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  1. remixed224

    I don't mind she's releasing album next year, I think she will record amazing album. But what bothers me... misleading communication about it. Why she can't be honest with her fans and just post video on IG about it. Why she teases us, creates hype and than nothing....keeps everything in secret...
  2. remixed224

    ^hope it's true!
  3. remixed224

    It was translated via google translator, so maybe it was translated not it a right way. And I doubt she would invite someone to actual recording sessions
  4. I have iPhone and I don't have those markings... maybe she uses some kind app
  5. hmm can you see number 8 on a left? Second time something with number 8
  6. remixed224

    I think this new album will be the "reset" button. She was not happy with all those writing camps, she complained openly to Guy and from there things changed.. thats what I think. She got more control or got all creative control, she's choosing people she wants to work with and experiment with. In my opinion she started to write album from scratch and that's why she is still in works
  7. remixed224

    Maybe it's for Android? It's still the same for iPhone and no update...
  8. remixed224

    I read somewhere on Facebook that she's doing only remixes.
  9. remixed224

    They always play full Rebel Heart album in Vilnius IKEA , haha :D
  10. remixed224

    Let's hope they will use all this hype to promote new song
  11. remixed224

    I think she will get Billboard ICON award! But that means she will perform, just old / iconic song/s
  12. It looks great! I love colors this time! MDNA looked so dark, heavy.. and RHT so light!
  13. remixed224

    I hope that too )
  14. remixed224

    It's already can be seen in like a virgin scene from interview... one second she's with white shirt, another... black
  15. remixed224

    Yeah I think it's intro video!