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  1. Enrico

    Are you sure? As far as I know, the buyer didn't want to share...
  2. Enrico

    Nobody has it, only the one person who bought it on Ebay on 2015 at about 6-7000 dollars. The person who declares to have it on Discogs (anaptannus) also has it in his wantlist, so I suppose it's a mistake.
  3. Rumors were true once again!! Madonna = voice of God I feel it, it's coming...
  4. A song that I used to listen to before important events such as exams, concerts was Express Yourself: I took a lot of energy and encouragement from it, but I think it is common to many of us. A song that came out in a very dark moment of my life, when I felt I couldn't do it, I was giving up, I felt lonely and desperate, is Hey You. It really felt like she was talking to me, like she knew what was going on. Every single word. I know It is not a fan favourite, but I can really say that it saved my life. Hey, you, don't you give up Its not so bad There's still a chance for us Hey, you, just be yourself Don't be so shy There's reasons why its hard
  5. Enrico

    At 1:50
  6. A record to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Breakfastclub/Emmy/Gotham would really be the best thing! We don't need another GH, unless it features at least three unreleased tracks. We already missed many anniversary editions: Erotica 25, True Blue 30. Maybe LAP with the demos (Love attack, Angels, First is a kiss, Possessive love) would be sooo good, too good to be true. Nevertheless, if the Emmy movie is successful maybe we could have something related. Dan Gilroy can you hear me? Steven Bray has still to release Pre-Madonna volume 2.
  7. Enrico

    I think she has too many ballads in her repertoire to choose an old one, especially one that wasn't a single. No chance for Ghosttown which didn't even get the room it deserved on RHT. Definitely not Promise to try if it's a big venue. I'd love to hear Gone or Easy ride again but I highly doubt it unless it's TOAC... I'd love to hear Gambler, Angel, Rescue me, Nothing really matters, Beautiful Stranger, and many more! He's a man 😍 Buenos Aires I could die but it's really impossible... too many words to remember. Another suitcase would be a great great gift, indeed.
  8. 2019... We could die of boredom and speculations 😭
  9. Enrico

    I hope that for Record Store Day 2019 they reissue Over and Over Italian 12''!
  10. Enrico

    From IG Story it looks like Lauren D'Elia was at the concert, too..
  11. Enrico

    I don't know Migos' music very well, but many fans were really let down and posted negative comments on Madonna's IG because he is homophobic, praying that this does not mean a collaboration for the new album.
  12. Enrico

    The auction also features another unreleased Bray-Madonna track called Head Over Heels!! No lyrics, just music this time on the sheet music: http://www.gottahaverockandroll.com/mobile/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=25405
  13. I agree with you. When I posted the iconic True Blue pictures to celebrate the album's 32nd anniversary, I received a lot of "likes" from my young students. Even young people can appreciate the beauty of those photoshoots!
  14. I know, I have IG but only a few of my friends do, while many of my followers are students.. But this is why I wonder if they should find other ways of promoting M...
  15. What scares me most is that she has a limited number of followers, considering who she is, and the number of "likes" are less than an average Italian tv celebrity. So something is not working well...