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  1. mrsciccone

    This I did with the scan from discogs
  2. Real life persons don‘t need grillz, easter bunny ears and all this fakeness... whatever your avatar shows we do not like the same side of one coin!!!
  3. it has never been so boring to be her fan as for the last two years, not in all the 30 years since i have been her fan ,I swear, grillz kids and creams and when you think she's back at music...more creams, grillz and another film...zzzzz I wished she never got to social media at all... just depressing
  4. mrsciccone

    Jimmy jimmy and incredible 🤮 dance2nite is also horrible
  5. mrsciccone

    If I were here manager I would ask her if she lost her fucking mind. No healthy person would post a picture of himself like that. So sad to see what has become of her really. It‘s like shes not longer the same person again and no one wants so see something like this. Wow the grillz again how cutting edge M.... yawn
  6. mrsciccone

    Well I think that has to do with the split from WB but this merchandise crap is a pain in the ass. First a poster for TB now this... no thank you M and Guy O I wont give 1€ to this useless crap so not worthy for such masterpieces. Fans from other artists get special editions to die for and for the biggest star still alive that teenager crap. A necklace for a 16 year old girly queen for Erotica omg what a waste yet again. Being Ms fan has seen far better times and goodies
  7. mrsciccone

    Lap cassette 1989 when I was 10 still have it, still love it!!!
  8. mrsciccone

    Well lately her taste is really strange and her selfies shouldnt be let out there, well its her life and her taste but maybe the ugly grillz she wears for years now are toxic somehow 😂
  9. mrsciccone

    Can't wait for mine hope its region free too 😊
  10. mrsciccone

    Itunes extras are always just streaming since a year or so
  11. mrsciccone

    How many more recordings of lap and dtm do we need really. Really looking forward to my copy of the japan bluray for tab
  12. mrsciccone

    how Music goes into candy shop is just awful and Holiday should have been faded out keeping that blood sweat tears intro in and leavin get stupid out is a crime really
  13. mrsciccone

    preorder status is till release date, as only some tracks are available now and not the full album