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  1. matty221087

    I seriously can’t wait for her upcoming tour for the new album! I just seriously hope she stays away from the following songs. Candy Shop Like a Prayer La Isla Bonita Music Material Girl Like a Virgin She’s done those songs far too much over the last few tours. I could understand if she was a new artist and didn’t have that many songs in her catalogue to choose from, but she’s got over 30 years of music to choose from, and there’s loads of songs that have been neglected. For her new tour I will be so happy if she chooses at least one of the following songs... Sorry - Severely underrated, her last second single from an album to go to Number 1. I think Hung Up completely dominated the COADF era and didn’t really give any other songs a chance to shine. Sorry is an epic tune and would be amazing if Madonna performs it again The Power of Goodbye - My favourite song from Ray of Light, such an epic tune! The Look of Love - My favourite soundtrack song that Madonna has ever done Spanish Eyes - Madonna always seems to have a Spanish section in her tours and it would be refreshing to hear this instead of La Isla Bonita Hollywood - Madonna has never performed this on a tour, it was only ever used as an interlude on the Reinvention Tour, so would be nice to hear her sing it. Oh Father - This tune is one of my earlier favourites, the music video always gives me chills, her voice would sound great singing this live! She’s not performed live for a long time. Bad Girl - One of my favourite songs from Erotica, when did Madonna last perform this live!? Frozen - I was gutted when the 2009 version never made it on the DVD of the sticky and sweet tour, that version was epic, she definitely needs to do Frozen again, it’s a massive hit! What do you guys think of the songs I’ve mentioned? Do you think she might perform any of them?
  2. matty221087

    The trouble is that there isn’t enough people in Madonna’s team that are telling her the truth whether something is bad, and instead they’re all just agreeing with her, this goes for her looks, single choices, songs on her set list of tours etc. Instead people should be saying “no Madonna that’s not a good look” or “don’t choose that song for the tour when you’ve done it 3 times in a row” etc. Her management/pr team are shit and are dragging her down, not to mention Live Nation, Warner Bros. Kept her in line and on the straight and narrow
  3. matty221087

    The Stonewall performance is a perfect example... instead of everyone talking about her appearance, speech and singing two songs, it’s completely overshadowed by her arse! And that is such a shame! What makes people think that if she performs at the Grammy’s etc will be any different? So we can hope to focus on the new music all we want, but she is gonna be devoured by critics with that fake arse. Several news sites are covering the story now and the comments left by people are horrible to read, calling her an old witch, sayings she’s revolting etc. Such a shame! Also there’s controversy about her taking her 13 year old son into a gay bar late at night with people condemning her for that too. As a long time Madonna fan who cannot wait for this new album to be released, I’m just so excited for it and want it to be really successful, but I’m just a bit disappointed because I’m almost certain that her arse will be the only talking point of the performance like NYE, instead of the music! 😞
  4. matty221087

    It doesn’t matter if Madonna releases the most perfect song ever written for this new upcoming album, if she doesn’t do something about that arse she is going to get ripped to shreds about it! She already gets harsh criticism for anything she does anyway, but critics will completely lay into her over it. And I know certain fans are saying we need to forget about that and talk about the album... but I’m pretty sure that if she appears on stage at the Grammys etc to perform with her arse looking like that, it’s going to COMPLETELY overshadow the music and instead of everyone focusing on the new music of whether it’s good or bad, people will just be laying into her about her image and that ridiculous arse. So yeah in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if Madonna comes on stage with the best song she’s ever done, if her arse looks like that, it’ll be only that the majority of people will be talking about...
  5. matty221087

    Kylie has announced she’s doing Glastonbury 2019, I’m disappointed because I was really hoping Madonna was going to be doing it, there were lots of rumours that she would be, especially with her new album coming out next year. It would have given her album a massive boost with promotion if she did perform at Glastonbury! Would of been so awesome if she had a set list of about 6 songs like Radio 1’s big weekend. 1. New song 2. Hung Up 3. New song 4. Music 5. New Song 6. Like a Prayer I’m dreaming I know, but would of been epic. Massive missed opportunity for her.
  6. matty221087

    I can’t decide which song I prefer between Miles Away and Across the Sky, what about you guys?? Such a shame Across the Sky wasn’t included, such a great song! There’s so many great demos! History and Triggering your Senses from Confessions Animal, Latte, and Across the Sky from Hard Candy Far too many to name from Rebel Heart!! But the stand out two are Queen and Rebel Heart Ft Avicii, such a missed opertunity with those two! Queen always gives me goosebumps! I wonder if there will be many demos leak from the upcoming album!? I hope so after the album has released! Because some of her demos are better than some of the songs that actually appear on the albums! lol
  7. matty221087

    I know every fan of Madonna is different and has their own favourites and least favourites but I find it so annoying with how much hate her album Hard Candy gets! People exaggerate and make out it’s the worst album ever! When I absolutely love it, that whole era was amazing, also the last time she was massively popular amongst the general public, I remember her doing Radio 1 Big Weekend and it was massive! There were thousands there, She was played all over the radio, 4 Minutes topped the charts for four weeks! The younger people were loving it. The era was huge! The she went on to do the highly successful Sticky and Sweet Tour which smashed records and beat the confessions tour sales. So overall, it can’t be that bad of an album can it! I think it’s far better than some of her earlier albums like Like a Virgin, and Bedtime Stories which I found boring. Stand out songs from Hard Candy are 4 Minutes - Absolutely banging tune!! Miles Away - Such an awesome song and her voice sounds brilliant Beat Goes On - Such a funky song and love the bit “Say what you like, do what you feel...” part Give it 2 Me - Love this song, very groovy, Pharell is a good addition Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You - Absolutely brilliant ballad, love the lyrics to it And then the tour! The sweet machine intro! Vougue mashed up with 4 Minutes (the best version of vogue easily!) Into the groove, love the little mashup with “jump” too 4 Minutes! That Intro with the loud drums gives me goosebumps every time! Like A Prayer! What an electric version! The “it feels like” mashup was epic Frozen & Holiday! Absolutely gutted these wasn’t added as an extra on the Blu-Ray! This version of Frozen was absolutely amazing!! Pure euphoria! So those are my feelings on Hard Candy, absolutely amazing era, and YES I loved the album cover! She looks sexy as f**k, and I love the pink colors on it too. For me Hard Candy was her last truly successful chart topping era, the same can’t be said for what happened after she left Warner Bros. After Hard Candy.... Im just hoping this 2019 album is gonna be something big to reignite my excitement like Hard Candy did! 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭.
  8. matty221087

    I don’t know why so many people have a problem with Madonna having featuring artists on her songs. It’s good because it introduces Madonna to a whole new audience who may not have heard her before, mainly the younger generation, they then may go on to listen to the rest of her music in her back catalogue. Look at 4 Minutes, that was hugely popular with the younger audience, it was being played everywhere! Young people I know hadn’t even heard of Madonna till 4 Minutes and they were saying how they thought it was a brilliant tune. And 4 Minutes was Madonna’s last UK number 1 single, it’s always in her top 5 songs in Spotify too. Absolute banger of a tune! So I’m looking forward to any collaboration she got planned!
  9. matty221087

    One of the worst things about living in an era full of technology and the internet is for how easy it is for people to spread hate, like these little keyboard warriors. It’s so easy for people to just write hateful comments today. Things were far more simple back in the 80s and early 90s when the internet, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist! I think celebrities like Madonna would be better off having ZERO social media accounts. BUT if they insist on having one, the posts that they upload should be 100% related to promoting their music only! And there should be an option like there is on YouTube to disable comments so these nasty people don’t have a chance to spread hate like those vile Gaga fans. Anyway I hope some news of her new Album comes soon! Can’t belelive it’s four years this month since songs from Rebel Heart leaked and just before Christmas she released those six songs out of nowhere! I was buzzing when I heard Ghosttown for the first time! It was a big surprise! I still don’t know how thats the only song that somehow didn’t leak! My biggest hope for her upcoming tour is that she performs “Sorry” again, I’ll be absolutely buzzing if she does! It’s such an underrated song and she’s only performed it once! Please don’t do “Candy Shop” again lol
  10. matty221087

    Is that a dig at me?
  11. matty221087

    Wow I think that it’s really interesting to see how every fan ranks the album art/covers differently! 🙂. I know that the album cover to Hard Candy gets a lot of criticism, but I can’t really understand why, I think it’s colorful and Madonna looks proper sexy on it haha. Every album cover has an iconic look and I can’t wait to see what look she’s gonna go for on the new album cover! 🙂
  12. matty221087

    Really? I didn’t even know she still did the calendars. Yeah it’s all so lazy, the merchandise, her website, etc. She really should get new people in that know what they’re doing, especially with her new album coming out. In my opinion things have got quite bad since she left Warner Bros. I think they kept her in line and they knew what they were doing (Promotion, single choices, merchandise etc)
  13. matty221087

    Just for a bit of fun I thought I’d rank Madonna’s album covers from my favourite to least favourite in anticipation of the new album cover being revealed, whenever that might be! What’s everyone else’s favourite album covers? (1 is favourite, 13 is least favourite) 1. Confessions On a Dancefloor 2. Hard Candy 3. Rebel Heart 4. Ray Of Light 5. MDNA 6. Music 7. American Life 8. True Blue 9. Bedtime Stories 10. Madonna 11. Like a Virgin 12. Erotica 12. Like a Prayer
  14. matty221087

    Does anyone else remember when she featured on a song of Kanye’s that was cut from his album. Really wish that had of been included as that was a sick collaboration! I love her vocals and lyrics on it 🎶