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  1. Bob

    Yes, of course ;) OK, thanks. I have not Instagram, so I didn't seen this video before. This is the reason why few minutes ago I was not able to understand what you were talking about
  2. Bob

    I don't understand. Watching Madonna dancing with snakes? When? Did I miss something?
  3. Bob

    1994: Another strange similarity:
  4. Bob

    Looking at this video, I start thinking that the Madonna's "Like A Virgin" performance at MTV VMA in 1984 could be a plagiarism of this 1982 performance of "Non Sono Una Signora' by the Italian singer Loredana Bertè. And then, look well at 1.34: same veil, same movements when she detaches it from her head and makes it flutter. What do you think about it?
  5. Bob

    Amazing performance (except for the new song, that at first listening doesn't excite me too much) but I don't like that hairstyle at all... She looks almost like Pippi Långstrump, protagonist of the Swedish novel of the same name. And I think she should choose a look that accentuates her beauty, not one that makes her ridiculous. The look she has choose during the RHT, for example, was simply perfect.
  6. Yes, that grills... and also that thing twisted in the hairs of her forehead: simply horrible, and it makes her look ridiculous and older. She's a beautiful woman, despite her no longer young age, but sometimes she totally lacks in good taste and style...
  7. Bob

    Except for LA Vie En Rose, none of these songs. My favorite best vocal performances: 1) The Look Of Love & Live To Tell @WTG 2) Sooner Or Later @ Academy Awards 3) You Must Love Me @ Academy Awards 4) DTW/SFL & Paradise Not For Me @ CT 5) You Must Love Me & DCFMA & S&S Tour 6) Love Spent @ MDNA Tour 7) True Blue & La Vie En Rose @ RHT
  8. Bob

    Last question: how much time is it necessary for you to rummage through the archives and find those fucking tapes of the Virgin Tour and Blond Ambition Tour? In 2012, in a live chat, by answering to a question from a fan, you declared that you would work on these two dvds as soon as you had time to check the archives. I remember you: it's already flown away SIX YEARS!!!... We are getting old
  9. Bob

    Second question: why in more than 30 years of honored career have you always snubbed Naples by never including this city in the calendar of your tours dates? Naples is a beautiful city. Many artists love it and always come here. You ... NEVER. You've always kept away from it...
  10. Bob

    You have Italian blood flowing in your veins in the same way you have French blood, so, why always pay homage to France by singing in French, and to Spain singing in Spanish, and never paying tribute to your Italian roots by singing a one-song-only in Italian language? Why? Only one song would be enough... Many great international artists who don't have Italian roots love Italy so much to decide paid homage by singing in Italian. You .... NEVER !!!
  11. Bob

    @@groovyguy @@Breathless @@blondebombshell Thank you guys for your support
  12. Bob

    Nice thread @@groovyguy. I take opportunity from this topic to remember my beloved, awesome, gorgeous cat Jerry, who unfortunately passed away nine months ago, leaving an immeasurable void in me and in my life. See you soon Jerry, forever and beyond in my heart
  13. Is Madonna going to broadcst on TV TOAC 2 the Christmas day? This video seems to be a director's cut of the Miami show:

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    1. James19709


      I hope not, it wasn't very good.

    2. stefo


      something's coming over for the Rebel Heart Tour phisical release next year, she's editing basically everything. I think there's gonna be a kind of documentary