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  1. wtg1987

    The only track i want from this set is Has To Be - the piano in the clip sounded awesome plus its one of my favourite tracks from the album too :))
  2. wtg1987

    No one knows sadly :(( this is definitely an album that needs a re-release ... and not a vinyl re-issue :(
  3. wtg1987

    Erotica no question - i never listen to the album version of JML as i dont rate it very much - its just a moan of a song but i do love love love the Girlie Show production of it - so classy and i love the way the tempo changes towards the end plus i kind of like the MDNA remix in a weird way plus the hip hop remix too . As for Erotica i love the CT remix only plus the middle eastern sound of the sex book remix too.
  4. wtg1987

    Don't we have a thread already for the new album ? ....
  5. wtg1987

    Wheres the source on this ? she has never rehearsed an unreleased song for a tour so i just dont believe this , sorry ...
  6. wtg1987

    People also forget Andre Betts - his work was also way ahead - i mean Secret Garden, Where Life Begins plus i loved his hip hop mix of JML :))
  7. wtg1987

    Because I'm So Stupid is such a great song .... NOT ! Lol :))
  8. wtg1987

    Yes - obviously her most important release to date ! Not - i think i even deleted that self-indulgent mess - but like others comments she cant even upgrade her videos from 480p so this will never happen (just like the CT on blu-ray) :((
  9. wtg1987

    Great article and its nice to see underrated videos like Bad Girl, Oh Father & Bedtime Story on this list even thought the songs themselves arent very well known commerically - i think Human Nature and Die Another Day should be on there but hey how can you summarise all her videos in a top 20 ? near impossible task - no artist alive today can match her video output - i dont think Cherish and Hung Up should be on there but thats just my opinion :))
  10. wtg1987

    Of course she will tour ??? Why woulndt she - i just think it will be more scaled down -
  11. wtg1987

    Exactly - Warners and M have probably lost millions due to their inability to meet her fanbase and when they do eventually release something its either terrible quality(Celebration DVD) or incomplete releases - they havent even capitalised on her concerts which surely would have been huge sellers (BA being the most obvious) and if someone says Pioneer still hold the rights i will shoot them !! that cant be the case nearly 30 years later
  12. wtg1987

    Like A Prayer CD from 1989 was digital ? its written on the front cover (Kind of ruins the sleeve though) - i wish we could start some kind of petition to get the unreleased songs finally released ? i wonder what kind of shape her 80s demos are in ? i would love to be invited to her archives jsut to listen to them ? she really needs fans input on these kind of things but i think shes too far removed from her legacy stuff now.
  13. wtg1987

    Yep - agree 100% and in the meantime we have the mediocre shows post CT on blu-ray :(( I dont think we will ever get her tours from DWT to previous on Blu-Ray as they were only shot on video ? And BA Paris is apparently lost forever so it just leaves RIT Paris(Surely this footage still exists ? ) and CT I have been bugging Warner Archive for months now about WTG on blu - its my favourite M film but they never seem to answer
  14. Im glad she went with Mark Romanek though - its one of her best imo
  15. wtg1987

    Terrible movie that doesn't even sneeze on the original - boring , predictable and just poorly made -sorry but even JLC couldn't save this and the rest of the case were even worse :((