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  1. remixed224

    It's not, it's just Andy's tattoo and he's joking on instagram with comments
  2. remixed224

    I'm starting to doubt that she will tour this year. Cause tickets should be out on March or April to start tour on September
  3. remixed224

    Interesting reflection in glasses... Like desert? Or it's just my imagination? :D
  4. remixed224

    At 5:40 mark:
  5. remixed224

    Of course it’s not! It’s just like from RH behind the scenes “Lisa” song. She sang random words during filming and Nunixo thought it’s funny and edited to short video:)
  6. remixed224

    Her face is not that round anymore!
  7. remixed224

    Lately she's reposting old videos She was in New York actually and yesterday flew out: Sometimes it's so hard to understand where she is, cause she post without any locations and sometimes she posting few days "lategrams"
  8. remixed224

    Krypton International is production company. I love what I found in companies webpage and instagram - it's visually tasty!
  9. remixed224

    Nunoxico is director of few MDNA Skin commercials and made lots of documentaries for her? I doubt he is director of new video, he is maybe responsable for making off video or another / bigger project
  10. remixed224

    If she will start tour in Fall, let's say September or October, usually tickets go on sale at least 6 months before... so it should be on March? I'm just trying to find logic how we could have new music sooner :D
  11. remixed224

    I hope it's the calm before the storm
  12. remixed224

    For me he sounds so outdated, nothing what appeals for younger or wider audience to be on top
  13. remixed224

    She's really preparing something and maybe rehearsals started for video or performances. I'm really hope for Grammy, it could be great start