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  1. wtg1987

    Yes we did but we’re not surprised 🙄
  2. wtg1987

    In no order Bitch I’m Madonna Ring My Bell Auto Tune Baby Skin Incredible SEX Jimmy Jimmy American Life Im So Stupid I Know It 4 Minutes Give Me All Your Luvin Holy Water Im Going Bananas Runaway Lover
  3. wtg1987

    Crazy For You ?? Are you serious 😼
  4. wtg1987

    Not heard that story before but could be true ?
  5. wtg1987

    My only gripe is she should have replaced cherish with who’s that girl but it’s a minor quibble 😍
  6. wtg1987

    We must be kindred spirits then - I listen to those songs ( plus shame which I also love) more than any other of her shep songs - I think a studio version mash up of those songs would be amazing for a tour maybe a backdrop ?
  7. wtg1987

    I think her vocals are quite good on this - i think a mashup with this and Words would be a great opening(Using the words outro verse of course) these are my 2 fave pettibone songs
  8. wtg1987

    Love hearing this stuff - TIC slays ! :))
  9. wtg1987

    This is one of my all time favourite songs and never understood why she doesn’t acknowledge it ? It’s her only worldwide single to never have a video and it’s never been sung on tour so it’s definitely welcome and long overdue 😫
  10. wtg1987

    That would be heaven but I think they were only ever VHS sourced and no doubt lost the HD masters for them anyway 🙄
  11. wtg1987

    Yes I have that one - it’s the same transfer as the US one with 2 trailers but German text on the cover - might pick up the U.K. one cheap
  12. wtg1987

    You took the words right out of my mouth - it’s like comparing vogue video to BIM video - and let’s not forget HC has the worst album cover of her entire career too - the only track I like of this album is Devil and the sticky and sweet performance is magical 😍
  13. wtg1987

    Yes it has Madonna commentary and full Paris show 🙄😉😂
  14. wtg1987

    M would read that and say to Guy O - “Fuck no ! “ 😫
  15. wtg1987

    I know right ? Just need The Next Best Thing and my most wanted M movie on blu ray - Who’s That Girl 🤣