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  1. They were floating around a while ago and I can't find them anymore, can anyone help?
  2. I understand it's out there, does anyone have it?
  3. hawkings24

    Well I don't know tbh it's just one of those things I'd like to see, the same way I enjoyed the MSN broadcast of the Fever Tour because it's different
  4. There's a few videos floating round of the Channel 4 Broadcast of Kylie's Showgirl tour in 2005, was just wondering if anyone has the full broadcast?
  5. Thanks @Kosmmik! Would you be able to do acapella sets for other songs if possible?
  6. hawkings24

    omg ty
  7. Nope, but it's a close second; the intro is the one Kylie posted with a video and the mixes are the ones used in the performance, bar YDNY so it's as good as