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  1. drivebitch

    To be fair that was definitely inspired by her marriage to Sean Penn at the time. The press knew it, everyone knew it.
  2. drivebitch

    Where's the album? Why are you rubbing balls on your face? Madonna: "Why not?"
  3. drivebitch

    I'll take anything. I'm still interested... I know it'll be an Esther-less, Guy Ritchie-less version of Madonna-Mirwais (if she keeps him) and that in and of itself will be a kiii. "Don't it taste like holy water..." bleeep bloop, "My sugar is raw!"
  4. drivebitch

    I doubt it. They're pretty much MIA. I don't think they're really up to working with others. AIR was the big collab for her at one time. Pet Shop Boys another... they ended up doing a remix for her. Remixes aren't that big a deal anymore, especially now that DJs have become artists in their own right and end up doing the production work to begin with, not to mention proper singles not being anything more than the actual song up for digital download. We may end up with an album re-produced after produced by Mirwais. This happened before and even more recently with Rebel Heart when Kanye came in and reworked her tracks. It's happened on numerous albums. If she finds someone else she likes, she may take her material she's already done and take it to them. This album taking longer than anticipating is suspicious. She either doesn't have a strong first single or is changing direction. Mirwais is still on board though if her Instagram is to be believed. Amazing that nothing has leaked. Whatever she's doing this year is working, hack-wise.
  5. drivebitch

    Not only does she like it, she's already done it. Are you new?
  6. drivebitch

    Uh, I would take Daft Punk's iconic Around the World and their first couple of albums any day over Mirwais's stuff. Let's not. You can't touch DP. That's just insane. Madonna got one hit song that people still remember out him - Music. You want to talk about repetitive. Yeesh! Mirwais's sound gives me a headache and puts me to sleep. Anyone can stop-start a song and throw in a few "uh uh". He's a one trick pony. Orbit showed more promise.
  7. drivebitch

    Does she really want to be associated with that train wreck now?
  8. drivebitch

    Can you stop please.
  9. drivebitch

    She’s working with Mirwais again for the 5th time (counting that scrapped musical), not to mention Billboard, so that’s hardly a stretch. I’m not expecting much. I can’t after the last couple of albums. You’ll find moments on them but she’s really about the bottom line these days which is either business (perfumes, gyms, clothes, skincare, endorsements, etc) or trying to become a director. The albums and new material is coming at a much lower rate, which is why I don’t understand people complaining about long albums from her. You don’t know when you’ll get another one.
  10. drivebitch

    Nicki who?
  11. drivebitch

    She's asking? Come on now. She has some stan running her accounts. That documentary was a hoot. It led to a lot of impersonations especially her going into places like Dunkin Donuts and saying shit like "Remember me, I used to work here." People all dumbfounded, like, "Huh?" It was like watching an episode of "Punked". Madonna just turning up at random joints asking to be let into people's apartments. lol It was the start of her new accent phase, too.
  12. drivebitch

    Pop music has always been frowned upon and she sold sex, which people take to be too easy to do. People look down on porn stars, even though they work for a living like everyone else. They don't get the reason why Madonna was taking off her clothes and objectifying herself purposely. Like Warhol, her style has always an homage to others and eras that came before her which some will interpret as a rip-off. She chooses to collaborate rather than work solo, which is probably the reason she has lasted as long as she has. People see this as her not being behind her own work. Then of course there are people who just don't like her. lol.