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  1. drivebitch

    Well it's really only useful as a dildo... the thing is bogus. It's not gonna make you look beautiful -- not that YOU need to be made beautiful anyway, stud.
  2. drivebitch

    99.9% of the world has never heard of him, so.
  3. drivebitch

    It must be some sort of shade as the video is completely ridiculous. It reads like she wanted to find something, anything, to purposely tag him in. lol.
  4. drivebitch

    I have a question though ---- this film she's contracted to do --- they just allow her to do it whenever the heck she wants? That's pretty nice of them. I would think a major studio would want her to get to work on it soon and not want to wait around until she was done with an album and maybe a tour. It just seems odd.
  5. drivebitch

    Probably two versions of the first single, one with Anitta attached.
  6. drivebitch

    Buzz single performance.
  7. drivebitch

    You forgot the see mah booty get down like... and mah sugar is rah!
  8. drivebitch

  9. drivebitch

    Love Don’t Stop!
  10. drivebitch

    That shoot made up for the awful Testino one in 2005.
  11. drivebitch

    Models escort, dear. Trust.
  12. drivebitch

    It’s not gossip. Anitta’s problematic past could fill a freaking book.
  13. drivebitch

    Tribe is blaming Giovani Bianco for the hook up and calling him a self-involved douche bag.
  14. drivebitch

    But isn’t there a rumor that M also worked with homophobes Migos?