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  1. Enrico

    I'll tell you in Italian @stefo: ommiodddddio!! People have a lot of fantasy!
  2. Enrico

    Justify my love has such great lyrics. It says it all. Rough and sexy.
  3. Enrico

    Please guys if you don't want a warning stop attacking each other and talking about Madonna's body. In just a few hours I find 2 extra pages of annoying conversation. I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know. Let's focus on music please!!
  4. Enrico

    I tried to stream Champagne Rose a lot on Spotify... Call me old, but this is not the way I play music unfortunately. And by the way, despite the leaks I bought at least 6 copies of Rebel Heart editions.
  5. Enrico

    Love the idea of children choir! I love both Hey you and It's so cool!
  6. Enrico

    We all know and probably all agree that MDNA is not LAP or ROL. Still, there are a lot of tracks that I like: Girl gone wild, I don't give a, Masterpiece, I fucked up, even TUTR to be honest, to name just a few. Some tracks are terrible, true, B-Day song being the worst probably, but there are songs that can be considered fillers everywhere; each of us has his own "unfavourite"! (to me it's Candy Perfume Girl for instance, I really loathe it, but I always listen to Jimmy Jimmy). I think we also agree that the production in this last decade has suffered a lot. Blame the leaks, blame the difficulty to stay relevant and "modern", blame other interests while doing the album, blame the management. I am not totally sure that this time we won't have similar problems, but I want to stay positive. Still, no Madonna album is disappointing to me. As she would put it, "they're a reminder of our history".
  7. Enrico

    Honestly, was ever a Madonna album really disappointing? I find Rebel Heart, despite the imperfections, one of the best in melodies and songwriting. I happen to listen to MDNA more than other albums. There is no album that I don't want to listen to. And there is absolutely no tour that I regret watching! I don't see all those "fillers": She's not me? Heartbreak city? I'm addicted? Don't think so. The only thing I regret is not going to more dates because of money and time. RHT was fantastic for many reasons, I got dressed up as an Unapologetic Dick hoping to be chosen. MDNA I got the chance to be in the triangle in Florence and despite some bad vocals it was still visually amazing. S&S is maybe my least favourite but I really enjoyed all the times I saw it. I agree that it's a bad move to start selling the tickets together with the album release to increase sales, but I really don't understand how come some of us are not excited of another tour!! Baybe your wallet is not excited!
  8. Enrico

    You should ask Andy Lecompte to reinvent her style! https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/madonna-hairstylist-andy-lecompte-interview
  9. Enrico

    I think there are more wigs than we think: As for a tour, we know it's normal to tour after an album (and she always did it: she skipped LAP because of Pepsi and Dick Tracy, BS because of Evita, ROL because of Lourdes). You have to tour nowadays if you want to make money in music. I personally hope to see her as much as I can next summer: there won't be many chances for a world tour when she is older... Of course I would love to see some changes: especially more attention to music, a live band and better backgroud singers, as for WTG and GS. I love these shows being theatrical, BAT will always be the reference. I love interaction and when she talks to people and improvises a bit, that's why I really enjoyed seeing the RHT dates here on the forum on Periscope. Smaller venues would be great!
  10. Enrico

    Here is a "Confessions-style" rendition of Material Girl on Italian XFactor: http://video.tvzap.kataweb.it/replay-tv/x-factor-martina-attili-come-madonna-stupisce-cantando-material-girl-sui-pattini/12931/12990
  11. He can't even if he wanted, this song belongs to the Warner period and needs their (and Madonna's) permission. But at least we know the exact title (it's always called "Working my fingers to the bone") and that it got a final mix by him.
  12. Enrico

    A little off the tracklist discussion... MDNASkin + Champagne rosé: could be someone's nightmare
  13. It was posted by Jellybean on his IG for M's birthday in 2016:
  14. Enrico

    Considering that Beautiful Game was presented in a religious context at the Met Gala, I wonder if it could be "God Control" instead of "Dark Ballet".