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    Act I: Discretion 1. Act of Contrition / Girl Gone Wild (Intro) 2. Girl Gone Wild (with excerpts of 'Material Girl') 3. Revolver 4. Gang Bang 5. Hung Up (with excerpts of 'Sorry' and 'Girl Gone Wild') 6. I Don't Give A Act II: IDENTITY 7. It's So Cool / Nobody Knows Me (Interlude) 8. Burning Up (Remix) 9. I'm Addicted 10. I'm A Sinner Act III: Prophecy 11. Best Friend / Heartbeat (Interlude) 12. Express Yourself (contains excerpts of 'Human Nature' and 'She's Not Me') 13. Give Me All Your Luvin' 14. Masterpiece Act IV: Sex 15. Justify My Love / Erotica (Interlude) 16. Vogue 17. Music (Remix) 18. Die Another Day / Beautiful Killer 19. Like a Virgin (Acoustic) 20. Love Spent (Acoustic) Act V: Revival 21. Rain / Frozen (Interlude) 22. Falling Free 23. Ray of Light Act VI: Redemption 24. Some Girls (Interlude) 25. Superstar 26. Turn Up the Radio 27. Like a Prayer Encore: 28. Celebration / Give it 2 Me
  2. hawkings24

    Anyone got any Kylie stems/instrumentals?
  3. Does anybody know if the tour is getting a professional recording? And if so, any ideas which date/show?
  4. hawkings24

    @@rebelheart93 Though it was listed in the program, it was never actually performed at any of the shows on this tour