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  1. Adrian

    Well if someone of you don't leak the album just to earn some "points" and "thanx" she might have a chance to get on charts. So take a pill and chill til she's ready to put it out there and then BUY IT from the stores and not from the forums.
  2. Adrian

    Even if movie cameras did not film entire concert, it is filmed for an audience screens like any other show on tour. But who would be that "crazy" to get all Paris footage and edit entire new DVD/BluRay 28 years after? No profit there... and there are plenty of laserdisc rip bootlegs around with full shows from Nice and Yokohama + tv broadcast from Barcelona, not to mention that Houston concert that leaked. We only have 1 show pro-shot from last 5 tours, and Blond Ambition has 4 full + one partial from Paris pro-shots out there. Just saying
  3. Adrian

    For a ticket of 100$ and more, and sold out stadium it is not a good reference to sound "flat"
  4. Adrian

    Original master tapes from 80s and 90s and early 00s were stored in SD, they could be upscaled only.
  5. Adrian

    It will not chart at all :-))
  6. Adrian

    It would be great if she makes a tour where you will never know what she will play - every night different set-list. Or having 10 numbers fully choreographed she plays everywhere but then another 10-15 songs she does every night in different order, lol (I think fans will faint and be angry every night hahaha)
  7. Adrian

    There were to many "Madonna's" we have seen in the past, some fans liked one more than the other so maybe that's the reason someone is always not to satisfied with it. In my opinion, it was good - she tried to do a little bit of everything she did before adding lots of new songs to a setlist to promote new album. What I didn't like were arrangements on 80% of the songs. Everything sounds pre-recorded, what's the point in having a band? And I did seen an interview with a musical director of the show who showed that it was actualy played over the multitracks and stems... but why? Especially cause arrangements were not all that "inovating" this time. I also think one of the highlights (Living for love) could work better if done with "Brits" arrangement than full remix (was a bit to much). As for the rest... it was good, was not to dark like MDNA, but wasnt that great either. Next time she should make a concert with more of the live band sound and less pre-recorded stuff, more classics in original or inspired by original costumes (something Cher does for years) - would be great to see her again in some classic outfits doing it even better this time.
  8. Adrian

    It's funny how some people still dislike Ciao Italia because its a mix of three shows...and last two concerts she put were (over)mixed with videos all over the world...just sayin... I love Ciao Italia, it was the first show I watched on VHS from her and loved it all. Plus, best sound than any other of her live recording.
  9. Adrian

    Not true. Only if you think simple is considered bad and over the top is great - it's not. Real problem is that she only does 3-4 singles and in the 80's and 90's she had 5-6 singles from a single album that was much shorter than albums she puts today. And she always did chep stuff... for example... Like a Virgin album - 9 songs, 4 singles from them Angel was a montage, Dress you up is live from a concert video release. Like a Prayer - 11 songs, 6 singles including animated Dear Jessy and concert video of Keep it together Rebel Heart - 19-24 songs, only 3 singles On the other hand some artists like Beyonce make videos for entire albums released all at once the day album is out. Don't think Madonna will ever do that.
  10. something like Olympia show MDNA tour 2012... I agree
  11. Adrian

    I'm not the one who has it, but I know who does
  12. Adrian

    There are two different video rips of that show, the one that leaked was actually error disc in terms of audio, the other one was ripped succesfuly with original stereo sound.
  13. Adrian

    Actually I think most overrated era by fans (not public) is American Life. There are few great songs on it that weren't singles, but half of it is really bad, sorry.
  14. Adrian

    If it is a live concert then music comes first in my opinion. This isn't always the case with Madonna tours. But if you can make a statement or do something that raises eyebrows then ok. However if you don't have anything new to say, anything new to prove, anything cool to show...then stick with a great music choices on your setlist. I love the intro, I didn't like the song that much (Iconic) just ain't working for me, wasn't even a single. Bitch I'm Madonna was cool, I didn't like the song but this performance was great (just DVD editing was over the top and very distracting). Burning up... ok, Holly water/Vogue - ok just I didn't get the transition from Asia to Nuns... Part two, bad choice for opening..Body shop...really queen? Papa don't preach would be better (the guy from the PDP video was a mechanic also) and then perfectly True Blue... the rest is ok actually. Part three - we allready had latin/etno/gipsy themes in her shows - Living for love REMIX?!?!?! it ruins the song - I think best version of LFL musicly was Brit Awards. La Isla ok just a little borring, would be great if she pulled Take a Bow/You'll see in that section would fit the matador theme... that megamix was musicly just poor and weak. Request section was fine. I support that. Part four - great start, but she lost me on Material Girl....looks tired, energy level down. Would be better if after Candy shop she just went on Holiday. And then as a bonus she finishes the show with Ghosttown and some meaningful message written on screens. But ok that's how I'd do it, but I'm not Madonna. LoL This show wasn't prepared as MDNA - backdrops were just a lighting for the stage, nothing memorable. Opening intro was great, the rest was rushed and not much work was made into it like on MDNA tour.