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  1. can't remember where but yes Madonna did tell the story about her singing Jingle Bells on the spot but I cant remember where. Was it at her RnR Hall Of Fame induction? Elsewhere? Anyone?
  2. the speech was bullshit but what bothers me most is the lying. She's told this story many times (being auditioned by the 2 french producers) and every time she said that she hadn't prepared a song and came up with a rendition of JINGLE BELLS ..! Oh and now it's suddenly an Aretha song she sang ? how interesting. Wait until another legend passes and we'll get a whole new version of that story. What bullshit that was.
  3. Debrah

    What format/release of CELEBRATION is your review based on ? As far as I know, there is no hd audio release of it but i could be wrong.
  4. There are still at least 5 genuine unleaked ones :-(
  5. Debrah

    The boobs are blurred on several occasions.
  6. That would be the Paris shows.
  7. Debrah

    Madonna wouldn't be where she is today if her mouth was that small in real life.
  8. Debrah

    I think there's a reason why we've never seen it before....
  9. Debrah

    @ : one more proof that everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie LOL NO, you don't have a clip that matches those lyrics, because those lyrics were posted on the Dotmusic forum in 2001 as some type of "creative writing" from a fan that tried to emulate Madonna's writing, imagining what To Love You (and some other unreleased M tracks) sounded like! You are so full of it. BUSTED.
  10. Debrah

    I am not the person who commented on N. Minaj (although I do agree she is quite talentless). And I hadn't seen you were in Germany, seriously, it was just an example. And yes, your comment about "I'd like to see you do it" is ridiculous. It's everyone's right to comment and criticize something that's outside our own fields. It's a forum, it's a place for debate. If you want to cut everyone's opinion short by saying "you do it first", well you really shouldn't read forums in general.
  11. Debrah

    Seriously? Are we in a schoolyard? So basically, no one can criticize anyone unless they've executed the same work? i never made it as chancelor in Germany in the 30s. Therefore i can't have an opinion about Adolph Hitler. I never recorded an album, therefore i can't say anything negative about any album ever released. Let's all not have an opinion then. MEEEEEEEHHHHH.
  12. Debrah

    how about Madonna collaborating with talented musicians instead but they tend to be older than 30 so she probably doesn't want to be seen near them! bullshit acts like Britney or Ariana (good voice..., and? Where's the art? Where's the substance? ) shouldn't even be considered to work with M. she clearly doesn't see how all the shit collabs she's done have damaged her credibility as a musical artist. Had she collaborated with Leonard Cohen on the album Pat Leonard had produced, like these two wanted, things might have been different. But she clearly prefers to work with inconsequential BS "artists". "It's all about the music" she once said ... (cut to her collaborating with the least musical people modern showbiz has to offer.. Britney, Oakenfold, Solveig, Avicii, ...). Wether it is about dance music or more serious music, there are many legendary and talented people out there she could work with. Sorry for the rant but come on. Ariana?