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  1. Enrico

    1. Vogue 2. He's a Man 3. What Can You Lose 4. Sooner or Later 5. More 6. Back in Business 7. Hanky Panky 8. Something to Remember 9. I'm Going Bananas 10. Cry Baby 11. Now I'm Following You (part1&2)
  2. Enrico

    Totaly agree! That can describe every tour since BAT! I'm just taking time
  3. Enrico

    That's what is also reported by MadonnaUndeground: The 60-year-old singing legend is said to be planning a “no expenses spared” run of shows, which will feature pyrotechnics and her usual army of performers, and she will stun supporters in some “amazing outfits”. An industry source said: “Madonna is really excited about performing her new music and has spared no expense with the production. “There will be the usual army of dancers, slick lighting and even some pyrotechnics. “She might be 60 but she works incredibly hard to keep her body in the best shape possible and plans to show it off in some amazing outfits, so fans can expect an array of dramatic costume changes.” The ‘Like a Prayer’ hitmaker is planning to drop her 14th album later this year, and fans who snap up a ticket for her tour will also be treated to some of her greatest hits, as well as a collection of her new songs. The source added to The Sun newspaper: “Of course she’ll treat revellers to a few of her classic hits too. She adores performing and loves to see her fans. “She’s hugely professional and always puts on a mind-blowing show. It’s going to be the hottest ticket in town.” https://madonnaunderground.com/madonna-set-for-2019-world-tour/ My comment: #Sooner or Later you're gonna be mine
  4. Enrico

    I was in my 40s during Rebel Heart Era, now I'm old.
  5. Enrico

    When on December 24 I posted this: Honestly, I hope we can have info and material #soon, because I feel like dying...  It looked like I was the only one who'd rather have some news and didn't want to be surprised, but now I feel like I have company!
  6. Enrico

    Page 300 and not even a title for the album Nothing equals nothing
  7. Enrico

    My fear is that if she releases an album every 4-5 year, this may be one of her last... Unfortunately the leaks have stopped (we only had a taste of ROL demos, or Secret and ROL brolls, or even the 1989 interview), and Warner doesn't seem to plan any anniversary release. Still you need wood to keep the fire alive... I really hope we get singles and music video AND a tour! The tour, if newly conceived and with a different format and musical direction, may add a lot. It's beautiful to see her live, how come you don't want a tour??
  8. As I said, we should sign a PETITION! Someone knows how to start this?
  9. Enrico

    1 Drowned world 2 Rebel heart 3 You'll see 4 Don't tell me 5 Intervention 6 Jump 7 Waiting 8 Masterpiece 9 Ghosttown 10 Vogue 11 I'll remember 12 Material girl 13 Oh father 14 Easy ride 15 Crazy for you 16 True blue 17 Like a prayer 18 Live to tell 19 He's a man 20 Borderline Omg 20 are not enough... here are 5 extras: Promise to try You must love me Beautiful stranger American life Girl gone wild
  10. Enrico

    Apparently she saw the off Broadway show "Slave Play" with Lourdes. https://pagesix.com/2019/01/14/full-frontal-male-nudity-lures-madonna-into-off-broadway-show/
  11. Enrico

    Gambler American Life I don't give a ***
  12. Enrico

    Could it be possible to sign a petition??
  13. Enrico

    Remaster including First is a kiss, Love attack and Angel with dirty faces. That's what I call a anniversary!!!
  14. Enrico

    Gotham Tape Revenge Arioso It's so cool Hello Suckers demos Animal Never let you go Queen
  15. Enrico

    I feel very positive about the new sound and also a new musical director! Welcome Omar Edwards!!