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  1. BillyBongo

    I remember that well. It went to Number 1 on my 21st birthday
  2. This just kind of occurred to me recently. I first properly got into Madonna when I was around 15, Erotica came out, I was blown away by the album, the videos, the controversy, the times, the ideas, it was all pretty much perfect for a 15 year old gay male that wasn't sure of his identity (or whatever the hell you call it) but one thing happened a lot in that era and it bugged the shit out of me. "Madonna is crap now, she used to be so good but now she's just desperate." That kind of talk used to annoy me for 2 reasons. 1. No, it wasn't crap, i loved the music and 2. I often felt like i'd missed out on something special that had gone before. I don't mean necessarily the music but the general feel of what had gone down before i joined the party and had i indeed missed the best part? Now, cut to over 20 years later and i found myself writing a comment on you tube on the Bitch I'm Madonna video saying that this is crap. You people have no idea how good this party used to be. Before you get the pitchforks out, let me make my point. Back in 1992, i literally could not understand how anyone on the planet could call Madonna/Erotica/The Whole Damn Era crap but they did. And now I find myself at the opposite end, I cannot understand how anyone thinks this is good but people do. Rebel Herat is highly acclaimed but to be honest, I thinker's shit. But then I think back to 1992 and I put myself in their place and I think ok, yes i can kind of understand. Not even sure if I'm getting my point across here. hopefully i am!
  3. BillyBongo

    German Bold Italic is her best song in my opinion. Great video too. I like stuff from the Impossible Princess album too, that was a real highlight of her career, just a pity that no one else seemed to like it!
  4. Rebel heart because it's the only good song she hasn't released! Sorry!!
  5. BillyBongo

    I love Candy Perfume Girl. I don't have a clue what she's on about in it but it doesn't matter. Great rocky number.I have a felling it's her I Am The Walrus by The Beatles. Ridiculously cryptic lyrics for no other reason than to make people pick it apart 😀
  6. BillyBongo

    Oh I forgot about Erotica William Orbit 12". Amazing remix
  7. BillyBongo

    Deeper and Deeper Shep's Deep MakeoverBedtime Story Orbital mixFever Video Version
  8. BillyBongo

    If we're talking about any song, probably S.E.XWorst single for me is, sorry got to be honest, Girl Gone Wild. I never thought Madonna would come out with something so generic and vapid.
  9. BillyBongo

    Maybe I'm going mad!!It's only in the right earphone, it's quiet but definitely there
  10. BillyBongo

    I only noticed it with earphones in
  11. BillyBongo

    I don't know if this is common knowledge, still quite new to Madonna forum life. I was listening to Falling Free yesterday and at the end of the song during the instrumental with the melody strings, it sounds as if someone coughs in the background. Is this intentional or a mistake?It's at 4.22
  12. I was at my cousin's 21st birthday back in 1995, they'd hired a function hall and had a projector screen showing music videos. My gran knew I was a Madonna fan and Secret came on. I was sitting next to her and she asked "is that Madonna?" I said yeah and she just nodded but I did notice her hand tapping her knee in time with the song 😊
  13. BillyBongo

    She's Not Me:+ I like the disco vibe of it, the lyrics are funny,I think it's one of Hard Candy's better tracks.- Tacking it on to Express Yourself on the MDNA tour. Seemed a bit silly but then I hate tit for tat celebrity battles anyway!Next: Future Lovers
  14. BillyBongo

    Like a virgin. Meh!
  15. BillyBongo

    Having a major thing for Drowned World at the moment. Playing it a lot this last week.