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  1. She could be a very sexy accordeion player... lol
  2. According to these articles - Madonna will perform 2 songs on Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv,7340,L-5457325,00.html
  3. Adrian

    I belive Hollywood would be better choice for lead single for American Life. First make it commercial than political. MDNA was poor choice with GMAYL - she could do Superbowl without it. New album with GGW would be better. Hard Candy 4 minutes duet would do great even if second single because of Timberlake, Give it to me would be better first but I still dislike LP version of it. About Rebel Heart... first single was a good choice but the leak ruined it. remember...we all knew the song 2 months before the video was out. Ghosttown was a good choice for a single but she lost it with Bitch Im Madonna...not because the song but the video that looked like a parody but it wasnt. It was fun on Jimmy Fallon but music video no. She should release live rebel heart tour version instead. My opinion... Problem with Rebel Heart album is to many songs only 3 singles. To bad she didn't release at least 2 more singles after Bitch Im Madonna, she was on tour it was still "new".
  4. Adrian

    As with Kylie - she never released it, there's no pro-shot of that tour. And Madonna did Tears of a clown short edit as bonus I don't think this is something worth "blu-raying" :D Plus filming and production costs are to high to make even a big production concert DVD/Bluray
  5. Adrian

    Not in that order... The Virgin Tour 1. Dress You Up 2. Everybody 3. Gambler 4. Over and Over 5. Material Girl Who's That Girl 1. Open Your Heart 2. Lucky Star 3. Causing a Commotion 4. Dress You up medley 5. Into the groove Blond Ambition 1. Express Yourself 2. Like a Virgin 3. Vogue 4. Holiday 5. Keep it together Girlie Show 1. Fever 2. Vogue 3. Why is it so hard 4. Bye bye baby 5. La Isla Bonita Drowned World 1. Impressive instant 2. Frozen 3. Human Nature 4. Lo que siente la mujer 5. Music Re-invention 1. Vogue 2. Nobody knows me 3. Die Another Day 4. Music 5. Holiday Confessions 1. Future Lovers 2. Forbidden love 3. Music inferno 4. Erotica 5. Hung up Sticky and sweet 1. Candy shop 2. Vogue 3. She's not me 4. La isla bonita 5. Like a prayer MDNA 1. Girl gone wild 2. Open your heart/Sagara jo 3. Vogue 4. Human nature 5. Celebration Rebel heart 1. Bitch Im Madonna 2. Holy water 3. Deeper and deeper 4. Living for love 5. Music
  6. Adrian

    Visualy only first two albums. Musicly all of them.
  7. secretprojectrevolution was released on BitTorrent in 4K, however not on youtube and about the old videos... we had them upscaled on in Full HD... better than it is posible to make it at least like that.
  8. Adrian

    BEDTIME STORIES WORLD TOUR (Futuristic) 1. Bedtime Story 2. Sanctuary 3. Words 4. Rain (Bondage) 5. Human Nature 6. Erotica 7. I'd rather be your lover 8. Forbidden love (Latin/acoustic) 9. Take a bow 10. Love tried to welcome me 11. Promise to try 12. Live to tell (spiritual) 13. Secret 14. Like a Prayer 15. Pray for spanish eyes 16. La isla bonita ENCORE 1 17. Vogue ENCORE 2 18. 80's medley (like a virgin, material girl, into the groove, holiday...etc)
  9. Adrian

    Who would pay to watch this? Only hardcore fans. So it's an option for "Tears of a Clown" kind of shows, small venue... and 500-1000 USD ticket prices. So....big no!
  10. Not sure if you noticed this youtube upload but I belive this one is almost perfect - logo free and full, we got various versions (mostly cut and mixed) around and this one is in my opinion one of the best see for yourself:
  11. Adrian

    Would not hurt if she releases song or two per year when no album is on schedule.
  12. Madonna is old school having an album every 2-3 years, good excuse to go on tour. Usually we get 3 singles (videos) and that's all. Some new artists are not even bother to make an album, but they are everywhere because every 2-3 months they have a new single, new project, collab...and they stay "relevant" all the time. I know most of you will disagree, but I think only way Madonna can be "relevant" musicly is not to wait 2-3 years to put an album and then be in the spotlight for few weeks and then nothing for another 2-3 years... (She goes on tour but that's also not such a hype after first few shows...) So my point is - having new music every 2-3 months with videos, and promotional tours, tv aperiances etc is better strategy... for example, if she released songs from Rebel Heart when she started to work on album (one year prior the leak) she could have 3-4 hits before release, and the leak wouldn't be that terryfying I think. Whole strategy would be different.What we got were 3 singles from 25 track album... such a waste of material... remember if it's not a single, it's easly forgotten, especialy if you're not a fan.
  13. Adrian

    true, but new generations don't give a shit...
  14. Adrian

    They only love what's trending... they don't really care about anything. New generations... When she dies, they will love her. Same with MJ (remember how everyone was making fun of him 10 years before he died...who among youngsters knew David Bowie or Prince?... and then it was popular to know them...