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  1. drivebitch

    How many times do I have to tell ya, the album is obviously called Soon. Duh.
  2. drivebitch

    That came from that drunk friend of Guy Ritchie's that she got to write the liners to the GHV2 who was taking the "mickey" out of her entire career. No truth whatsoever.
  3. drivebitch

    DrownedMadonna doesn't know anything.
  4. drivebitch

    This bish rolling balls all over her mug. I can't.
  5. drivebitch

    How much of that was due to Justin's popularity though?
  6. drivebitch

    What do you mean?
  7. drivebitch

    She's bringing back her Rapunzel hair.
  8. drivebitch

    Maybe the album's title or first single is "Soon".
  9. drivebitch

    It’s going to make us dance... in a different way... whatever that means.
  10. drivebitch

    She's such a cockalbum tease.
  11. drivebitch

    If we get a THIRD Forbidden Love, I’m calling for a neurology exam!