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  1. dru110

    I really wish i had the money..i just dont. Good luck guys! I hope this does end up being something everyone gets to hear.but if not..no bigee i guess.
  2. dru110

    i am 52...i was a teenager in the 80's. been a fan since 83.
  3. dru110

    I love vamp!! Love Grace!!
  4. dru110

    isnt the listening party for the winner this month?
  5. dru110

    Thank you everyone!!! Dru is me to, I had to re register one time, long story. LOL.
  6. dru110

    arent the grammys in feb? Maybe a single performance ala LVL..but with her promo not being fucked up by leaks.
  7. dru110

    Im so dam excited for the new album, i cant wait, I am hoping for it to be coming out soon, but Having it release my bday would be awsome! Wish we had some more news. This waiting game sucks, LOL.
  8. That photo is my 50th bday party..i dont dress like that all the time lol

    1. dru110


      oh and the duck face was a joke to lol



  9. dru110

    I LOVE ONJ!!! Xanadu is my fav movie! I dunno about madonna doing a cover of magic though..lol..it did cross my mind for like a min.
  10. dru110

    My hope is she dosent leave dallas out again. LOL. I have missed so many tours cause I cant afford to go to other states to see her. She cancelled my MDNA date, and I couldnt get tickets for the secdond night. I lucked out for the RH tour, my best freind bought me tickets for the washington show and flew me in. I think shes only come here for four tours. :( VT, WTG, BA and MDMA.
  11. dru110

    I was doing some thinking today..aug is the mtv awards..madonna likes to premire her first singles on award shows etc. Maybe we get BG in aug?Also maybe BG is also the album title? I think the magic stuff pertains to the vibe in the studio...making magic..ya know. I dunno I could be wrong. LFL was meant to premire on the grammys..until the leak kind of fucked that up. I mean she still did the performance that feb. what do you all think?
  12. dru110

    Crap. I had this happen but I am super anal about my data so its backed up on several hard drives and discs. Not much can be done if the disc is scratched. Your gonna have to start from scratch. :( That sucks. Ive had to do this before I got way to stressed about saving and backing up on everything. Alot of links are still good on here that can get pictures, demos etc...Im so sorry this happaned. :(
  13. dru110

    She looks angelic and etherial! This met gala was made for her!!! OMG!
  14. dru110

    YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then she is prob getting ready to release a single!!!