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  1. vesalii

    Soon soon soon... Since 2017 soon
  2. vesalii

    More about the twins.... 🙄
  3. vesalii

    For Christ sake, Madonna = Pop right? A pop album doesn't mean that it cannot be well produced. That's the point, Madonna has been trying to compete with younger generations, (Remember Bitch I'm Madonna?, Give Me All Your Luvin'?, 4 Minutes?), the negative side is that seems like she doesn't know how to do it. Of course she wants to stay relevant, seems obvious to me.
  4. vesalii

    I must say that I'm not sure about this "strategy" that some fans are pretty sure she's on. Strategy? Really? I think Madonna needs to change her team, and be focused on her social media, I'm sorry but nobody cares about her kids, and those awful selfies, I know that she is an artist and that's the way she is expressing herself, blah blah blah, but if she wants to stay relevant she has to pay attention to her Instagram account (where all is about been pretencious, glam and unachievable) and those numbers on Spotify, it's not a coincidence that Ariana Grande has 145 million followers on Instagram and is the number one artist on Spotify and Madonna just 13 million and she's 298 on Spotify, even those artist that of course are not relevant such as Madonna like JLO, Anitta, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga... Are over her. I know that she can change this, she can turn this into a good thing, but she needs to adapt in order to survive.
  5. vesalii

    Devil Pray Love Spent/Gang Bang Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Isaac Nobody Knows Me Paradise
  6. vesalii

    Seems like the MDNA Skin Instagram profile confirmed that all that "black wig" stuff is only releated to the Album's photoshoot. NO VIDEO in works.
  7. vesalii

    Does anyone know why Spotify took off Ray of Light from Madonna's streaming discography? It reminds me when Taylor Swift took off her discography and then again put on streaming when she was about to release her new album.
  8. vesalii

    Plenty of artists have done that nowadays: Tove Lo, Lana Del Rey, Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, so that's nothing new.
  9. vesalii

    Just saying...
  10. vesalii

    I wish Madonna would look that way in real life :(
  11. vesalii

  12. vesalii

    Finally what? She just posted a picture with her black hair.
  13. vesalii

    MDNA stronger singles choices: Turn Up The Radio (First single, fits incredible for the superbowl) Gang Bang (Second single with an amazing video A La Quentin) Love Spent (Third single) Falling Free (Last single, a remixed version, with a beat like Frozen) And for Rebel Heart: First single: Devil Pray (feat Avicci and BLOODPOP in the music video) Ghosttown is perfect the way it was released HeartBreakCity as the third single And Rebel Heart (Avicci's version as the final single)