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  1. Rupert76

    Like A Flower
  2. Rupert76

    No doubt: WTG. The tour where she showed maybe her high energy and give us her best vocal performance, and also her band played 100% live
  3. Rupert76

    Huge Madonna collector...😃 Oh, you're very very welcome @roberMDNA. How huge exactly? If you have something interesting, don't forget about us: we're in withdrawal since December 2014😔
  4. Rupert76

    @BringUrLUV Oops, I apologize. I try to explain, hoping not to cause headaches. So, my English is really basic and having some doubts, I tried to find the correct translation of the Italian word 'nipotina' (piccola nipote), but it's clear that Google doesn't suggest the correct translation... In Italian, the word "nipote" is used in several case and it's used both to indicate the sons of the sons and to indicate indistinctly the sons of a brother or a sister. In the same way the Italian word "nipote" is used to indicate both male and female persons. In the specific case I meant "nipotina" / '' piccola nipote'' (little niece), and not the daughter of my son or my daughter, but Google translator suggested me "granddaughter" instead of "little niece" (the correct translation of the Italian word' "nipotina") In fact, I was just wondering why calling a brother's daughter "granddaughter" if the grandmother/grandfather is the mother/father of my mother/dad... 🤔 Now I find the answer. Moral of the story : Why am I never shut up? Better one word less... 😂
  5. Rupert76

    Oh Jesus😳 What's happening to her? She has the same idiotic and childish behavior that also my granddaughter has. With only one difference: unlike her my niece is still 16 years old...
  6. Sometimes I read in my notifications "someone posted a topic in  video/audio/picture etc. (section)" . I try to open the link, and the warning   "sorry, you don't have the permission to see this content" appears. Just now I read in my notifications that Dead Or Alive posted a topic in Trash Bin (what is this section?) . I try to open this link, and the warning "sorry, you don't have permission to see this content" appears again. What are these strange  notifications? 

    Confused :thinker:

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    2. Fighter


      The Trash Bin is a hidden section where deleted threads go since we don't wanna delete any content just in case it needs to be restored or reviewed. No one can access that section except admins and moderators. :) If it says someone posted a thread there, it just means a moderator moved it there. 

    3. Rupert76


      Ok. Thank you so much Fighter for your explanation :)

    4. Andymad


      I noticed that too! At first I was like, child have I been punished:Madonna041:

  7. Rupert76

    Oh Jesus Thank you guys for your answers. Bell, to be honest I noticed just a little resemblance with Madonna's voice, but I really hoped it was a bad perception due to the beer I just drank. Thank you Andymad. I'm going to check the M14 thread
  8. According to the website, Madonna has collaborated on this crap-track (sorry, but I can't really define it "song"). I can't really recognize her voice. I think it's a super bullshit. At least... I hope so. What do you think about it? And then... who the hell is "Quavo"? Hope it's not this the beginning of the new era
  9. Rupert76

    Yes, of course ;) OK, thanks. I have not Instagram, so I didn't seen this video before. This is the reason why few minutes ago I was not able to understand what you were talking about
  10. Rupert76

    I don't understand. Watching Madonna dancing with snakes? When? Did I miss something?
  11. Rupert76

    1994: Another strange similarity:
  12. Rupert76

    Looking at this video, I start thinking that the Madonna's "Like A Virgin" performance at MTV VMA in 1984 could be a plagiarism of this 1982 performance of "Non Sono Una Signora' by the Italian singer Loredana Bertè. And then, look well at 1.34: same veil, same movements when she detaches it from her head and makes it flutter. What do you think about it?
  13. Rupert76

    Amazing performance (except for the new song, that at first listening doesn't excite me too much) but I don't like that hairstyle at all... She looks almost like Pippi Långstrump, protagonist of the Swedish novel of the same name. And I think she should choose a look that accentuates her beauty, not one that makes her ridiculous. The look she has choose during the RHT, for example, was simply perfect.
  14. Yes, that grills... and also that thing twisted in the hairs of her forehead: simply horrible, and it makes her look ridiculous and older. She's a beautiful woman, despite her no longer young age, but sometimes she totally lacks in good taste and style...
  15. Rupert76

    Except for LA Vie En Rose, none of these songs. My favorite best vocal performances: 1) The Look Of Love & Live To Tell @WTG 2) Sooner Or Later @ Academy Awards 3) You Must Love Me @ Academy Awards 4) DTW/SFL & Paradise Not For Me @ CT 5) You Must Love Me & DCFMA & S&S Tour 6) Love Spent @ MDNA Tour 7) True Blue & La Vie En Rose @ RHT