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  1. Enrico

    We roll hard or we go home!! Nanananana Today is Vogue's 29th anniversary, he must give good face!
  2. You mean realistic or impossible desires? Let's try a mix of the two: Gambler (would sound great on rock guitar à la Burning Up) Rescue me (I'd love a "apocalypse" theme) Angel (I'd love a "paradise" theme) Nothing really matters I'll remember (get up, it's time now to aknowledge it) Spanish eyes (do I have to justify this? no, but it's absolutely impossible) Causing a commotion (I would say WTG, but we had it on RHT, and it didn't last long...) Live to tell Into the groove Everybody Girl gone wild American life You'll see Beautiful stranger Another suitcase or another Evita song
  3. Enrico

    Like an apple!
  4. Enrico

    A little off topic (or not?), but if you don't know it yet, I strongly advise to watch this great song by the great Julie Atherton:
  5. Enrico

    https://www.tsf.pt/cultura/musica/interior/muito-secretismo-nas-gravacoes-do-novo-videoclipe-de-madonna-em-sintra-veja-as-imagens-10701493.html Madonna is recording a music video in Belas, in the municipality of Sintra. The 'pop queen' was only seen entering a red van, where one can read 'makeup', and secrecy is the true protagonist of the moments before the recordings. The church of Belas is totally occupied by vans, but it did not even catch the attention of people who, knowing that the 'queen of pop' was right there, did not value the situation very much, said TSF on the spot. It was expected that Madonna's presence would lead to a bigger apparatus, but the works continue to run normally, since the area where the video is being recorded is completely covered with black cloths and even the windows are covered. Madonna has been living in Portugal for almost two years, has shown her passion for the country and this time, she decided to record the music video for a song in Sintra. Igreja Matriz de Belas:
  6. Enrico

    Please remember that according to DrownedMadonna, the Lisbon shoit was not fir a music video: https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2019/02/11/it-is-not-a-new-madonna-song-and-not-the-new-music-video/ As we previously reported, we at DrownedMadonna.com learnt that what Madonna was filming in Lisbon is not the music video of her new single. We heard that it is a video project involving her new music that is still secret. Details will come soon. So for all we know we only have two at the moment: 1 the LA one (with drags) 2 the Sintra one (... with Maluma?)
  7. Enrico

    Yes maybe June 25th!! (And yes, I know it is not a Friday, it is just to say that it won't be anytime soon... well it depends what #soon means to you)
  8. Enrico

    She was in touch with Netflix, but if the deal wasn't made, maybe she offered her documentary to the new Apple platform. I honestly hope I don't have to buy a lot of stuff in order to access her material. I just want to buy every possible physical release and dowload the album to get extra songs without subscribing to many things etc..
  9. Enrico

    Candy perfume girl Spanish lesson Some girls Runaway lover Hollywood History Cyber-raga Shoo-bee-doo Love song B-day song Push Let down your guard Best night Champagne rosé I'd rather be your lover
  10. Enrico

    Well @brazilfanI am a big fan of Hey You, I find it's heartly felt, and hate that it's the only song unavailable physically (apart from the live version). Still, I agree with you that a political song can hardly be original and can be full of rhethorical ideas: it's hard to write Imagine! But I trust M and despite some recent wrong single choices I think she will release a single that it's a bomb, she has been planning this for more than year. And if she has a controversial video, well that's what I have been waiting for! We want more videos like Open your heart or Like a prayer than Give it to me or Living for love.
  11. Enrico

    The disagreement is said to center on one song in particular — a new unreleased single that deals with US politics. While producers have asked Madonna to leave the song out of her set due to its potentially divisive nature, she is said to be insisting on its inclusion, threatening to cancel her participation. Channel 12 news reported that Madonna is expected to perform for about 15 minutes towards the end of the Eurovision finals, as votes from around the world are counted and ahead of the announcement of the winning entry. https://www.timesofisrael.com/madonna-eurovision-production-said-fighting-over-song-choice/amp/?__twitter_impression=true So the political controversy is indeed very political if this article is true... 15 minutes? Expect another Like a prayer performance!
  12. Enrico

    WoW Periscope! So many RHT memories! All the nights spent with you guys over here! With @groovyguyalways providing the best Periscope links!!
  13. Enrico

    A reliable source told me that the single title is not Hard Love, but Maluma Hard.
  14. Enrico

    One thing is true: this silence and secrecy is driving us all crazy!