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  1. vesalii

    The Re-Invention/Sticky & Sweet Tour were my highlights.
  2. vesalii

    Da best:
  3. vesalii

    I don't like either, plus the fact that in Santa Baby she tried to sing like Marilyn Monroe instead of singing like herself, maybe that would have remarked a difference.
  4. vesalii

    Awful xmas song, one of the worsts of its type, that fake voice range, I hate it!
  5. vesalii

    Kelly Clarkson is such a sweet pea, love her!
  6. vesalii

    I totally love this parody hahahaha
  7. vesalii

    I use to have a crush on this guy back in 2006, I was 16 and I remember the very first time that I saw the Confessions Tour and think: "He's so fucking hot"
  8. vesalii

    Anitta practically confirms that she worked with Madonna. The interviewer asks if she did something with the Queen, she laughs and says that she can't say anything about. :O
  9. vesalii

    Confirmed by the Queen herself (in her Instagram account) final touches are in works. Yeiii
  10. vesalii

    Madonna is trollin' us hahahaha
  11. vesalii

    Still recording... Ush!!! WTF C'mon Madonna!
  12. vesalii

    She refers to La Isla Bonita as "La Isla" for example. Who knows? This is exiting.
  13. vesalii

    And what about Beautiful Game? Maybe it wasn't even the name of the song and it was like some kind of verse or bridge.