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    No problem: [Hidden Content]
  2. 36 years in (if we say 1982 was when it kicked off), half of that is 18... I still think her career was kind of pre and post-Sex book but that wasn't even a third of the way through! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIw5HjpH4rc
  3. "I work in the industry and sadly that just won’t happen. Madonna demands too much money for reissues which differ from the original versions. They can get away with coloured vinyl, or tweaks like boxset packaging, but she wanted a massive amount of money for an Erotica 25 special edition when Warner approached her." From the comments thread on Super Deluxe Edition, a website focused on special edition and box set music releases: http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/feature/sde-reissue-preview-for-2018/#more-136948 Not sure if the guy posting this is a credible source but it definitely sounds like something she'd do. If it's true, hey at least Warner tried, right? Thoughts?
  4. WhitePanda

    Here are both versions, ripped from my CD singles [Hidden Content]
  5. WhitePanda

    ... way too many to choose from!
  6. WhitePanda

    I wish I'd been able to see HC/LDLHA - I was at the shows in New Zealand and the staircase didn't make it over here :( The show went straight from Deeper and Deeper to Like a Virgin.
  7. WhitePanda

    I think the reason for older fans grouping near the stage are because they can afford those tickets, whereas the rest of us 20-somethings have to settle for the cheap seats
  8. WhitePanda

  9. WhitePanda

    I remember being aware of her as a kid - the Club 69 radio mix of Nothing Really Matters played at my mum's wedding as part of a dancing mixtape cassette and it was my favourite track on it. I just loved her voice, I had no idea who she was. When I heard the Richard Vission radio remix of American Pie on the radio in the car one day, I fell in love with it, and it was the first cassette I ever saved up my allowance for. William Orbit's production work on her voice was just unreal. My mum gave me her old copy of Like a Virgin on CD and I remember comparing that album cover to the American Pie photograph and almost refusing to believe it was the same person. (Angel and Stay were my jams.) Then I forgot about her, until Hung Up. That got me in a huge way. Then I saw on TV they were talking about her performing Hung Up at the Grammys and showed a clip, followed by the cagefight from the Sorry music video. After that it just steamrolled; I got the Taraborelli biography of her out of the library and read it cover-to-cover five or six times, I hired her old albums on CD from the library, and when I heard the song Ray of Light, within the first second I remember intense goosebumps and a rush of excitement, something like "I know this! I love this! I've heard this before! What is this?!" And that was that. I also later learned that on the day I was born Like a Prayer was the #1 song on the charts in my country. Best birthday song ever.
  10. WhitePanda

    Bring it on! Like a Prayer on CD (even on the 2005 Japan remaster) has always been a little flat. Of all her albums it's the one long overdue for a remaster - and a bonus CD or two of remixes, demos, maybe some live tracks, that would be the dream.
  11. WhitePanda

    Never a fan of this one. It had some fun potential but at the end of the day it's slow, awkward and damned hard to dance to. Diplo's intended mix on Soundcloud sounds better, if only she'd let this one cook a little longer before the rush-release...
  12. WhitePanda

    Quoting the press release: "Madonna has announced that her record-breaking MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR will be released by Eagle Vision on September 15 on digital download, DVD and Blu-ray complete with bonus content, and an audio CD of highlights from her much-heralded tour. The Material Girl will also release a live album featuring 22 songs from the Rebel Heart Tour, available on double CD and digital download." If we interpret this literally, they're saying we're going to get a highlights CD with the DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital video (like with Confessions and S&S), and there will be a seperate 2CD live album released as well. That's great news for both camps: those who want the full show on two CDs, and those who want just the highlights. Yay! (Not to mention giving collectors more product to buy )
  13. WhitePanda

    Throwing my hat into the ring with fan-made artwork, because why not. I was watching the Showtime special last night and had an idea for a Rebel-red vinyl release for the tour to make it a little bit more special than what we seem to be getting.
  14. WhitePanda

    The rap in S.E.X. Because her delivery is somewhere between sexy, camp, and downright menacing. I love it. Plus the breakdown of Best Night ("Surrender to the pleasure..."), and literally all of Justify My Love.