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  1. I didn't recognize her voice at first, sounds weird :(
  2. Things could change, nowadays artists lounch their albums on streaming plataforms first, then the physical cd is released.
  3. Physical copies? To the press? That's so 2000's, everything is about streaming nowadays.
  4. vesalii

  5. vesalii

    Best 2018 album so far, mature and consistent sound, amazing voice. Highlights: (besides the singles "Fall in Line", "Twice", Like I Do" and "Accelerate") -Maria -Right Moves -Pipe
  6. The one and only Stuart Price
  7. And she needs to conquer new generations, she needs to do somthing pop (she's the Queen of Pop right?),I mean we have out there Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, new pop stars that reings the charts. Kids don't know who the hell she is. In order to stay in pop, she needs to re-invent herself to this new streaming era.
  8. I've the impression that nobody realeases GH albums nowadays, not since spotify and all the streaming plataforms, music industry has changed, so based on that, she needs to put out a catchy pop song that allows her to rise in the streaming charts, and a good video clip. That's it, simple.
  9. American Life, the original uncensored version.
  10. What is this? So are these images from her new music video?
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    #BeautifulGame #NewSong #CantWait