like that has happened this time. I'd love to hear the demos after the album is released though.
  2. Breathless

    The album will be out #soon!
  3. Breathless

    Yes me too, what an amazing album cover that would be!!
  4. Breathless

    OMG look at the dress - the dress!!!!! I'm passing out!!!!
  5. Breathless

    Love this one!!!
  6. Breathless

    That looks really good on her!!
  7. Breathless

    Yes, Maluma will probably hold one of those facial rollers in the video
  8. Breathless

    I really hope this will be the best and most imaginative we've heard from her in years!!
  9. Breathless

    OMG I can imagine the amazing album cover we'll get - I hope it's in colour this time! I'll take Middle Aged Snow White any day!! If she wears an amazing fairytale dress it would be even better! Dying of curiosity here.
  10. Breathless

    Maybe just as well.... if she went there God knows when we'd see this album released
  11. Breathless

    Just had a look at pics of Sintra - wow, it is stunning!! What a great new era this will be!!
  12. Breathless

    If she does an India video I'll be so happy!!
  13. Breathless

    Did I miss something....? What's the India shoot?